Ex Surgeon Wins $1.2 Million Dollars From Lawsuit

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On Friday, a cancer doctor Rachel Wellner who claimed cops assaulted her during an argument over a parking ticket won close to $1.2 million in an excessive police force during arrest lawsuit.

The former surgeon who worked in the Bronx was arrested in 2016 for hitting a police officer’s leg with her car who then sued the city of New York for $30 million.  She claimed that her civil rights were violated due to the officer grabbing her arm.

The police explained Wellner had a superior complex because her job saves lives. “I’m a doctor and I have patients that are dying. I have to go.” police said.

Wellner, who pleaded guilty to a disorderly conduct charge was sentenced to 10 days of community service who then sued the city.

During the trial, officer Vega told the jury he came into physical contact with the ‘then surgeon’. 

The case came to a conclusion when the jury of six women and four men voted in Wellner’s favor.

Wellner was fired from her job as a surgeon and she also sued the hospital in which the case is still pending.

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