Starbucks Secret Toxic Exposure – Lawsuit Affirms

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Looks like NYC customers have been exposed to toxic chemicals at starbucks stores, a class action lawsuit alleges. The New York filed lawsuit alleges that some Starbucks stores in the city has exposed customers to toxic mold where cockroaches and maggots, among others were easily getting in and even pest strips were placed in display areas and air vents.

Starbucks stores throughout Manhattan have for many years been permeated with a toxic pesticide called Dichlorvos, which is highly poisonous and completely unfit for use in proximity to food, beverages and people,” the lawsuit writes.

Although Starbucks speakers are denying the allegations, workers from Starbucks plus a pest control worker and his manager are also involved in the lawsuit where they allegedly can prove that Starbucks has been in fact contaminated and while they  out abiut the issue, they were terminated shortly after. 

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease mentions that humans should not come into contact with dichlorvos poisoning which can result in nausea amongst other health issues and in more severe cases, it causes the loss of bladder control, coma or even death.

The EPA also said dichlorvos is a probable cancer causing chemical.

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