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At Baker Street Funding we understand lawsuits take a while to settle and can cause financial hardships, this is why we believe on being sympathetic, quick and efficient to every single one of our clients no matter how small your case is because we value your time in need. We are here to help you find the right lawsuit advance program through a positive, clear, concise and benevolent approach. From the moment you apply with us, you will get live updates on your settlement funding process all the way to the moment you get paid.  

Baker Street Funding provides the following services:

  • Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs
  • Pre-Settlement Legal Funding for Plaintiffs
  • Lawsuit Cash Advance 
  • Settled Case Funding for Plaintiffs
  • Bundled Settlement Advance Funding
  • Surgery Funding for Injured Victims with an Active Lawsuit 

We work with you every step of the way to make sure your experience with us the best it can possibly be. We always keep the client informed throughout the entire legal funding process. This process consists in the analyzation of your case for the purpose of underwriting a settlement advance through the following three main factors: 

  • The first thing we look at is fault. We look at the facts surrounding the incident as well as the police report (if applicable), or any other supporting documents to verify that the defendant in your case is at fault.
  • In accident cases, the second thing we look at is injury. We look at the ambulance and emergency room report and any other medical files so that we fully understand the extent of your injuries. If needed we also provide surgical funding to help you pay for surgery as a result of the accident. 

  • Finally we look at the defendant’s insurance coverage. This part is simple: we make sure the defendant in the case was sufficiently insured to cover the damages and/or injuries that resulted from the incident.

We aim to help Plaintiffs get the cash they need as quickly as possible, to provide you with the best possible rate with no hidden fees and mark ups, we strive to get you the lowest rate possible on your settlement advance also known as non-recourse financing agreement and that means if you lose your case there is no further obligation for you to pay us back. Settlement advances are investments into the outcome of your lawsuit. We are advancing you money because we think your case is strong enough to win and pay us back. Because of the inherent risk in the investment, many settlement advances come with extremely high interest rates. At Baker Street Funding, we want to help you get the money you need now, so you don’t have to settle your case for less than it’s worth tomorrow.

Our Morality


We work ethically to bring the best result possible as we understand your need to provide for yourself and for your family. While many professionals see you as just another case number, we take pride on treating each and every person as a human being and not just another statistic, we empathize with you, this is why we are available to take Lawsuit Funding applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a detailed explanation on how we work and what to expect. Once the setltement funding process starts, we update our clients constantly and quickly as we aim to bring them the best legal funding result possible.

Our Goal


Our goal is to provide our clients with unparalleled service throughout their experience with us from the moment you call or fill out our online application to the day your case settles. We strive to provide you with accurate real time updates on your advance and lend a compassionate ear to your time of need. We treat everyone like family and make every effort to provide you with better service than any of our competitors. We make sure that any questions or concerns are addressed and rectified immediately so that you can focus on what really matters. 

We fund nationally in 47 states


Our team

Our management team has extensive experience in the Financial Service, Venture Capital and Legal Fields.


Working with integrity for you!

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