Lawsuit loans in Connecticut

Connecticut lawsuit loans —fast, flexible and just the right fit.

Get the funds you need to pay your bills. From medical bills to rent to business expenses– we have solutions to help you access your life expenses today. Obtain instant financial relief during litigation in Connecticut. Find the lowest rates for your pre-settlement loan starting at 2% (fixed rates).

Connecticut lawsuit loans

Experience low-cost pre-settlement funding in Connecticut.

Baker Street Legal Funding is a leading pre-settlement funding company serving every city in Connecticut including  New Haven, Stamford,  Hartford, Bridgeport, Greenwich, Norwalk, Danbury, and Waterbury. Our extensive coverage of major cities and other Connecticut regions allows our clients to get quick access to lawsuit funding with the lowest rates in Connecticut. You can apply for a non-recourse lawsuit loan and fund your personal injury case, car accident, medical malpractice, wrongful imprisonment, institutional litigations, and more. 

The lawsuit funding advantage for Connecticut plaintiffs.

Trying to cover your expenses on your own can often leave you strapped for cash, unprepared for surprises, or in more debt during litigation. See how a lawsuit cash advance could help you get better. Baker Street Legal Funding is a socially responsible settlement advance provider dedicated to helping plaintiffs in Connecticut(CT) meet their short term financial needs. 

100% risk-free legal funding

Legal funding is risk-free. You don't have to pay back any of the money lent to you, if you don't win your case.

No credit check

There is no credit check for your loan. Your credit history will never stand in the way of getting financial help on your journey to getting justice.

No employment check

Wondering whether your lawsuit loan application will be considered because of your employment status? Worry not. Your employment status and income won't hinder you from accessing lawsuit loans.

The lawsuit loan process for Connecticut cases—so easy.

step 1


Apply in a matter of minutes, and a legal funding specialist will contact you to finish qualifying your claim.

step 2


Once your attorney send the required documentation for your case in Connecticut, our underwriters with knowledge of Connecticut laws will evaluate your case.

step 3


Once underwriting approves your loan, a contract will be formulated for you and your attorney to sign.

step 4


Baker Street Funding will release the funds from 2-24 hours after the funding agreement has been executed.

* Disclaimer: You must be represented by an attorney to get funding; otherwise, we cannot take your case. Lawsuit funding in Connecticut is a non-recourse cash advance which means you only pay if you win the case. 

How lawsuit funding helps plaintiffs in Connecticut?

Plaintiffs in Connecticut are often faced with insufficient income, among other financial problems, while waiting for a settlement from a pending lawsuit. Lawsuit loans for personal injury plaintiffs and those involved in corporate litigation help them avert financial setbacks like evictions, business loss, and repossession. You can spend your money to settle debts, pay a coming removal, business expenses, and more.

Why Baker Street Legal Funding?

Baker Street Funding provides better funding in the Constitution State. The company has been renowned for top professionalism, and transparent contracts in the legal funding industry mixed with long experience, and rapid lawsuit funding services. Borrowing from Baker Street Legal Funding can get you the cash advance you need in as little as one business day.

Lawsuit loans approved clients

Lower rates

Get unbeatable rates. Don 't settle for predatory pre-settlement funding rates like other lawsuit loan companies who serve the state of Connecticut do. We are all about providing quick financial aid to help you deal with pressing needs while your litigation is ongoing.

Lawsuit loans approved clients

No hidden costs

There are also NO hidden fees or markups. What you'll see on the contract is what you get. If your application gets the thumbs-up from our legal funding team, we don't waste time charging you with those extra amounts.

Lawsuit loans approved clients

Fast process

Not much of your personal information is needed to process your lawsuit loan application, and you'll be done within a minute or two. Baker Street Funding ensures that every communication channel is faultless.

Lawsuit loans approved clients

Instant feedback

You don't have to wait an extended period to know if you qualify for a lawsuit loan. Underwriting gets started on your case as soon as your attorney follows through with the documentation process.

Non-recourse funding for lawsuits

Post-settlement loans for attorneys and plaintiffs with settled cases in Connecticut.

At Baker Street Funding, post-settlement lawsuit loans are incredibly flexible and easy to access by both plaintiffs and attorneys.


Plaintiffs whose case has been settled and are waiting to be paid can qualify for cash advances against their pending claims today. Get up to 50% of the settlement value to keep you afloat until your settlement or award is paid.


Attorneys who work on contingency could also get funding depending when their client gets compensated. Post-settlement financing for attorneys in Connecticut is a reliable means of getting capital to manage office expenses, pay employees, and grow your practice.

Corporate litigations

Corporate litigants with settled cases could obtain a minimum of $50,000 in funding and the process takes 2 to 4 business days.

Get access to pre-settlement funding today.

Our lawsuit funding services are accessible in both Connecticut and other states in the United States. Take a minute to fill out our application form online and let us take it up from there. Get your pre-settlement funds when you need them. 

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Statistics of personal injury lawsuits and accident rates in Connecticut. 

Learn more about crime statistics, accident rates, legal funding, and laws in the state of Connecticut.

In 2020, the report from the Police Chiefs Association in Connecticut revealed that theft is on the increase while car crashes numbers dropped. Also, commercial burglary and robberies are up 49% and 19%, respectively. In East Hartford, where the crime rate is also on the increase in Connecticut, theft from vehicles went up 75% as of March 2020. As the police continue to ensure the safety of both properties and lives in Connecticut, remember that Baker Street Funding is there for you if you ever fall victim to crime and need a loan to pay your bills.

Litigations in Connecticut are often on the expensive side and cause you to reach deeper into your pockets. You don’t have to run yourself thin because you are pursuing a potential settlement or compensation. Apply for quick lawsuit funding in the state of Connecticut and use the money to set off bills and solve your financial matters. Give us a call today at (888) 711-3599.

Car accident lawsuit loans in Connecticut

Car accidents in Connecticut get treated as they would in a “Fault State.” Victims of car accidents have a couple of approaches to explore in seeking legal redress. You could use your insurance coverage and let them sue the other party’s insurer. Another way to go is to settle for a Personal injury Lawsuit in court.

As you prepare to follow through with your lawsuit, remember that your finance and commitments don’t have to suffer. You can get a low-rate lawsuit loan for your automobile accident in Connecticut from Baker Street Funding.

Legal funding for wrongful imprisonment

Doing jail time for a crime you didn’t commit is very disturbing, and no amount of money can buy back the time you have lost. However, you can sue for damages and get compensation for your pain and the dent in your reputation.

We offer up to 20% of the potential pre-settlement value and 50% for cases that have already been settled – but haven’t been paid.

If your application checks all the boxes and our underwriters are satisfied with your submissions, you can get your lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours.

The statute of limitations is two (2) years in Connecticut. If you delay filing your claims and you run out of time, your cases will most likely be dismissed by the court. So, you need to be sure that you haven’t exceeded this period of grace.

Your attorney is in a better position to explain the circumstances surrounding your case before initiating litigation and demanding a settlement for the pain and suffering you went through as a result of the injury.

However, if a government entity is responsible for your injury, the law in Connecticut offers a shorter time; you have between six months to one year to notify both a state council and state claims commissioner about your intent to sue the state.

What is the comparative fault rule in Connecticut?

While filing your claims in Connecticut, it’s essential to understand that the state follows a comparative fault rule. This implies that the plaintiff’s settlement will be reduced in proportion to their share of the blame.

Insurers, as well as defense attorneys, have delay tactics and tricks they use to tempt plaintiffs to settle for low offers. Often, they capitalize on your financial situation; when you are running low on cash and have a mountain of bills to pay. You no longer have to settle for less because of the pressure of the defendant’s insurance; you can easily apply for any of our lawsuit loan offer that suits your case.

At Baker Street Funding, we offer an extensive range of loans for different cases. If you live in Connecticut(CT), have suffered an injury, and you’ve hired an attorney to file your claims, you can apply for funds to cushion any financial stress while you await the potential settlement. Other than lawsuit funding for personal injuries cases and civil rights claims, our pre-settlement funding services also cover:

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Civil rights

Employment and labor lawsuit funding

Corporate litigation funding

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