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Swimming pool accidents settlement loans

Many fatal injuries and instant deaths are seen amongst people having their last encounters at or around swimming pools. These hospital statistics spike up during the summer when people frequent leisure farmhouses and public pools to kill the heat. Although swimming pools are often found to be the most loved recreational places for people, many different types of accidents can occur at pools. With slip and falls, electrocution, brain injuries, and disembowelment being some of these, the highest injuries reported from swimming pools pertain to instances of drowning. 


Drowning is a leading cause of death worldwide. Although it looks improbable that a person may drown in a bordered, restricted pool. Still, numerous accidents brought in daily countrywide are nowhere short of reality. It isn’t necessary that a person may only drown in deep swimming pools for professional or athletic usage. Children have been reported to have drowned in their home kiddie pools and bathtubs too. There are a lot of factors contributing to such high statistics showing drowning accidents happening frequently.

Factors that lead to drowning accidents

Unsupervised children are at the highest risk of drowning by breathing in water if their heads are submerged inside the water for long. It takes less than 5 minutes for a person to lose consciousness underwater. Hence, it is essential for parents or the concerned staff to remain extra vigilant if they supervise children playing in the water. Amongst adults, not knowing how to swim remains the most significant cause of injuries and death due to drowning. Many people just never learn how to swim ever. When faced with an emergency that requires them to swim some random day, such people become victims of accidents. More fatal if the supervision is not satisfactory. At other places, intoxicated people also risk their lives while remaining at or around pools. They are hence warned to keep off pool areas by signs. Pool managements place such signs all around and require lifeguards to identify and evacuate intoxicated people to brush off liability from their own shoulders. Slip and falls around the pools also account for significant physical and brain injuries where victims cannot handle themselves inside the water.

Pool accident pre-settlement funding

Victims having suffered injuries arising out of pool accidents can claim good compensation for their injuries if it can be found that the injuries were suffered not as a fault of their own but due to negligence of a second party. This accused person could either be the swimming pool staff, the recreational facility management, or simply the lifeguards present there. It must be shown that a duty of care if existed, was breached: 

  • The pool fencing was missing or broken;
  • The pool area was unreasonably dangerous; 
  • Or the staff omitted to perform their duties reasonably. 

Despite their impaired or disabled condition due to the injuries, victims can bring in strong legal action. They can also avail lawsuit funding programs offered by Baker Street Funding for victims of swimming pool accident injuries and their families. These programs aim to assist the victims financially in their struggle to meet their daily expenses despite their disabling condition. This can help them focus well on the litigation they face to pursue against the person at fault. Once the lawsuit ends in an award of damages or settlement, the borrowed money must be returned to the funding company. If no successful outcome is reached, then the victim owes absolutely nothing to the legal funding company. These are incredibly beneficial opportunities for victims to encash their future inflowing income at the current date without incurring any liabilities. Victims or their families seeking to benefit from pre-settlement funding for pool accidents can contact (888) 711-3599. Receive a fair calculation of financial assistance today.

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