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Get fast lawsuit funding in Mississippi.

If you are a resident in Mississippi and you are looking to get flexible and low rates lawsuit loans, look no further. Baker Street Funding is the leading legal funding company in Mississippi with lawsuit loans that are easy to access, and you will get funded before you say jack. Apply now to qualify for the money you need.


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Mississippi pre-settlement funding

Low-interest rates Mississippi lawsuit loans—so easy.

At Baker Street Funding, we don’t offer outrageous interest rates. We deliver between 1.5% to 3.4% non-compounding monthly rates to Mississippi residents. Depending on the stage of your case, you can get between 10% to 50% of your potential settlement amount. For pre-settlement loans, plaintiffs can get up to 20% of the possible pending lawsuit settlement amount, while cases that have been settled (but the award is delayed) can get between 30% to 50% of the award amount.

Why Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Mississippi?

With so many legal funding companies popping up around Mississippi, it’s best to seek out the best and go for the pre-settlement funding company that has your interest at heart. Here are the reasons why our legal funding services standout in MS:

The pre-settlement funding process in Mississippi.

Thanks to Baker Street Funding, you can now take out pre-settlement loans in Mississippi that are fast and easy. Here is how it works:

funding step 1


When you need instant financial aid to take care of yourself while you push your case, all you have to do is fill out our short application form online and await feedback on your case assessment.

funding step 2


Once we qualify your lawsuit loan application, our team of underwriters will take up your case immediately. The underwriter will contact your attorney and get details about your case and the nature of the claims.

funding step 3


If your case is good to go and gets approval from our underwriters, we will engage your attorney (who you must have hired on contingency) to put a value on your case so you can get the best amount for your loan.

funding step 4


Upon approval, you will be notified of your loan application status, and you will get the approved loan amount on the agreement within an hour or two. Sign the contract, and the funds are yours. Easy-peasy!

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Risk-free lawsuit loans

A cash advance against your potential settlement award is non-recourse — meaning, you only repay us if you win the case. If the case doesn't settle in your favor, you are under no obligation to repay the lawsuit loan (we will take the hit, and you won't have to repay both the principal and interest rates).

No credit check

At Baker Street Funding, we don't bother our clients with credit checks. A bad credit score won't hinder your chances of obtaining low-rate lawsuit loans.

No employment check

Don't let your employment status prevent you from applying for Baker Street Funding fast Mississippi lawsuit loans. We also don't consider your employment status to assess your application. We understand how complicated litigations are to pursue in Mississippi, and we don't plan on adding to your burden.

Ready to apply for a lawsuit loan?

Our lines are open around the clock to provide you with an expert guide on your lawsuit loan request in Mississippi.

Disclaimer: You must have attorney representation on contingency to get approval for your loan. We always insist on having your attorney present to help you understand our contract terms and negotiate a better deal for you. Apply for the amount you need and come back for more if need be. You can always apply for a second or additional lawsuit loan.

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Car accidents in Mississippi, it's laws, personal injury statistics, and legal funding.

With over 2.9 million people, Mississippi is famous for its high cotton production. Also known as the Magnolia State, among other fascinating nicknames, Mississippi prides itself on its vast cotton fields and soybeans.
Sadly, getting fast lawsuit loans in this rich and historical state is a Herculean task. Litigations in Mississippi are often protracted, and plaintiffs who don't have deep pockets to push their cases end up losing their claim — which equals no compensation for their pain and suffering.

To reduce your chances of falling victim to car accidents in Mississippi, it would help if you are familiar with the crash factors in this area. Mississippi represents the state with the most fatalities with car accidents each year. 

Here are common factors and causes of car accidents in Mississippi: 685 people died in 2017 alone from a car crash in Mississippi, and 1 in 3 deaths involved speeding.

  1. One of two people is killed in Mississippi for unrestrained occupancy (not wearing seat belts).
  2. Drinking and driving represent 18% of fatalities in Mississippi, with over 100 deaths each year.

Other factors of car crashes and fatalities highlighted by the Mississippi City Regional Transportation Safety Blueprint include:

  • Young motorists
  • Unlicensed drivers
  • Distracted driving

At Baker Street Funding, we offer fast and low rates of car accident loans to cushion the financial burden of victims of car accidents in Mississippi.

Mississippi adopts the pure comparative fault state. This implies that a victim can recover from a defendant even if the victim was at fault in the accident. This implies that the court can reduce the settlement amount due to the parties involved by a percentage corresponding to how much they are found to be at-fault for the injury.
If you were to slip on a broken tile and get injured, and the reason you slipped was because you were busy on your phone, the court will reduce a certain percentage of your settlement for your negligence.
Mississippi does not have a cap for personal injury lawsuits. Non-economic damages (such as pain and suffering) are seen as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Mississippi.
If you or someone close to you falls victim to personal injury in Mississippi, you can apply for low-rate personal injury loans at Baker Street Funding.

Like virtually all the states in the United States, Mississippi also has a statutory time frame within which plaintiffs are expected to file their lawsuit. If you miss the stipulated time frame, known as the statute of limitations for your case, you will lose the right to sue for damages.

Here are the statutes of limitations in Mississippi: 

  1. Injury to person—3 years, Mississippi Code 15-1-35;
  2. Libel/slander—1 year, Mississippi Code 15-1-35;
  3. Injury to personal property—3 years 
  4. Professional malpractice —2 years, Mississippi Code 15-1-36;
  5. Judgments —7 years, Mississippi Code 15-1-43, 45.

You can access legal funding across all cities and counties in Mississippi.

Cities We Have Funded So Far in Mississippi:

  • Jackson 
  • Gulfport 
  • Southaven
  • Biloxi 
  • Hattiesburg 
  • Olive Branch 
  • Tupelo 
  • Meridian 
  • Tougaloo
  • Mississippi 
  • Piney Woods
  • Mound Bayou
  • Jonestown
  • Friars Point
  • Lorman
  • Fayette
  • Pace
  • Panther Burn
  • Tchula
  • Glendora
  • Camden
  • Paulding
  • Shelby
  • Metcalfe
  • Crawford
  • Itta Bena
  • Hermanville
  • Prairie
  • Pickens
  • Darling

Counties We Have Funded So Far in Mississippi:

  • Jefferson County 
  • Claiborne County 
  • Holmes County 
  • Coahoma County 
  • Humphreys County 
  • Tunica County 
  • Leflore County 
  • Sunflower County 
  • Noxubee County 
  • Washington County 
  • Sharkey County 
  • Wilkinson County 
  • Hinds County 
  • Quitman County 
  • Bolivar County
  • Issaquena County 
  • Kemper County 
  • Jefferson Davis County 
  • Clay County 
  • Yazoo County 
  • Tallahatchie County 

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