Types of legal cases eligible for funding

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Explore all of the ways Baker Street Legal Funding can help you save, borrow, refinance & protect your settlement money with our case funding for plaintiffs and attorneys. At Baker Street Funding we fund the most types of legal cases including personal injury and commercial litigation for plaintiffs, attorneys and companies. 

Legal case funding

Our most common types of legal cases that qualify for lawsuit funding.

lawsuit loans product

Lawsuit loans

Get money before your settlement with a lawsuit loan with low rates for all your financial needs.

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Post settlement loans products

Post-settlement funding

Get your settled case funded in 12 hours or less. No hidden fees, no non-sense.

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Surgery lien funding products

Surgical financing

Designed to get the medical assistance you need as a result of your accident—all paid in full.

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Civil rights lawsuit loans products

Civil rights pre-settlement funding

Get the funding you need from your pending legal case from a top civil rights pre-settlement loan company.

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Lawsuit funding best rates

Lawsuit loan refinance

We’ll match any lower rates. Take out additional case loans, consolidate lawsuit loans from other funders, and save on interest.

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Legal case funding amounts.

The lawsuit and litigation legal case funding amount that a plaintiff or attorney can qualify for is based on our estimated potential settlement value of your case. We will beat any contract you have at your own convenience.

Pre-settlement funding

Legal case funding for lawsuit loans go up to 10% of the pending future settlement value for plaintiffs.

Post-settlement financing

Settled case funding goes up to 50% of the value of the settlement.

Law firm financing

Legal case funding amounts for portfolio and single case funding vary. There are no limits to how much capital you can request.

Pre-settlement funding buyouts

Legal case funding for plaintiffs in need of additional loans can be bought out. The funding amounts range from $1,500 up to $2mm.

Commercial litigation funding

Funding for claimants with pre-settled disputes must exceed $750,000. Legal case funding requested for corporate settled cases must exceed $50,000. 

Medical funding

Surgery and medical funding amounts have no limits and funding is provided to most types of legal cases.

Non-recourse funding for lawsuits

How legal case funding works.

step 1


Apply online or contact our office, and we’ll ask you specific questions regarding your case, including the name and contact information of your attorney.

step 2


We then will ask your attorney for a copy of your file. Underwriting will communicate with your attorney to give your case a value. Your attorney must co-operate with us, for underwriting to consider your application.

step 3


Once we have a copy of your file, our lawyers will review your case records, including copies of the police report, medical documentation (depending on your case), and correspondence with insurance companies.

step 4


Once we qualify your legal case funding request, within 24 hours for civil cases, and a minimum of 2 weeks for corporate cases, we will send you the funds immediately through a bank wire or overnighted certified check upon contract execution.


Pre-settlement legal funding is a no-risk cash advance provided to personal injury victims pursuing a legal case. This means that plaintiffs can borrow money against their future settlements and, sometimes, judgments. Also known as lawsuit funding or lawsuit loans, a legal case advance is a non-recourse financing agreement which means that there is no further obligation to repay the advance if you don’t get a settlement or win the trial.

Pre-settlement legal case funding companies lend these advances because they think your case is enough to win and pay back the money.

  • The first step is to apply either online or by phone at (888) 711-3599.
  • Secondly, underwriting will analyze the legal merits and parties involved, the strength of your litigation, and the defendant’s ability to compensate for damages.
  • You will. get approved or denied 24-48 hours later. If approved, you will get a legal case funding contract that can be sent via email, fax, or FedEx.
  • Once you and your attorney complete the funding agreement, your cash will be sent to you within 1-2 hours on a business day before 3 pm (eastern time). If you fund your legal case after 3 pm (eastern time), then your moneyu will be sent the next business day
  • An attorney must represent you to pre-qualify.
  • Your attorney must consent and sign on the loan.
  • You must be 18+ to request funding.
  • Your case must be strong, and you must have a high probability of winning it.
  • You must be suing a well-insured defendant.

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