Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Loans

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Employment discrimination lawsuit loans

If you have been denied a promotion, forced to quit, or your contract is wrongfully terminated, you can file a work discrimination lawsuit against your employer and claim damages.

Recent reports by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the body responsible for enforcing federal laws prohibiting any form of employment discrimination, 53.8% of workplace discrimination cases in 2019 involved retaliation. The EEOC reports also showed that disability discrimination and racial discrimination accounted for 33.4% and 23,976 cases, respectively, in 2019. 

In addition to disability and race, the media also reported that African- Americans filed 26% of workplace discrimination lawsuits even though they made up only 13% of the United States workforce population. These figures point to the fact that discrimination in workplaces is more rampant than anyone would have imagined.

Always get a professional work discrimination attorney for your case.

While employers reserve the right to hire and fire an employee, they are prohibited by law from taking unlawful action against employees and job applicants based on unrelated attributes to their job performance.

If you are a victim of workplace discrimination, you can file a discrimination lawsuit and claim compensation for your case. You can claim damages for unpaid wages, wrongful termination, and injuries caused by working in a hostile environment. However, like other litigations, workplace discrimination cases can become protracted, and the settlement may not be paid early. Litigation resolution can take up to 24 months or longer.

While you are awaiting judgment and payment of the award, you can apply for workplace discrimination lawsuit funding to tide you over your finances. 

What are the benefits of workplace discrimination lawsuit funding?

It’s not unusual for plaintiffs to come under pressure from defense attorneys and the defendant’s insurance company to settle early and take peanuts as a settlement during litigations.

Sadly, financially vulnerable plaintiffs often fall for such tricks and drop their case — thereby losing a generous compensation they would have gotten if they had followed their suit through to the end.

To save you from such temptation, you can apply for cash on your pending case or pending lawsuit settlement to help you remain on top of your financial commitments.

Also, workplace discrimination pre-settlement funding helps you buy ample time to build a strong case and win the best settlement — of course, without pressure from insurance companies or defense attorneys.

Common types of workplace discrimination that are prohibited by law.

According to the United States EEOC, common types of employment discrimination include:

  • Age discrimination 
  • Disability discrimination 
  • Race discrimination 
  • Age discrimination 
  • Retaliation 
  • Gender discrimination 
  • Religious discrimination 
  • Sexual orientation discrimination, and 
  • Pregnancy discrimination, among others.

Advantages of lawsuit loans for discrimination claims.

At Baker Street Funding, we offer low rates of non-recourse loans to plaintiffs dealing with workplace discrimination lawsuits. Unlike other legal funding services, we can provide you with an instant cash advance on your pending case. 

We also don’t require credit checks and employment checks before evaluating your case. We understand how difficult it is to sustain a workplace discrimination lawsuit—as such, repaying the cash advance is contingent on the litigation outcome. You are under no obligation to repay us if you lose the case. 

On the other hand, if you win the case, you only repay the agreed amount on your contract with us, and that’s all — no hidden fees or markups.

Apply for risk-free and low rates workplace discrimination lawsuit funding. 

Once your case checks all the boxes and you qualify for Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans, we will fund your case with the approved amount upon dual execution of the funding agreement. Getting approval takes between 24 hours, while the cash advance on your pending lawsuit settlement gets credited to your wallet within an hour or two from the time you sign the contract.

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