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The legal finance process - Here is how easy we've made it.

Here is how much you can borrow from your case.

Legal funding companies

Lawsuit funding

(Lawsuit loans, pre settlement funding):

Funds up to 10% of the case value.

Funding for post settlements

(Post-settlement funding,  post-settlement loans):

Funds up to 30% of the settled case for plaintiffs.

Legal funding for attorneys

(Loans for Legal Expenses, Attorney Funding):

Funding requested must exceed $500,000.

Corporate legal financing

(Commercial Litigation Funding):

Funding requested for pre-settled cases must exceed $750,000.

Funding requested for settled cases must exceed $50,000.

Why a Baker Street Funding legal loan?

Who we are

How we work

Who we are

best litigation finance companies

Baker Street Funding is a Premier Legal Funding Company designed to strategically connect select legal funding opportunities with our extensive network of sophisticated partners and staff...

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What we do

How we work

Who we are

best legal funding companies

At Baker Street Funding, located in the financial epicenter of the world, New York City, we deal with legal funding differently. That is why we are successful. We do not follow old modules...

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How we work

How we work

How we work

top rated lawsuit funding companies

We take a wholistic approach, using our combined skill sets to analyze every aspect of a case to protect our clients interests. We actively maintain strong relationships with top professional allocators in the United States to provide our clients with premium funding opportunities.

America's #1 legal funding company is here to assist you.

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Best legal funding companies
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plaintiff Pre settlement lawsuit loans: a flexible solution.

low interest legal funding

What are lawsut loans?

‘Risk-free’  lawsuit settlement loans (legal finance) is a non-recourse financing agreement. Legal funding is an advance against your future settlement award and sometimes, judgments. Essentially, legal finance for plaintiffs is an investment into the outcome of your lawsuit. This is a transaction in which legal funding companies are advancing you money because underwriting strongly believes that your case is strong enough to win and pay the funds back, at the same time bringing many advantages to your financial situation.

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Get the help you need.

By acquiring the funds you need, it also gives you an opportunity to deal with the insurance company’s long settlement waiting period. A lawsuit loan from Baker Street Legal Funding may help you achieve a bigger settlement check so you don’t fall victim of the insurance company’s maneuvers that not only make you wait long periods of time to offer a reward but the reward is a lowball offer. A lawsuit loan aka pre settlement lawsuit funding can help you say no to the defendant so you can support yourself in the time being while your case goes to trial or you finally get the settlement award you deserve.

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pre settlement legal funding

No risk, so easy.

Lawsuit funding is offered on a non-recourse basis – so in case you lose the case, you will not need to repay the legal funds back. Legal finance companies accept the risk that the case might not win so your case is carefully examined to ensure your victory prior to approving you and making you an offer. Get help today so you and your attorney can focus on getting the settlement you deserve!

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Your legal funding advantage.

Baker Street Funding is a major league lawsuit settlement funding company and amongst the best legal funding companies nationwide offering (in some cases) same day lawsuit loans, such as  pre settlement loans for auto accident loans or personal injury loans.  Victims of personal injury, the lawsuit funding process at Baker Street Funding can take as little as 1 business day from when we receive a copy of your case documents to us wiring you out your funds. 

The power of legal funding solutions for attorneys.​

Attorney legal financing junctures consist of:

Post settlement funding for attorneys are also known as case cost funding,  law firm loans, working capital financing, lawyer funding, disbursement funding or litigation funding for attorneys

Partner with Baker STreet Legal Funding and you'll get:

litigation loans

Immediate liquidity to allocate capital efficiently.​

Baker Street Funding is extremely well capitalized and  delivers quick financing solutions. We create an edge in the legal finance industry to help provide capital throughout all stages of a case or portfolio of cases. ​​

plaintiff funding

A full range of legal financing solutions.​

Our bespoke and innovative financial solutions, built exclusively for contingency fee based law firms, addresses your unique liquidity needs that trial lawyers demand and provides you with quick and easy financing.​

Litigation finance funds

A relationship that helps you win.​

Financing with us is smarter. We offer a more sophisticated relationship that redefines insights and delivers efficiency as we unlock leverage  and act as a trusted straightforward advisor helping you manage your case flow and allocate capital in more efficient ways than ever before. .​

quick legal funding solutions

Easier cash flow and profitability.​

Baker Street Legal Funding's team of experienced litigators have a deep knowledge of the litigation and arbitration process. We understand the pressure of high stakes arbitration and help you with strategic guidance and quick legal financing to get the most out of your claim. ​

Legal funding for commercial cases

Commercial litigation funding: Solving your capital needs.

Access complete corporate litigation finance solutions.​

Commercial legal funding helps corporate clients access liquidity to even the playing field and help them pursue complex litigation against large defendants without burdening their cash flow. Baker Street Funding is a high-powered boutique litigation funding company that uses creative strategies to help build customized liquidity solutions for corporate litigation plaintiffs looking for funding. If you need a business litigation loan to get started, Baker Street Funding is here to help make business easier. 

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"Our reputation is founded on the quality of service offering, our people, a relentless drive to secure capital to our attorney partners and our integrity.  Take the opportunity to receive accessible cash for your law firm's forthcoming success." 

Daniel Digiaimo - CEO and President of Baker Street Funding


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Baker Street Funding

77 Water Street, 7th Floor, New York, New York 10005, United States

Office visits are by appointment only. Application Hotline and Attorney Requests - OPEN NOW: (888) 711-3599 Case documents can be provided through: Fax: (518) 500-3056 next to the plaintiff's full name and attorneys full contact info.

Anual legal financing investments.

See our happy clients who used our legal funding services.

Attorney funding

Commercial litigation funding

Attorney funding

Law firm legal funding

"Baker Street Funding provides a level of service that is above and beyond what I have ever experienced from a settlement funding provider. Not only were they able to provide the lowest rates I have ever seen, their attention to detail and knowledge of my needs was incredible. I have and will continue to recommend Baker Street Funding to my colleagues and friends."

Mike A. - Attorney at Law

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Lawsuit funding

Commercial litigation funding

Attorney funding

pre settlement financing

"I enjoyed the experience of receiving the money fast. Thank you so much for the car accident loan offer guys, I had no idea they even existed. The customer service experience was absolutely wonderful.”

Jack H. from Dallas, Texas

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Commercial litigation funding

Commercial litigation funding

Commercial litigation funding

commercial legal finance companies

"All we have to say is the company is prestige. Essentially, we needed funds due to a corporate lawsuit. Daniel, the CEO of the company  was a complete professional, well educated, polite and skilled, he knows his craft. We accepted a 7 figure amount in less than a week and got through trial with relief."

Susan and Joshua II D., Florida

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