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Medical Lien Financing For Personal Injury Lawsuits

Medical lien funding unlike any other.

Baker Street Funding strives to provide outstanding long-term service performance and a comprehensive suite of surgery funding solutions to a personal injury lawsuit client base, which includes uninsured/under-insured plaintiffs in need of surgery as a result of an accident and personal injury attorneys nationwide.

A trusted provider of surgery and medical funding.

Baker Street Funding is one of the national leaders in providing special relationship-based pricing for law firms looking for medical lien financing. Our surgery funding division specializes in offering rate-friendly funding for plaintiffs unable to afford medical procedures due to the privatization of health insurance or personal injury protection coverage. Our strategic objectives include being the nation’s preeminent legal funder – a trusted financier for our clients on their most important transactions. 

Medical lien funding solutions designed to help pending injury claims.

Baker Street Funding is committed to building long-term relationships with attorneys and law firms alike to bring them world-class execution by delivering unparalleled legal funding services. We specialize in arranging and financing lien-based medical loan services for attorneys requiring surgery for their clients with personal injuries.

Medical lien financing

Fund surgical treatments quickly and easily.​

Baker Street Funding ensures personal injury patients have access to quality healthcare, and medical providers can be compensated quickly and fairly for the care they provide. We put forth our best effort to bring fast results. We finance medical liens within 24 hours of approval, on average.

Say goodbye to risks.

And say hello to a surgery funding company that won't give you one. Medical lien funding encompasses the same qualities of a typical lawsuit funding program. We pay off for the continued medical treatment that the plaintiff receives, knowing that the expenditure entails its risks. If the lawsuit ends up with no settlement or jury award being granted, we lose our investment. We only recoup our money from the proceeds of the case once the personal injury lawsuit settles. There is also no risk for surgeons as they are directly paid in full pre-operation.​

Personal injury medical lien funding
Medical lien financing companies

Medical lien funding helps everyone involved.

Legal funding for medical procedures works for both plaintiffs who are in need of medical treatment such as surgery as well as their attorneys who are able to have the uninsured plaintiff get the procedure they need to be secured by a letter of protection or lien. Medical liens secured by letters of protection (LOP’s) help finance uninsured or out of network patients that are injured as a result of negligence. Baker Street Funding works with surgery centers and doctors to provide excellent funding solutions for medical procedures that are performed on personal injury victims.

Reduce treatment gaps.

Baker Street Funding helps attorneys all over the country build valuable legal claims by reducing treatment gaps and providing essential financing for medical procedures, we do this by paying for procedures upfront and securing them on the lien in order to serve your cash-strapped clients who wouldn’t receive adequate medical care as the result of a personal injury. ​

Medical lien funding companies
Medical funding companies

Remain reduction friendly.

By working with medical providers nationwide we offer direct payment for the medical services your client may need immediately through a proprietary medical lien and surgical financing underwriting process. This process ensures we can remain reduction-friendly and help strengthen the attorney-client relationship. Work with Baker Street Funding and get medical lien funding with rates that may surprise you.

Personal injury lien funding advantages.

Medical funding is the process in which a legal funding company speaks directly with the healthcare provider to negotiate a cash price for a procedure. This price is typically significantly lower than what the surgeon would charge if the procedure was done via medical liens.

Financing surgical operations helps plaintiffs.

Personal injury lien funding programs can be of great relief to injured victims unable to get medical treatments. Like its larger counterpart, lawsuit financing, medical lien funding is also a cash advance provided to doctors or medical providers in return for a portion of the settlement award. However, the fundamental difference exists at the receiving end of these cash advances. Our funding acts as a liaison between the plaintiff and the healthcare provider.


There are no financial restrictions on treatments.

Medical lien financing is a perfect solution for plaintiffs who cannot afford immediate medical help after sustaining grave injuries. Even for victims having medical insurance, the coverage offered is often very limited, forcing them to pay out of their own pockets. On the other hand, medical lien funding companies like Baker Street Funding do not have such financial restrictions on the essential medical treatments that can be undertaken.


Get all medical procedures paid in full.

The medical provider will not provide the treatment until they are paid in full. Surgery financing is provided in the form of a cash advance enables healthcare providers to pay current bills while waiting to receive longer-term personal injury settlements. Baker Street Funding pays for all of the approved treatment or surgery needed until either of the following events happen: that the victim completely recovers or that the lawsuit ends up in a settlement or jury award that will justify the approved dollar amount.


An excellent option for victims of accidents.

Hospitals are willing to provide all necessary medical procedures and treatments because they understand that the lien funding will pay them in cash. A range of diagnostics, medications, observations, therapies, and surgeries can be undertaken by patients in return for a portion of the settlement payout, whenever it is reached. A medical lien option to finance surgical operations or surgery funding is an exceptional resort for plaintiffs with pending medical treatments.



How it works.

We offer a single point-of-contact to streamline communications and help assist you in being a liaison for medical providers. All of our underwriters are former personal injury attorneys with extensive experience. They perform a quick review of the underlying facts surrounding the case and make a fast underwriting decision. Medical lien funding carries a simple process consisting of the following:

Medical funding
Step 1


You will provide us with a cost breakdown for the medical procedure(s).

Pre-settlement funding step 2


We will then negotiate a cash value of that procedure with the medical provider.

Pre-settlement funding step 3


We will then pay the medical provider the negotiated amount.

A top surgery financing company that makes care possible.

We help attorneys maximize their clients’ settlement by giving plaintiffs much-needed liquidity so they do not settle their cases for less than they deserve. With a quick response time, we regularly help personal injury victims receive the medical care they need, ranging from minimally invasive surgeries to complex procedures that strengthen the personal injury case.  If your law firm has not yet begun collaborating with a pre-settlement funding company, start today. Doing so will lead to better business results for your practice. With several years in the industry, we offer medical lien financial and servicing options that streamline the process of complex personal injury claims. Work with us to tailor a custom financing solution by working with your client’s healthcare provider to get the best settlement results at a low cost.



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Baker Street Funding holds a record of $50 million in client legal financing.


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The decision is easy—request surgical funding today.

Get custom individually tailored solutions and the best possible outcome for your case. Baker Street Funding provides one-window solutions with personal injury lien funding, allowing attorneys to negotiate the rates. Call 888-711-3599 to learn more.

Learn more about medical and surgery funding.

To sponsor medical bills, the plaintiffs’ health insurance, if any, can be utilized for the limited coverage allowed. If a person is entirely unable to finance their medical treatment, then a medical lien can be placed by the hospital on their lawsuit. 

Like other liens, a hospital lien provides the health center with the right over a specific portion of the compensation from the case. This may be in the form of a settlement or a jury award. However, a drawback is the non-continuance nature of the surgical intervention. Once the hospital puts a lien on a personal injury lawsuit, they may refuse to provide any further treatment unless the lien is removed through the existing bills’ settlement. This means a person who requires long-term treatment of their medical condition cannot seek the healthcare provider to place a lien upon their case completion.

For a person stuck in a pending personal injury lawsuit, arranging finances to make ends meet can be distressing. Litigation funding programs exist to help them meet their regular household expenditures and other important costs. 

In cases where an injured plaintiff has suffered physical impairment or disability, the medical costs can be huge and hefty, further adding to their financial struggles. Medical care does not wait for a case to settle. Hence, treatment and care are required instantly in personal injury matters, and payments cannot be delayed until damages are awarded, or a settlement is reached.

 Surgery funding is needed when an uninsured or underinsured plaintiff requires a surgical procedure after an accident. By providing funding for necessary medical procedures, injured victims can get the urgent care they need and ensure they are compensated correctly for their injuries by the at-fault party’s insurer. 

If a plaintiff requires a surgical procedure and does not have the proper insurance coverage, explore Baker Street Funding’s custom funding for medical procedures today.

What are the requirements for medical lien financing?

  1. The patient has been cut off from ”no-fault”;
  2.  IME cut off;
  3. Exhausted PIP benefits with third-party coverage;
  4. Workers’ compensation includes all/any commercial coverage and taxi accident injuries in fundable states.
  5. Must have suffered an accident such as a slip and fall, car crash, motorcycle accident, and more.
  1. Physician fee breakdown such as ASC, Anesthesia cost, DME, and Pharmacy;
  2. Name and address of entities receiving payment;
  3. Insurance correspondence (denials, exhausted benefits, etc.)

What procedures/providers does Baker Street Funding cover?

We provide funding for all types of procedures including, but not limited to: spinal surgery, hospital services, pain management, imaging/ diagnostic services, orthopedic surgery, and other specialized surgeries. 

Some of the types of surgeries we typically fund are neck and back fusions, discectomy, laminectomies, shoulder and knee surgery/arthroscopy, ankle surgery, cranial and brain procedures, and other internal procedures. 

Some of the types of non-surgical procedures we typically fund are pain injections, MRIs, and X-Rays.

We typically fund the following types of providers; physicians, surgical centers, imaging centers, anesthesiologists, home health care, long-term care, hospitals, private surgeons.

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