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Lawsuit Funding

Get lawsuit funding fast — settlement cash as quickly as 24 hours.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by financial pressures during a pending lawsuit? You are not alone in this journey. Whether it’s a personal injury claim, a civil rights case, or a commercial dispute, the financial burden can be a real struggle for when you least expect it. But here’s the good news: Baker Street Legal Funding specializes in non-recourse lawsuit funding, lawsuit settlement loans, pre-settlement cash cash advances, and legal financing solutions. What does that mean for you? It means you get the financial support you need right when you need it—while your case is in active.

Lawsuit Funding

Every legal situation is unique, and we get that. That’s why our lawsuit funding solutions are tailored just for you, with competitive interest rates, flexible options, and a transparent process. Need funds fast? With Baker Street Funding, you can receive a cash advance for your lawsuit, often within just 24 hours. Imagine the relief of focusing on winning your claim without the added worry of financial strain.

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What is pre-settlement lawsuit funding?

Lawsuit funding might seem complex, but it’s actually a simple and comforting financial tool designed to be a lifeline for people like you who are going through legal battles and need a helping hand. Think of it as a cash advance against your expected lawsuit settlement. It’s a non-recourse loan that you only repay if you win a settlement for your case. Lose? You owe nothing. It’s risk-free and designed with your peace of mind at the forefront.

What makes lawsuit funding special is its flexibility, tailored to fit your unique needs. Whether it’s personal injury funding, medical malpractice funding, or workers’ compensation funding, it’s customized for you. It strengthens you in settlement negotiations by giving you the financial stability to take the time to negotiate a better settlement. You’re in control.

The immediate financial relief it provides allows you to pay bills, cover medical expenses, or any other need. It’s your money, and you have the freedom to spend it as you see fit. But be cautious about compounding rates; most lawsuit funding companies charge up to 60% a year. Look for simple rates, like those offered by reputable pre-settlement funding companies, to avoid unnecessary costs.

Your legal representative is a key player in this process and works closely with the funding company to ensure everything goes smoothly. Depending on your lawyer’s cooperation and the specifics of the case, you can get the funds you need as quickly as 24 hours from when you apply. Look for lawsuit funding with clear terms and no hidden fees. Understanding the difference between simple and compounding rates can save you significantly. For instance, simple rates of 2.95% to 3.4% monthly are more favorable compared to compounding rates.

Why Choose Baker Street Funding for your legal financing.

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Competitive Interest Rates

We offer lawsuit funding with interest rates as low as 2.95% to 3.4% monthly (simple), capped at 3 years. That's a rate designed with fairness and transparency in mind. Among legal funding companies, our rates are the most competitive. Your financial well-being is our priority.

Same-day funding for urgent needs

In a tight spot and need funds fast? We offer same-day pre-settlement funding for those urgent situations (in as little as 2 hours from approval). Our team, backed by years of experience in providing pre-settlement loans, makes decisions quickly to ensure you get the financial assistance you need, exactly when you need it.

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Flexible options for plaintiffs

Every case is unique, and so are our pre-settlement funding options. Choose between a monthly rolling contract or a lump sum. Whether you're facing a personal injury claim or a commercial dispute, we're flexible enough to meet your funding needs.

Buyouts to lower your rates

Already have lawsuit funding? We can buy out your current funding and lower your rates. Statistics show that refinancing can save significant amounts, and we're committed to helping you reduce your financial burden. It's more than a service; it's our commitment to your financial welfare.

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Pre-settlement lawsuit funding

Friendly and approachable support

We're not just a funding company; we're your partner in this legal journey. Every client is assigned a friendly and understanding funding specialist, highly trained to make the experience personable. When you choose Baker Street Funding, you choose a team that stands by you, understands you, and tailors the support to your unique needs.

Transparent and clear offering

With Baker Street Legal Funding, what you see is what you get. Every page of our contract is available for you to review and understand. No hidden clauses or surprises. Your trust matters to us, and we build it through complete transparency and integrity.

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How lawsuit funding works.

Pre-settlement cash advance

Ready to take control of your financial situation?

Facing the financial strain of a legal matters? Here at Baker Street Legal Funding, we help alleviate your financial struggles with a quick and simple solution. You can apply for lawsuit funding in under a minute, and our team will quickly reach out to discuss your case and the best course of action. With approval often within 24 hours of applying, the financial relief you need could be just a click away!

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FAQ about lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit funding, also known as pre-settlement funding, legal financing, or a non-recourse loan, is a cash advance against your expected settlement. It’s a risk-free way to access funds while your lawsuit is active. Unlike traditional loans, if you lose your case, you owe us nothing. This means that you can pursue your legal action without repayment commitments until you win your case.

With Baker Street Funding, you have the freedom to spend the funds as you see fit. Whether it’s to pay bills, cover medical expenses, or any other need, our lawsuit funding is designed to help you meet your financial needs.

  • Apply. Fill out our lawsuit funding online form or call us directly at (888) 711-3599.
  • Qualification. Our team will contact you to qualify your case for funding assessment, followed by a conversation with your attorney.
  • Evaluation. Our underwriting team will evaluate your case after your lawyer speaks to them to determine the funding amount.
  • Approval. You and your attorney will receive a funding agreement to complete. Sign it, and receive your funds the same day.

Our funding options are not limited to specific case types. We offer support for various types of litigation, including:

  1. Personal Injury Legal Claims
  2. Medical Malpractice Cases
  3. Wrongful Imprisonment Cases
  4. Wrongful Death
  5. Slip and Fall
  6. Class Action Lawsuits
  7. Workers’ Compensation Claims. And more. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific case.

While your attorney’s cooperation is extremely important in the pre-settlement funding process, we understand that not all situations are within your control. If your attorney fails to cooperate in submitting the case-related files, it may result in some funding delays. 

You can get the funds you need as quickly as 24 hours from when you apply, depending on your attorney’s cooperation. If all required documents are provided promptly and your case is approved, we make it our priority to ensure the funds are in your hands without unnecessary delays.

At Baker Street Funding, we value transparency above all else. Our contracts are clear and readily available for your review. We have no hidden fees or surprises lurking in the fine print. We believe in honest and upfront communication to establish trust and provide you with the confidence you deserve.

Absolutely! We adhere to all legal standards and provide transparent services, including non-recourse funding options. Our commitment to integrity and transparency has made us a trusted name in the industry.

RateNon-compounding starting at 2.95% p/month
Terms2-3 year cap
Funding time24-48 hours
Amounts$1,500 up to $2mm

Yes! If you already have lawsuit funding, we can buy out your current funding and lower your rates through our pre-settlement buyout program. It’s part of our commitment to ease your financial burden and ensure a smoother path ahead.

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