Same day pre-settlement loans

Same-Day Pre-Settlement Loans

Same-day settlement loans enable you to quickly obtain the cash you need in less than one day.

Same day funding is possible. Although we are not going to sugarcoat the words here to get plaintiffs to apply as other companies do, with specific requirements, we can provide you with lawsuit financing in less than 12 hours. Before you apply, consult with your attorney to help you with this decision. Your lawyer needs to be prepared to send the documents from the moment the funding is requested to get you funded that same day. Plaintiffs will receive a cash incentive on the same day of the application under certain conditions:

  • Your attorney has to cooperate by sharing the files and speaking to underwriting the same day. If your lawyer is willing to do that, then underwriting can analyze your case in less than 6-12 hours.
  • Funders can provide you much quicker financing if your lawsuit has already settled before trial or a judge has already made the final decision for your case. All that is needed is one document, the settlement agreement.

What you need to do: 

To get approved for a loan against your settlement that same day, you must make sure your attorney sends the documents first thing in the morning if you plan to receive funds wired into your account that same day. Upon same-day approval, both the plaintiff and the attorney must be present when signing the contract before 3 pm (bank wire cut time). If a check is preferred, then you will receive the funds the next day. Getting funded on the day you request your loan can only be executed by sending you a bank wire you will get that same day. Same day settlement funding helps injured victims involved in significant accidents get the money they need quickly. 

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