Police Car Accident Loans

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Police car accident loans

Citizens are sometimes subjected to be unintendedly or intentionally harmed by the police force across the country. In the course of a negligent police officer’s duty, some may take specific actions that leave citizens around at a loss and hence aggrieved.

To be precise, being hit or crashed into by a police car is usual across the country. In such cases, the citizens often assume that a police officer, whether in the course of its duty or otherwise, has a right to violate traffic and other laws under the garb of “emergency.”

For this reason, many aggrieved persons do not realize that an accident from a police car is an actionable tort, and the losses sustained by them out of it are recoverable. It is further to be understood that officers do not have a say in deciding who’s liable in car accidents involving them. Like all other personal injury cases, the court solely possesses powers to adjudicate on such a matter.

Can the police break laws?

Cops, whether on-duty or otherwise, are subject to the relevant state laws and principles and must abide by them, except for certain exceptions. These exceptions vary from state to state and can differ in the relaxations they provide to the officers at certain times. For example, in certain conditions, police cars are deemed emergency vehicles when going for an emergency call and can surpass traffic laws while at it.

The fault element and the protection cover

Almost all accidents spring from some form of culpable negligence from any of the parties. In accidents involving police cars and civilians, the fault is ascertained by first determining which of the parties acted negligently.

Appropriate evidence has to be adduced to see if any of the parties had over-sped, ran a red light, was driving the wrong way, failed to signal or flash its indicators, or took an illegal turn. If the officer or the claimant could be seen as being negligent on any basis, the liability would fall upon them, and the court shall make an appropriate order.

In the case of an officer, certain additional factors may also be considered to answer the negligence question. These include probing into whether the police car’s emergency lights and sirens were used, reasonable care was taken in driving the vehicle, and if the officer kept a lookout for pedestrians and other cars around.

Quantum of damages

Having suffered any sort of injury caused by a police car accident, victims can claim compensation and damages for these. Medical costs and bills, along with compensation for any and every property damage as well as a personal injury sustained, can be claimed. It must be noted that police cars are covered by the city’s insurance policy, which is responsible for making good the loss caused by it.

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