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Tailored appeal financing focused on your challenges—and opportunities.

Baker Street Legal Funding knows both litigants and law firms alike need someone who understands the appellate process as well as your own unique capital needs to succeed. Whatever your goal, our appeal financing specialists, who have an extensive understanding of complex litigation and appellate laws can create a bespoke range of financial solutions to fit your needs. Utilizing our in-depth expertise and years of industry experience backed by our comprehensive suite of legal funding services will help you achieve your financial solution.

Appeal funding

Obtaining a favorable verdict and having that decision appealed can be stressful for both attorneys and plaintiffs alike. It can also create unique financial situations that can put be solved with certain financial products. For this reason, we provide assistance to law firms and litigants who have obtained a successful judgment and require additional support for a pending appeal or enforcement action by monetizing a portion of its proceeds today.

Together we can build a package for the success of your appeal. 

At Baker Street Funding, we know the difficulties that come at the last stage of the litigation process. As a top-rated litigation funding company in the United States, we are able to offer you a unique combination of financial solutions for a wide range of cases in jurisdictions, personal attention, and capital quickly and effectively. With access to a comprehensive product set, a remanded appeal can be secured with financing. With our appellate experts, first, we work to understand your case, goals, and opportunities. Then we work with you to deliver a smarter financing solution for your cases in appeal. 

How it works.

If you currently have a judgment or verdict in your favor, this is or potentially will be appealed; Baker Street Legal Funding may have a solution for you.

process 1


After submitting your application, one of our account executives will reach out to your attorney to option copies of the case documents and discuss the appeal. Once that information is provided we will proceed to enter the due diligence phase.

process 2


Once we receive your case documents and information, we will take about 24 hour to review the files and ask any additional questions we may have.

process 3


If and when you are approved, we will then generate a contract for you to review. Once you sign that contract and your attorney either sign the lien acknowledgment form or provides us with a letter of protection, funds will be released immediately. We distribute funds via wire transfer or overnight certified check.

Flexible solutions.

Baker Street Funding offers deep expertise with customized attention to your specific challenges during an appeal; thus, you can receive a positive outcome of the case and maximize results. Use our advance capital for things such as working capital or pay the costs for appellate litigation—all concerning the said case. 

Non-recourse funding focus

If your appeal is not successful, you will not be bound to pay the funding that was provided to you. Non-recourse is synonymous with litigation finance. In this case, the only collateral on your financing is based off on the appeal.

Specialized financing rates

Obtain specific terms backed by the resources and experience of a top-rated funding firm to ensure you get the best deal possible. Get 2% simple interest rate monthly.

Get a breadth of financial services

Get tranche funding for claims that are post-trial and pre-award or post-award and under appeal. We can help law firms and their clients access these funds without burdening the outcome of the judgment or award case.

Gain faster access to funds

Justify the risk of getting that verdict overturned or, even worse, reduced by securing up to 20% in funding by gaining faster access to capital. Increase efficiency in your case by taking advantage of our 72-hour funding process.

Explore the possibilities with Baker Street Funding.

Appeal financing is for anyone that can prove they can win—which is why we don’t have a limit on how much capital we can release. Request funding today, or call us at (888) 711-3599. Retain all control over your case at hand. There is no risk to see what we can offer you.


The method of funding an appeal is very similar to the funding of litigation in earlier stages.

With that being said, the difference is that where a judgment has already been given, the facts and legal issues in the case are much more straightforward than before. This means that appeals are less risky than the earlier stages of litigation.

However, this does not mean that appeals are without risk. In fact, every stage of a legal case comes with its own risk, and appeals are no exception in this regard. Moreover, the court is composed of different judges, each adhering to a particular legal philosophy, which only serves to increase uncertainty. This means that while a particular judge might be more open toward originalism, another might be more favorable towards judicial pragmatism, leading to different interpretations of the same case, meaning that no outcome can ever be certain in such scenarios.

 Winning a court judgment or award might not result in getting a financial settlement. This is because the first judgment is not the end of a case, or res judicata, as it is known in Latin. In fact, the first judgment is usually only the end of the beginning for people looking to obtain a financial reward. 

If your opponent is well-funded, then the chances are that they’ll be going all in, in the appeal phase.

The process of appealing or else launching enforcement proceedings is, therefore, very common in such cases. Naturally, it goes without saying that the appeal process is an expensive one and that attorneys and law firms need to have enough money to fund appeals in order to be able to close their cases.

Obtaining funding for appeals is necessary in such cases in order to make sure that you keep up with the most resourceful of opponents.

No. Baker Street Funding will not get involved with the strategy that you will be pursuing during the appeal phase.

After obtaining funding, you will not be burdened with the financial strain that comes with expensive cases, and this means that you’ll be able to hold out for a better award from the opposing party.

  • The judgment must be at least 3 times the funding amount you need. Punitive damages will not count into consideration.
  • The defendant must be well-capitalized and you must show that they can pay out.
  • The resolution of the case cannot exceed two years.

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