Settlement Cash Advances

Get a fast and easy settlement cash advance—with low rates.

A settlement cash advance from Baker Street Legal Funding could be a helpful solution to bridge the gap between financial obligations and the outcome of your case in the meantime. No repayment is necessary unless the case is successful. Enjoy simple rates as low as 2.95% per month when you apply with us, and see how good it feels to have the cash you need while you wait for a reasonable settlement offer. And of course, there is no risk.

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What is a settlement cash advance?

A settlement cash advance (known as litigation funding) is essentially an advance on your future settlement that gives you instant access to cash while you wait for your claim to be adjudicated or finalized. For plaintiffs, these advances are designed to help you cover immediate needs such as medical debt, transportation, rent, and other expenses that are almost guaranteed due to a major accident. For attorneys, you can gain much-needed capital, enabling you to cover everyday costs while working with the other party on agreeing to pay out the damages. In general, settlement advance funding may also be a good idea if the defendant offers a much lower payout than the fair value of your claim.

A settlement advance uses your pending compensation payout as collateral, meaning it is non-recourse and is not considered to be a traditional loan or a bank loan. Funding companies only get repaid if you recover monetary compensation empowering you to unlock some of the future value of your case to get you through the wait at no risk.


Why choose us?

At Baker Street Funding, we understand that waiting to receive compensation for a settlement can be difficult and that financial stress shouldn’t be added to the challenges of litigation. This is why we offer non-recourse advances with better terms and rates than other funding providers to help you save money on your up—and—coming settlement.

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Larger funding

Receive a portion of your settlement upfront, either as a lump sum of cash or monthly recurring advances. Get from $1,500 to $2,000,000 + or up to 10% of the potential value of your case.

Transparent contracts.

Swap hidden fees or markups—we're transparent throughout the process, and there are no other fees different than what you see on the funding agreement. Get case pre-qualification for funding evaluation minutes after you apply.

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Low rate pre settlement funding

Low interest rates.

Our low pre-settlement loan interest rates range from 2.95% to 3.4% non-compounding monthly, capped in the third year from when you receive your last advance. If you don't don't settle your claim 3 years from when you take out the loan, you won't owe additional interest.

Same day funds.

While lawsuits can take months or even years to come through, Baker Street Funding provides you with an easy way to access the cash you need to stay afloat until your settlement arrives. Receive funds the same day you are approved so you can start easing your financial situation.

Pre-settlement loans over $5,000

How it helps

Advances on expected settlements help claimants and attorneys cover most expenses during a long legal proceeding, either before or after the case is settled, litigated or won.

For plaintiffs

Our cash advances provide a vital lifeline for injured plaintiffs awaiting their lawsuit settlement, which means you can use the cash to cover imminent costs—whether that is paying your mortgage, rent or simply buying groceries, we've got you covered.

For attorneys

Our customized settlement financing solutions offers attorneys litigation capital advances for case-specific matters—use the cash towards discovery costs, expert witness fees, and more; and continue the important work of growing your practice with confidence.

For corporate claimants

Recover what you spend on legal fees, and gain access to additional capital with a litigation advance. Pay for expert witnesses and other necessary components of litigation. Get the upper hand when going up against the deep pocketed opposition, and strengthen your position in the courtroom.

Here is how it works.

Our settlement cash advance process is designed to be simple and hassle-free, with money usually available within 24 hours. And the best part? If you don't win your case, you don't have to pay us back.

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Calculate your cash advance rates with our settlement loan calculator.

Getting an idea of estimated loan rates can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Let Baker Street Funding do the work for you—our settlement loan calculator is specially designed for plaintiffs and accurately calculates estimated rates for different advance amounts, so you’re not left guessing. See how much cash Baker Street Funding could save you from your settlement. 

Lawsuit loan calculator

Save thousands with our low interest rates.

Accessing an advance from the potential settlement in your case from us could be a great alternative to using other financing options with much higher rates.

Baker Street Funding Other funding providers
Funding amounts $1,500 - $2mm Up to $250,000
Cap 3 year cap No cap
Monthly rate 2.95% - 3.4% simple 2.95% - 5% compounding
Underwriting time 24-48 hours 5 - 7 days
Contracts Costs as advertised Show another number on contract

Get the money you need with a settlement cash advance now.

If you need financial backing during times of uncertainty, you don’t have to wait months or even years for a settlement to go through. Obtain the necessary financing almost immediately with a settlement cash advance loan from Baker Street Funding. Our settlement advance application is incredibly simple and can all be done in minutes. And if you want one-on-one assistance, one of our team members is ready to help. Apply today to learn more about our legal funding options and see if it’s the right solution for you.


You can receive money in advance of your settlement payout amount simply by borrowing from it. To get started, apply for legal funding online. If your case gets pre-qualified for evaluation, your attorney will be contacted to provide your case file. Upon receiving your documents, underwriting will quickly assess your case and make a funding decision. If approved, you and your attorney will sign a non-recourse funding agreement, and the funds will be disbursed to you within 2-24 hours.

Your borrowing limit is 10% of the value of your eventual settlement or court-ordered damages award. Depending on how the estimated value of your probable settlement, our cash advance amounts range from $1,500 to $2 million or more.

For example, say your settlement is worth $150,000: you will be allowed to receive an advance of up to 10% of your settlement’s value. Multiply your settlement’s value ($150,000) by the percentage you can take out (10% or .10) and that gives you a maximum of $15,000 that you could realistically get advanced from your potential settlement.

If you are an attorney or a commercial claimant, please contact us at (888) 711-3599 to learn more about how much you can borrow.

Our team of underwriters will work with your attorney and will evaluate your case based on various factors, including the potential settlement figure. The monetary value we assign to your case will determine how much money you can receive.

No, Baker Street Funding does not provide advances on settlements under $50,000.

Yes, all advances that Baker Street Funding underwrites are free of risk and strictly based on the probable settlement or verdict of the claim at hand. We do not require income verification, monthly payments, credit history, or total debt amounts to qualify your litigation for a non-recourse cash advance. Your loan payment will be due once your attorney receives your compensation paid in full. Not before. This eliminates the financial risks involved with traditional loans.

The funding process takes 24-48 hours from when your lawyer provides all documentation relating to your claim. If you are an attorney or a corporate claimant, the funding process may take longer.

Baker Street Funding provides non-compounding interest rates from 2.95% – 3.4% per month for plaintiffs involved in civil cases and 2% flat monthly for law firms.

Our interest rates are based on factors like the length, strength, and complexity of your case.

With Baker Street Funding, if you don’t get a settlement for your case or end up losing it, you will be free from repaying any of the capital we released out to you, and we will take on the loss of the investment into your case.

With Baker Street Funding, you will receive the funds within 2 to 24 hours of signing the funding agreement.

Most people receive the money as a lump sum through a check or bank deposit. You can also get monthly installment loan payments made out to you, known as rolling contracts, which are monthly agreed-upon payments for 3-6-9 or 12 months.

No, pre-payment penalties are not common with most settlement advance companies. With Baker Street Funding, you can pay your loan before the conclusion of your legal dispute without getting charged any pre-payment penalty fees.

The attorney in charge of the case will have 7 business days to pay us back immediately after receiving the settlement check or compensation payment from the defendant or the insurance company after the lawsuit has concluded successfully.

No, we will not pursue you for repayment if you lose your case.


RateFixed, starts at 2.95% p/mth
Terms2-3 year cap
Funding time24-48 hours
Amounts$1,500 up to $2mm+

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