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Need a cash advance for your lawsuit in Minnesota? Don’t let financial strain hold you back from recovering, and seeking justice. Secure a lawsuit loan against your pending Minnesota case and take the first step towards financial peace of mind. Same-day funding available with low rates and a no-win, no-fee promise. 

Instant lawsuit loans with no risk

How do lawsuit loans work in New Minnesota?

If you’re involved in a civil lawsuit in Minnesota and feeling the pinch financially, a Minnesota lawsuit loan might be just what you need. Often called pre-settlement legal funding or a lawsuit cash advance, this option provides you with money upfront based on the likely outcome of your case—a real boon if you’re struggling to cover day-to-day expenses or medical bills due to an injury that’s keeping you out of work.

The best part? It’s non-recourse funding, meaning you only need to repay it if you win your legal case, freeing you from the typical worries attached to loans like monthly payments or collateral. Simply put, your case’s strength is key to unlocking your advance, not your credit score or job status.

It’s crucial, though, to look at Minnesota settlement loans with your eyes open. Like any financial decision, they come with considerations—mainly related to costs. Choosing the a reputable lawsuit loan company such as Baker Street Funding, which provides transparent terms and low non-compounding rates, can benefit you from case inception to resolution—without compromising your future financial recovery.

Your go-to partner for financial support during Minnesota lawsuits

Whether you’re facing the repercussions of a traffic accident, suffering the consequences of a personal injury case, or dealing with workplace injuries, Baker Street Funding extends support throughout all 854 cities in Minnesota, from the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul to the beautiful surroundings of Duluth and Rochester, and everywhere in between.

Cities like Woodbury, Brooklyn Park, St. Cloud, Plymouth, Eagan, Duluth, Bloomington, and Maple Grove have all witnessed the positive impact of our non-recourse loan services for lawsuits. Our lawsuit funding team is capable and ready to guide you through the process, so that you receive the care you need exactly where you are.

Why consider a lawsuit loan in Minnesota.

In Minnesota, leading experts agree: the aftermath of an accident goes beyond physical damage—it plunges victims into emotional distress and financial instability. A pre-settlement cash advance, recognized for its effectiveness, can significantly mitigate these troubles, allowing you immediate access to your future settlement funds earlier.

settlement funding options

Effortless Financing for Your Critical Needs

A lawsuit loan gives you the freedom to use the funds where they’re most needed in your life. Cover your day-to-day expenses, rent or mortgage payments, medical bills, or any other costs that simply can't wait.

Flexibility with Additional Loans

Feel like you're walking a tightrope, financially speaking? Minnesota's pre-settlement funding has your back. Stay in control with the flexibility to borrow additional money as your case unfolds. 

Fast Cash Advances Within 24 Hours

Injury claims can bleed your wallet dry, but in Minnesota, settlement funding can turn your story from one of hardship to financial freedom—all within 24 hours. Imagine flipping the script on your financial worries that quickly.

Speed Up Your Medical Recovery

With a sizable chunk of Minnesotans living life with no health insurance, immediate access to medical care following an injury isn't just a luxury—it's a necessity. Why let the chance for a speedier recovery pass you by? With medical legal funding, you can cover that critical surgery right away.

Larger Lawsuit Loans Available

Ever puzzled over why lawsuit loans often pack larger funding than traditional loans? It all comes down to the value of your case. That's what we call a loan with skin in the game. You obtain up to 20% of your lawsuit settlement in advance—that's beyond what financial institutions can provide.

Undivided Attention on Your Lawsuit

Lawsuit settlement loans in Minnesota empowers you to dedicate your attention to legal matters. Dive into mediations and negotiations and let go of the nagging worry of financial woes clouding your judgment.

Minnesota pre-settlement loans give you financial control without the risk.

Securing an advance on your pending lawsuit settlement allows you the freedom to breathe financially without the pitfalls of traditional loans.

Credit? Income? No Problem

In a perfect world, money woes wouldn't dictate your ability to fight for justice. We're making that a reality by offering lawsuit loans that overlook your credit and income. Funding is based on your lawsuit's potential, not your past financial struggles.

Asset Security Guaranteed

Feel the relief knowing your personal assets, from your family home to your car, are completely protected. Pre-settlement funding gives you a buffer without risking what matters most to you.

Stress-Free Repayment Is the Name of the Game

Forget about monthly recurring payments looming over you. With a Minnesota lawsuit loan, the only time you'll think about repayment is when you win a verdict or a settlement for your case. Zero win? Zero stress about paying us back.

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding

Shift the balance in your favor with Minnesota lawsuit funding.

Did you know that there are over 2 million cases unfolding every year in all 87 county courts of Minnesota? And then you wonder why facing off against deep-pocketed insurers can leave you strapped for cash for a long time.

Interestingly, despite insurance laws meant to prevent such unfair practices, the lengthy nature of the litigation process still tends to favor those with the deepest pockets. It’s a common play—insurance companies protract personal injury lawsuits, hoping you’ll settle for less just to end the financial burden.

At Baker Street Legal Funding, we understand the hardships that have been brought about during this period. Our risk-free lawsuit loans not only offer you the much-needed cash advance, but also lay the foundation for the fair justice you’re entitled to.

Get the cash you need with a simple, four-step application process.

The cold can bite in Minnesota, and so can waiting for your lawsuit to settle. That’s why we’ve heated up our Minnesota lawsuit loan application process to get you cozy with funds, fast. From the moment you reach out to us, your case is reviewed with the attention it deserves. Here's what it boils down to:

process 1

Kickstart Your Application

Apply for funding and share some case info. An expert will be on the line with you faster than a Minnesota snow melts in spring.

process 2

Next Up: We Check Out Your Case

Our underwriting experts will team up with your attorney to assess the merits and value of your claim, followed by a loan decision.

process 3

Fast-Track to Approval

If everything checks out, we’re talking immediate approval and a legal funding agreement with clear terms to complete. No dilly-dallying here.

process 4

Cash in Hand Before You Know it

Once you and your attorney sign off on the non-recourse lawsuit loan contract, the countdown begins, with cash in your hands within hours.

Ready to Transform Your Financial Situation in Minnesota? 

Partner with Baker Street Funding for both financial resources and a team deeply invested in your welfare. Reach out today, and together, we’ll move towards a future where financial and emotional healing are within reach.

* No credit, no income verification, and no win —no pay guarantee.

Car accident

Qualifying for a Minnesota lawsuit loan is simpler than you think.

No corner of Minnesota is too remote, no case too complex for Baker Street’s lawsuit loans. If you’re battling the aftermath of someone else’s negligence and find yourself in a personal injury lawsuit, relief isn’t far off. The key to qualifying for a cash advance in Minnesota through Baker Street Funding is based on four simple things:

  1. You have a pending civil lawsuit that involves a no-fault incident;
  2. There’s a value of $50,000 or above on the table;
  3. The defendant is well-insured;
  4. You have legal representation.


Settlements automatically pre-qualify for a lawsuit loan in Minnesota.

Wondering How to Begin? 

Simplicity and speed define Baker Street Funding’s method of helping Minnesotan plaintiffs in need. Once your attorney green-lights your application, count on us for a prompt case evaluation that same day. 

Connect with us at (888) 711-3599 to explore your qualifications for an advance that not only helps your current financial needs but also facilitates seeing your lawsuit through.

Fast qualification

Covering all grounds, and standing by your side.

When facing a personal injury or civil dispute, Baker Street Funding’s got you covered, with lawsuit loans that cover a comprehensive range of cases.

Pre-settlement cash advance

Secure legal funding with a foundation of consumer protections.

Securing personal injury lawsuit funding in Minnesota is relatively accessible and perfectly legal, regardless of the absence of strict regulation in the state. This change comes in the wake of the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision, which eliminates any previous restrictions that prevented you from obtaining financial assistance while moving forward with your case.

Despite this, the importance of partnering with a litigation funding company that deeply understands Minnesota’s laws—and one who stands firm on integrity—should be a top priority.

At Baker Street Legal Funding, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and embody principles of transparency, federal guidelines, and fair lending practices for our clients. Our pre-settlement funding agreement terms and costs are designed with clarity, featuring fixed interest rates (capped) with a commitment to price competitiveness.

What’s more, you have a five-day right of rescission—giving you the freedom to step back if needed. Our goal? To protect you from the pitfalls of hidden costs.

In a field where unwelcome surprises can be the norm, Baker Street Funding provides you with non-recourse ethical support that makes your funding experience simple and risk-free.This dedication allows us to build trust and uphold the industry’s moral duties, both in Minnesota, and across the country.

The best pre-settlement funding company taking you from uncertainty to empowerment.

Taking on a legal fight in Minnesota can seem intimidating, with each stage bringing its own set of financial obstacles and emotional highs and lows. From the initial shock and frustration of dealing with an injury, to the anxiety of awaiting a resolution, it’s a path filled with stress. Yet, with Baker Street Funding by your side, you’re never alone.

Recognized as one of the best pre-settlement funding companies nationwide, Baker Street Funding transforms your financial uncertainty into a foundation of stability. We understand that each lawsuit carries not only a potential settlement but also the hopes and hardships of real people.

Our company is dedicated to providing thousands of plaintiffs with quick, and low-rate settlement advances coupled with compassionate, and personalized funding, so that you feel heard and supported at every turn, without compromising on cost.

Apply for a Minnesota lawsuit loan today.

Join countless Minnesotan plaintiffs who’ve found financial peace of mind with Baker Street Funding. Our Minnesota lawsuit loans come with the guarantee of no risk, no monthly payments, and no credit check. You focus on winning your case; we take care of the rest.  To get started, simply fill out your pre-settlement funding application online—it’s quick and easy. With 2 minutes of your time today, you stand the chance at achieving financial stability tomorrow. Apply for a lawsuit loan now and move closer to your settlement victory.


In Minnesota, the interest rates for lawsuit loans are tailored to the unique aspects of your case, considering the risks and complexities of the litigation at hand. It’s important to note that while some lenders might charge additional fees like origination, processing, or administrative costs, Baker Street Legal Funding stands out by offering competitive costs.

Our rates range from 2.95% to 3.4% monthly, with non-compounding interest for consistency throughout your contract, typically on a 6-month basis. Unlike many providers that include compound interest that escalate costs dramatically, our advances bring rates capped at 28% annually, concluding after the third year. This means even if your case extends beyond three years, there’s no worry about accumulating additional interest on your lawsuit loan.

To be eligible for a pre-settlement lawsuit loan in Minnesota, you must be a plaintiff in an active lawsuit, typically related to personal injury or damages due to negligence. Essential criteria include having a lawyer and a strong case with a clear liability. Our team evaluates the merits of your case, the expected settlement amount, and the defendant’s financial responsibility to determine your qualification. 

Baker Street Funding prioritizes your immediate financial needs. Following your application and the provision of case documents by the law firm representing you, we start the approval process, which can lead to funding in as little as 24 hours. Our efficient review and funding process is structured to provide you with quick funds throughout your lawsuit.

The maximum available funding for lawsuit loans in Minnesota is tailored to the estimated value of your lawsuit. Generally, Baker Street Funding can offer up to 10% of your case’s total estimated compensation.

For instance, if your lawsuit is valued at $70,000, you might be eligible to receive a loan of up to $7,000. 


There are no limitations on using your lawsuit loan funds in Minnesota. Whether for living expenses, medical costs, or other personal needs, the funds are at your disposal. Baker Street Funding’s lawsuit loans offer financial flexibility to cover essential expenses without constraints. 

Baker Street Funding’s lawsuit loans are non-recourse in Minnesota, meaning no repayment is required if your case doesn’t result in a win. This type of funding removes any financial risk for you, offering security throughout your legal proceedings. 

InterestNon-compounding starting at 2.95% p/month
Loan protection2-3 year cap
Funding time24 hours
Average loan amounts in Minnesota$11,500
Funding amounts$1,500 up to $10mm
Type of loanNon-recourse
Workers’ comp eligibilityNo, unless there is another negligence case.
Personal injury claim eligibilityYes
Civil rights case eligibilityYes

Explore Minnesota’s legal system and gain invaluable funding insights.

Based on our ethical standards, Baker Street Funding refrains from providing lawyer recommendations to clients in exchange for monetary incentives, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. This principle is rooted in the belief that reputable lawsuit loan companies must prioritize the welfare of their clients above all.

Furthermore, Baker Street Legal Funding maintains strong connections with personal injury lawyers across Minnesota, each possessing the exceptional expertise and qualifications to skillfully handle a variety of lawsuits. 

In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients and partner law firms, we’re unable to disclose the identity of any prominent personal injury attorneys whom we’d otherwise wholeheartedly recommend. This measure is in place to safeguard the privacy of our clients from any potential legal complications with insurance companies that may arise from openly endorsing a specific attorney.

When it comes to calculating lawsuit loans in Minnesota, Baker Street Funding evaluates 8 several key factors grounded in the state’s personal injury and negligence laws.

1. Minnesota’s Comparative Fault Law

Minnesota utilizes a “modified comparative fault” system, meaning if you are found to be partially at fault for your injuries (50% or less), your compensation — and consequently, your potential lawsuit funding amount — could be adjusted based on your degree of fault.

For example, you were injured in a car accident and you are suing the other driver for $100,000 in damages. However, the jury finds that you were 30% at fault for the accident, and the other driver was 70% at fault. In this case, your potential compensation would be reduced by 30%, so you’d only be able to recover $70,000. This means that the maximum lawsuit loan amount you could receive would also be reduced by 30%.

2. PIP Insurance

In Minnesota, the No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act mandates Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for vehicles, ensuring individuals receive immediate coverage for medical expenses, lost wages, and other necessary services following an auto accident. This coverage is irrespective of who is at fault and includes:

  • $40,000 coverage per person per accident
  • $20,000 allocated for medical expenses
  • $20,000 for non-medical expenses.

However, if your medical bills go over your PIP limit, or if your injuries are severe, you may then pursue a claim against the at-fault driver’s liability insurance, assuming the other driver is determined to be liable.

Baker Street Funding evaluates the sum of your PIP coverage and potential compensation from suing the at-fault driver. If this sum exceeds $50,000, it can boost the lawsuit loan amount you qualify for.

3. Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM)

UIM is designed to protect you in accidents where the at-fault driver’s insurance isn’t sufficient to cover your damages. In Minnesota, the law mandates that your auto insurance include at least $25,000 in UIM per person ($50,000 per accident). This coverage can make a big difference in your total recoverable amount.

For lawsuit loan calculations, lenders look beyond the immediate payouts from PIP and assess the full scope of compensation you’re entitled to, including UIM benefits. Since UIM supplements the compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance, it effectively increases the total amount of potential settlement you might receive. Higher estimated settlements can positively influence the amount of lawsuit funding you’re eligible for.

4. Damages in Personal Injury Cases

  • Economic damages refer to the financial losses incurred by you, the plaintiff, as a result of the injury or accident. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses, and property damage. These damages are typically easier to calculate as they have a specific monetary value.
  • Non-economic damages are the degree of physical and emotional distress you experience. These can increase the expected settlement value, thereby the financing amount.
  • Punitive damages in Minnesota are meant to punish particularly harmful behavior by the at-fault party, and they can affect the lawsuit loan calculation when they are an integral part of your claim. However, you can only obtain punitive damages if you have strong proof that the person you’re suing didn’t care about hurting you or anyone else.

5. Minnesota’s Statute of Limitations

In Minnesota, most legal actions, including those related to contracts and certain injuries, need to be started within six years. For cases related to product liability, you have four years.

These limitations not only set the filing deadline for your lawsuit but also shape part of the funding company’s strategy. As your case approaches settlement, the potential for a case advance increases.

Exceptions and the Discovery Rule

Minnesota law recognizes exceptions to missing the statute of limitations in certain situations. This is particularly relevant with the discovery rule, where the ‘clock’ starts only when the injured party discovers, or should have reasonably discovered, the injury. Such circumstances could apply, for instance, in cases of wrongful death where the cause of harm was unknown within the standard limitation period.

6. The Apportionment of Damages: Joint Liability

In Minnesota, if you’re involved in an incident where multiple parties are at fault, the law has specific statutes on who pays what. Here’s the bottom line:

  • If someone is more than 50% at fault, he or she is responsible for the entire compensation.
  • If the fault is part of a group effort or an intentional act, those involved can be held fully responsible together.
  • For environmental damages or certain other specific cases, the law again holds people or groups fully responsible.

Understanding these statutes helps a legal funding company evaluate how much you might be able to recover in a lawsuit, which in turn influences the amount of funding you could get approved for your Minnesota lawsuit.

7. Considering Liens and Settlements

Just like in other states, any liens against your Minnesota settlement — from healthcare providers, for example — will need to be considered. These liens can affect the net amount you receive and, consequently, the lawsuit loan amount you can be advanced.

8. Claims Against Minnesota State Entities

When injuries involve Minnesota state entities or employees, specific rules apply. Under the Minnesota Tort Claims Act, you can seek compensation for injuries caused by government actions, with strict deadlines and filing protocols.

  • Special Protocols. Claims against state entities must follow precise steps, including a mandatory notice within 180 days from the injury.
  • Impact on Legal Funding. The ability to pursue claims against the government could enhance your lawsuit’s compensation potential. For Baker Street Legal Funding, this means carefully considering any government entity involvement, including the statutory caps and exceptions, as successful claims might significantly affect the total compensation. This careful evaluation helps us determine the lawsuit loan amount you’re eligible for.

Looking for a lawsuit loan for your personal injury case in Minnesota? 

Baker Street Funding specializes in assisting injured individuals seeking compensation by following Minnesota’s personal injury laws and regulations. If you are dealing with an insured defendant and dealing with the complicated aspects of a personal injury case, please contact us at (888) 711-3599 for personalized support.

Minnesota Injury Statistics Overview

Personal injuries in Minnesota occur in a variety of settings, each with a significant influence.

  • Workplace Injuries. In 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 80 fatal and 63,800 nonfatal workplace injuries.
  • Slip and Fall Accidents. The CDC noted 253,941 fall injuries among older adults in 2020, excluding younger populations.
  • Medical Malpractice. There were 85 medical malpractice claims filed in 2021.

Minnesota Traffic Safety Insights

In 2020, traffic fatalities saw an 8% increase in Minnesota, rising to 394 from 364 the previous year. These fatalities involved 256 motorists, 45 pedestrians, 10 bicyclists, and 64 motorcyclists. Notably, 79 deaths were attributed to drunk driving, 122 to speeding, 32 to distracted driving, and 105 to unbelted motorists.

Dealing with a legal case for personal injury in Washington can bring about unforeseen financial challenges. A lawsuit loan specifically for personal injury victims can be a beneficial option when you need urgent financial help. Some of the injuries Baker Street Funding provides lawsuit loans for include:

  • Soft Tissue
  • TBI
  • Broken Bones
  • Fire and Burn Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Amputations and Loss of Limb
  • Traumatic Injuries

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