Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Funding

We’re here to help you! Baker Street Funding strives to be a beneficial legal funding resource to you as you go through your motor vehicle accident lawsuit settlement so you can make the right decision for you and for your case. Take control of your finances with Baker Street Funding. 

pedestrian accident lawsuit financing

A Baker Street Funding pedestrian lawsuit loan is a great way to pay for your financial demands while your accident claim is still pending court or trial. Apply for pedestrian pre-settlement funding today and get paid in as little as 24 hours. Get the lowest rates for your injury case.

Lawsuit funding for pedestrian accident victims.

 If you are currently a plaintiff in a legal stand-off with an insurance company, you may qualify for pedestrian accident lawsuit funding. You may be able to receive an advance on your settlement to ease your financial hardships while your case moves towards a well-valued settlement award. Recovering from a pedestrian accident can take years and involve physical therapy and surgery, and some people are left with permanent disabilities. Common injuries involve the lower extremities, spine, pelvis, head, and neck, and many are quite complex. Keeping your job while recuperating is usually not an option, especially in the event of a severe accident. During this time period, insurance companies have no interest in settling, and some companies offer absurd undervalued amounts in hopes of settling for less than you deserve while keeping their costs low. With pedestrian accident lawsuit loans, you can reject an offer that doesn’t do your injury justice. This lawsuit funding advance opportunity gives you a portion of your proceeds now, so you can show the insurance company you won’t back down from the settlement amount you deserve.

Pedestrian accidents in the United States.

The same streets you walk down every day can suddenly become the scene of a horrific pedestrian accident. The GHSA’s projection represents a four percent increase in the number of pedestrian fatalities during 2019, and over 6,000 pedestrians were killed in the U.S. in 2019. Pedestrians’ death has hit the highest since the 1990s. Pedestrian injuries can be life-changing, causing life-long medical problems and permanent disabilities. Awaiting a settlement in a pedestrian accident case can be a long process since insurance companies do their best to reduce the settlement amount you are due and increase the amount of time your case takes to settle.

Pedestrian accident pre-settlement funding, easy to fund.

Pedestrian accident lawsuit funding is available regardless of your credit or employment history since it is not a loan. The money you receive is advanced to you based on your pending final settlement. You don’t repay anything until you win your case. You can use the money for expenses you have now, whether that’s mortgage payments, rent, utilities, groceries, or any other financial needs.

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Want to see if a settlement loan from Baker Street Funding can help save you money while you await your motor vehicle accident settlement? We can help you with your claim today by offering pre-settlement funding with low-interest rates. Qualify in as little as two minutes by applying online or by phone. It’s easy to take the first step to get back on track with your finances at a low cost.

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