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See the benefits of getting a loan against your lawsuit.

Borrowing money from your lawsuit has many advantages, including settling for the compensation you deserve while covering your expenses.

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Personal injury cases and civil rights claims are typically long and financially draining legal processes for many victims waiting for a fair settlement due to the lack of income and other factors that result from the injury or incident.

Certain factors can lead to a long settlement, such as delaying strategies from the insurance, court/attorney scheduling conflicts, litigation, arbitration, appeals, and so on.

More often than not, even when a case seems to be close to a successful conclusion, the offer from the other side is not enough, and victims struggling to take care of their daily costs have no other option but to accept a low-valued settlement. As a result, settling a case for a lower amount than its actual value forfeits you the right to pursue further financial compensation.

Whenever you are in the middle of a lawsuit and run out of financial options to support yourself, pre-settlement funding is a resource that could help you support yourself while the lawsuit goes to trial or a better settlement payment is offered. 

Let’s find out more about loans against lawsuits and the potential benefits of getting one. 


What are the advantages of lawsuit loans?

Lawsuit funding has advantages that are very appealing to legal consumers who may have previously had trouble borrowing from traditional venues. Borrowing from your pending lawsuit settlement can be the right move since there are advantages to getting lawsuit loans from reputable companies. Some benefits include no monthly payments, no risks, potentially lower interest rates with the right lender, and the ability to meet expenses you might otherwise have trouble covering due to your lawsuit or claim. Lawsuit loans are not suitable for every plaintiff involved in challenging litigations, but they can be a smart decision depending on your situation and the lender.

Lawsuit loans help you cover essential costs.

The pre-settlement funding industry was invented roughly two decades ago – to help people like you, involved in severe cases, in your time of need. When you get a lawsuit loan, you can use it for household, living, and emergency expenses. However, while you can use the funds for day-to-day costs, it’s still an investment made into your lawsuit, and you might want to rethink about how to use pre-settlement funds. Consider using your loan on your main needs rather than something you don’t need because, at the end of the day, your loan is coming from your potential settlement or lawsuit verdict.

Some of the ways you can use your lawsuit settlement loans are:

  • Pay for transportation to work
  • Family expenses
  • Car repossession
  • Business expenses
  • Rent or mortgage

Funding helps you pay medical expenses.

Lawsuit advances are extremely popular with personal injury victims who find themselves physically injured and unable to work. For example, a medical malpractice victim who finds himself hurt and out of work will seek financial relief due to the sustained injuries that have caused them a financial burden. As a result, medical bills from the malpractice pile up, and it is impossible to cover them in full. Financing your litigation or personal injury case can temporarily keep you afloat with medical debt while your case gets resolved. You can qualify for a higher loan amount if your injuries are severe, which may be necessary for your health expenses and any other emergency matters at hand.

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Borrowing cash from your case is free of risk.

Pre-settlement loans are non-recourse loans provided to plaintiffs involved in less risky litigations. This is because if your lawsuit does not settle favorably under any circumstance, you won’t have to repay the funds. Not all legal loans have no risk, and some companies will charge up to 200% a year. You may prefer to take out a loan from a company that charges non-compounding interest rates at no more than 3.4% a month. Remember, just because a lawsuit loan doesn’t have any risks doesn’t mean the consequences are less dire when your settlement reaches a successful conclusion. Choose a company that won’t eat up your whole compensation when you finally get your payout. 

There are no monthly payments.

Most traditional loans have to be paid back every month. And if your credit history is not good, it may affect your eligibility to get a loan from a bank. Even if you get approved for a personal loan or a credit card loan, monthly payments and fees will put additional stress. Legal funding advances work differently. Lawsuit loans do not have to be paid monthly, so this takes a lot of pressure off your shoulder. Why? Because the advance is only paid back when and if the case settles or resolves in your favor. 

Pre-settlement cash advance

It can help you settle your case for a fair amount.

Insurance companies use delaying settlements tactics, so plaintiffs settle cases for undervalued amounts or, even worse, lose the case. One of the advantages of loans on lawsuits is that you may not have to feel pressured into settling your case for much less than you deserve because you don’t have the money to get by with your finances. Lawsuit funding can be a great tool to help you fight for the settlement you deserve so you don’t settle for a lowball amount. Acquiring funding from your lawsuit enables you to effectively deal with the defendant’s delaying tactics, allowing you to wait for fair compensation so your attorney can negotiate a better offer.

Legal funding can be used to make up for anything you want, such as loss of income. It can help you from falling into a deep financial crisis that you can’t recover from, allowing you to wait for a better settlement. It’s safe to conclude that lawsuit funding can be the bridge to settling your case for better compensation.

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