Workers compensation lawsuit loans in Florida

Settlement Advances on Workers Compensation Claims in Florida—with a lower interest rate.

If you are a worker in Florida who has been injured on the job while awaiting your workers comp settlement payment, you may need help covering your finances. Baker Street Funding is a great way to get the cash advance you need to pay for your daily costs or any other urgent bill that may come up until you receive your settlement or can return to work.

✓ Low simple interest rates and capped.
✓ Get larger amounts as soon as the same day you get approved.
✓ Zero risks for you.

Workers comp settlement loans in Florida

Being injured at work can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Florida employers can be driven by their own bottom line when it comes to paying out workers’ comp claims. Furthermore, workers’ compensation insurance companies prioritize profit margins over fulfilling the needs of injured employees, resulting in claimants receiving less than they deserve. Unfortunately, these victims have no other choice but to deal with frustrating delays in processing their claims. If the whole point of a workers compensation payment in Florida is to cover a financial gap from the time of the injury, then shouldn’t ensuring they receive the compensation they need as quickly as possible be a top priority for all involved? The truth of the matter is that this is not always the case, and injured workers often have months and sometimes years (if the dispute gets appealed) before getting compensated.

The good news is that injured workers may be able to get part of their workers comp settlement advanced today. A workers comp settlement advance in Florida can help cover lost wages, household bills, medical expenses, and more while you wait for your dispute to resolve. At Baker Street Funding, we believe every worker should have access to the financial resources they need after suffering a work accident or a job-related illness, and no one should not have to worry about how they’ll manage their finances while they are out of work. With a quick process, low rates, and no collateral or credit requirements, you could get the cash you need in the form of a workers comp claim advance today when you choose Baker Street Funding.

Workers comp lawsuit loans in Florida

What are workers comp lawsuit loans? 

A workers compensation settlement advance (or lawsuit loans) is a risk-free advance on your workers comp claim based on the value of your expected settlement in Florida. Also known as workers compensation advance, this type of financing is separate from any other types of credit or loans as it uses non-traditional metrics that don’t rely on credit scores or debt-to-income ratios for approval. Most importantly, your advance is only repaid once you win your case after you receive settlement money from your workers comp claim. This in return, makes the workers compensation funding option an incredibly secure way to gain access to the cash needed.

Here is the process of getting a worker’s comp settlement advance in Florida.

Injury loans process step 1


Fill out an online form with basic information about your case, such as your name, contact info, state of residence, date of injury, attorney name, and contact.

Personal injury lawsuit loans evaluation


Once that's done, our team will review your application and provide you with a pre-qualification shortly after.

Personal injury pre settlement loans approval


If your case gets accepted, your funding associate will contact your lawyer to provide the necessary documents and make a loan decision.

Personal injury lawsuit cash advance money


24 hours later, you will receive a funding decision, followed by a contract. You will receive the lawsuit cash advance once your loan agreement is signed.

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Since most injured workers spend a lot of time at home, especially those with surgeries, it’s easy to understand why you need cash to pay your household bills when recovering—because the recovery from an accident takes time and it requires a stress-free environment which as a result, improves the quality of your healing and rehabilitation. So whether you need a small or higher funding amount, Baker Street Funding’s got you covered.

Pre-settlement cash advance
Pre-settlement loans over $5,000

No win, no pay—at all.

Surprises are almost inevitable with any legal claim, especially with a workers comp claim. With Baker Street Funding, you’ll find no risk in getting an advance on your workers comp claim—if you don’t eventually receive your compensation, you won’t be responsible for repaying the advance.


Save thousands with our low interest rates.

Get lower interest rates capped in the third year, so you don't have to worry about losing a huge chunk of your compensation when it arrives, as opposed to funding your case with other lenders. Apply from anywhere in Florida, including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, St Petersburg, Hollywood, Hialeah, Port St. Lucie, and more.

Baker Street Funding Other funding providers
Funding amounts $1,500 - $2mm Up to $250,000
Cap 3 year cap No cap
Monthly rate 2.95% - 3.4% simple 2.95% - 5% compounding
Underwriting time 24-48 hours 5 - 7 days
Contracts Costs as advertised Show another number on contract
workers comp claim advance Baker Street FUnding

Get started with a workers compensation claim advance in 2 minutes.

Settlement funding from Baker Street Funding lets Florida workers get money when needed and as needed. We help you find short-term financial relief until you are able to work again. Apply for a pre-settlement advance in Florida so your attorney can work on maximizing your benefits or until he or she negotiates a higher lump sum settlement for your case. Get cash as quickly as the same business day your attorney sends the case file, and take care of your financial liabilities ASAP.

Personal injury lawsuit loan FAQ.

Baker Street Funding provides risk-free loans—but contrary to its name, it is not actually a loan. There are no payments or personal liability associated with the advance, so you don’t have to worry about repayment unless you receive your settlement proceeds paid in full.

Advances are available to all types of injured employees in Florida waiting on their workers compensation benefits, including airline & airport staff, construction workers, truck drivers, restaurant personnel, and many others. There are absolutely no restrictions on what type of employee expecting is eligible for legal funding.

A workers’ compensation insurance coverage is intended to provide benefits to people who have experienced a workplace-related injury or illness until they can go back to work. Unfortunately, getting the compensation payment to which you are entitled on time is not always guaranteed. If you are going through a tough situation and can no longer find a way to cope with your day-to-day expenses, then receiving an advance for your workers’ comp claim may be the right option for you.

When it comes to workers’ comp settlements, the size of payment for Floridians can vary greatly. Depending on variables such as injury severity and pre-injury salary, a settlement could be anywhere from $2,000 – $40,000. Without an attorney by their side, those who seek these benefits typically receive around $10.7 thousand dollars on average.

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