Wrongful Death Lawsuit Funding

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Wrongful death lawsuit loans

Wrongful death lawsuit funding

The pain of losing a loved one is not something anyone would wish. Death is such a bitter experience to deal with but losing someone dear due to another person’s negligence makes the cut deeper and more traumatic. 

If money could bring back our loved ones, we would pay heaven and earth to see them again, but nature has its course, and there is so much one can do.

You may not be able to turn back the hands of time and bring back that particular person, but you can honor their death by getting justice for them. Before we talk more about how to finance your wrongful death litigation, let’s take a second to understand what qualifies as wrongful death according to the law.

What is a wrongful death claim?

Wrongful death is regarded as the death of someone caused by the wrongful act of another person. These unlawful acts include but are not limited to negligence (such as careless driving), an intentional attack like assault and battery, manslaughter or murder, etc.

If any of these scenarios are established, a wrongful death claim can be filed against the party responsible. Wrongful death lawsuits are filled to help the deceased’s family get compensation for their loss (including the support and company of the deceased).

Sadly, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is costly and can drag on for months and even years. At Baker Street Legal Funding, we understand how much pain and suffering, including financial burden victims of wrongful death experience — especially if the deceased is the family’s breadwinner.

Depending on your claim’s severity and nature, you could be spending between $100,000 and more. How can plaintiffs involved in wrongful death lawsuits cough up exorbitant amounts to finance their litigation and not struggle with other financial commitments like rents, utility bills, health emergencies, tuition, and other expenses?

If this sounds like you and you are not sure how to go about financing your wrongful death claim, wipe your tears because Baker Street Funding is here to cushion your financial burden. 

We offer low rates and risk-free lawsuit loans to plaintiffs seeking instant cash advances to finance wrongful death litigations and other crimes. 

How can pre-settlement funding help?

Like every other lawsuit, litigation tends to be protected, and settlements for wrongful death (even when they are settled) can take forever to be paid. While the bereaved families await their case to be resolved or settlement to be paid, bills won’t give them a break; rather, these bills will keep piling up. 

In such situations, you can apply for our wrongful death lawsuit loans to tide you over and take care of necessities. Wrongful death lawsuit funding helps plaintiffs get the money they need now while their case is still litigating. Here are some ways you can use our lawsuit loans or cash advance:

  • Funeral and Burial Expenses;
  • Costs for the Payment of Mortgages or Rent; 
  • Medical Expenses;
  • Loss of Anticipated Earning Income;
  • Loss of Consortium and Emotional Damages;
  • Funeral and Burial Expenses;
  • Other Living Expenses such as auto payments, insurance, and more.

Getting funding without an attorney’s representation.

It’s not unusual for plaintiffs to not have money to afford court representation, and it’s nothing to worry about. Some attorneys would gladly take your case on contingency. Working on contingency means that the attorney will only get paid when you win your wrongful death case and the award is paid.

Usually, you would have to agree on how much the attorney will be paid, and it’s usually one-third of the potential settlement value.

After you have an attorney’s representation, you can apply for a wrongful death lawsuit settlement loan to cover your financial demands.

Approval amounts.

Defense attorneys and the defendant’s insurance companies would do whatever it takes to make you drop your case and take a low settlement. They often disguise their intentions by claiming to save you the stress of court proceedings. This money offered is a way to put you under pressure and do their bidding. If you are considering their offers before hiring an attorney, remember, it’s a rip-off.

At Baker Street Funding, we offer both pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit loans for wrongful death cases. We are here to keep you afloat and also buy your attorney enough time to build a strong case.

We offer 10% of the potential wrongful death settlement value depending on when your case will settle and 30% of the settlement if the wrongful death settled case hasn’t been paid.

What we provide at Baker Street Funding are not loans in the real sense of the word “loans.” They are non-recourse cash advances intended to offer financial support during and after your wrongful death lawsuit. 

You also don’t have to pay back if you lose because our wrongful death lawsuit funding is non-recourse — meaning that you only pay us if you win the case; otherwise, you owe us nothing.

For instance, a plaintiff with a post-settlement award waiting for $1,000,000 in payouts can get up to $300,000 in wrongful death settlement loans. A victim’s family who has a current wrongful death pre-settlement value of $80,000 (based on the available information) can get up to $8,000 from his future settlement proceeds. 


The figures mentioned in this article are not inclusive. They are subject to our lawyers’ calculations, which are unique for each lawsuit.

You can contact our team for more details about your wrongful death lawsuit funding or any queries about lawsuit loans. You can only get qualified for legal funding in pre-settlement and post-settlement if an attorney represents you and cooperates with us. All of your files must be sent to us by them before considering an offer. 

Wrongful death claims and facts.

A wrongful death lawsuit can win you compensation in terms of money for your pain and suffering. However, this is not the reason that many people file for wrongful death lawsuits. 

The most common cause of wrongful death is medical malpractice. According to the Washington Post, up to 771 cases have been filed in wrongful death lawsuits in the US for medical malpractice in the case of Coronavirus deaths alone. And according to Fox News, more than 1,350 coronavirus lawsuits were filed since the start of the pandemic, and 422 of the suits are from New York. In a 2016 study by John Hopkins University, medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the US. 

Shockingly, only about 5% of these wrongful deaths are compensated in litigation due to malpractice payouts.

How does a wrongful death lawsuit work?

Wrongful death is a claim against a person who can be held liable for the death of a dear one. The lawsuit is brought in by civil action, usually by close relatives, as enumerated by statute in the US’s Federal laws. 

A plaintiff brings wrongful death claims against a defendant whom they (the plaintiff) consider as the person responsible for their loved one’s death, possibly through negligence (for instance, medical malpractice) or as a result of some intentional motive (for instance, financial greed).

While some cases may settle quickly, even in months – others can take longer, possibly one to four years, to get a verdict. 

Wrongful death cases.

  • Car accidents
  • Birth injuries
  • Truck accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workplace accidents
  • Birth injuries
  • Product defects
  • Occupational exposure and hazards
  • Premises accidents
  • Criminal actions
  • Daycare
  • Adult care
  • Nursing home and assisted living abuse and neglect

Who pays for a wrongful death claim?

Even if your case does not go to trial and you settle it quickly, there is a big lump of money involved in lawsuits, and the payouts can be delayed by months. 

Many plaintiffs are unable to pay for their necessities entirely without being indebted or having to borrow loans. While the case is brought to court by the deceased’s loved ones, it is preferred that the plaintiff has attorney representation for many reasons. 

Wrongful death attorneys are experienced in handling those specific cases and know what the court judge will expect in terms of evidence, questions, answers and filing for the lawsuit itself. 

Calculating the payout of your settlement.

For instance, in case of an accident leading to the plaintiff’s loved one’s death, the defendant may not be at 100% fault for the accident. So, if you, as the plaintiff, have an estimated settlement of $3 million, but the deceased is found to be 50% guilty of the accident, then you will only be paid $1.5 million in a wrongful death payout. Hence, there is a risk involved. 

Settlements that have won:

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