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Operating nationally and internationally, Baker Street Funding serves institutional clients and personal injury plaintiffs get the funding they need fast. We seek to deliver to our clients leading market results through our plaintiff funding solutions.

plaintiff funding
plaintiff funding

The plaintiff funding concept.​​

Plaintiff funding, also commonly referred to as litigation loans or pre-settlement funding for plaintiffs, is a process a  involved in current or future litigation, receive financing in the form of immediate cash against their pending settlement or award of damages. This advance is solely based on the outcome of the case and paid back upon receipt of the settlement or award. Plaintiff legal funding unlocks the financial opportunity to victims of personal injury or corporate litigation before the case has settled.



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In 2020, Baker Street Funding held a record $30 million in client legal financing.​



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Baker Street Funding can help a plaintiff's financial situation.

Avoid paying high compounding rates with Baker Street Funding plaintiff financing division with low-interests and flat fees.

Non-compounding rates

Adios, paying compounding interest rates, Baker Street Funding's special relationship pricing program lets you pay less when your case settles with non-compounding rates.

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Get the funding a plaintiff needs with the comfort of knowing we’re creating a custom-tailored solution for their specific situation.

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Establish mutually beneficial partnerships with us and get streamlined communications and customized contracts—with a quick turnaround time.

Pursue a more favorable settlement funding solution for your clients.

 Tell us about what you are looking for, and we’ll provide a recommended financing strategy designed by a team of Baker Street Funding legal and investment experts aligned to your and your client’s goals. 


If your client has looked at traditional financing options and they are unable or unwilling to use them and are in need of cash now to fund basic living expenses, then pre-settlement funding is something you should greatly consider. At the end of the day, it is their decision whether to pursue a settlement advance or wait for the settlement check to arrive. Hopefully, now you know enough to make an informed decision on whether pre-settlement funding is a good fit for their own unique situation.

First and foremost, plaintiff funding is an investment into a plaintiff's pending settlement and is non-recourse financing. Most plaintiffs find legal funding as their preferred financial solution because there is no risk. This means that the advance is solely based on the case's merits and not on credit history or educational background. Unlike a traditional loan, there are no monthly payments and no obligation to repay the loan if the case does not settle favorably. There may be fees associated with the advance, but all fees are paid upon successful settlement of the claim.

There are both costs and benefits when taking out a settlement advance on a client's case. The interest in a settlement advance can be high compared to traditional loans, which leaves less money for the client to receive when the case settles. But if that money is needed now to pay litigation costs in corporate litigation claims, or to pay bills or for living expenses for personal injury victims, all to keep a case moving forward, then the costs greatly justify the means. 

In pre-settlement funding, where the case is still being litigated, and there have been no accepted offers of settlement, Baker Street Funding normally releases up to 10% of the gross estimated settlement value of the case. That means we will advance $10,000 for every $100,000 we think the case is worth.

In post-settlement funding, where there is an accepted settlement offer, we normally release up to 50% of the net value to the plaintiff. That means that they can receive $50,000 on a case in which the plaintiff's case has settled for $100,000.

Legal funding is not the only available financial option to plaintiffs. Before applying for the advance, plaintiffs looking for a liquidity solution should approach traditional banking institutions, borrow money from friends and family, borrow money against a home's value, look into a vehicle equity loan, or get a loan from any other assets or investments.

Plaintiffs that can not access traditional financing and are in dire need of cash should strongly consider settlement funding. While it is still an expensive option, the risk of having the case settle unfavorably and still owing money is eliminated. Lawsuit funding should be a lifeline to help plaintiffs pay daily living expenses or case cost expenses for commercial litigation claimants. It should always their last resort, not the first place they look to borrow money from.

The main difference between legal funding and other conventional banking solutions is recourse and payment schedule.

There is no option for non-recourse funding with most traditional options, which means that any approval is based on credit history and income profile.

98% of plaintiffs who apply for a legal advance, often do not qualify for a traditional loan because their credit and income have been impacted by the accident or litigation costs.

With conventional bank loans, a repayment period could start as quickly as 30 days from taking out financing. This means that the borrower will have to make monthly payments until the debt is satisfied.

All information shared with Baker Street Funding is protected under attorney-client privilege. Because a third-party funding company is considered an interested party, the information we receive can not be shared.​

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