Lawsuit Loans & Pre-Settlement Funding In Oregon (OR)

Pre-settlement cash advances in Oregon—for less.

Get fast access to an Oregon lawsuit loan against your pending settlement from Baker Street Legal Funding—while your attorney pursues to settle your case for maximum value. We are a lawsuit cash advance company serving plaintiffs nationwide, including Portland, and all cities in Oregon. Pre-settlement funding is a quick way to solve your financial burdens and cover your day-to-day costs and medical bills within 24 hours or less. Use a portion of your future lawsuit proceeds in the Beaver State today.

Lawsuit loans in Oregon

A lawsuit loan lets you borrow money against your expected settlement in the state of Oregon and pay it back only after you win your pending claim. Lawsuit funding is also non-recourse, which means there are no credit or employment checks like traditional banking options and a no-win no-pay guarantee. Whenever you require legal funds, apply for pre-settlement or post-settlement funding so you can get access to a cash advance instantly to help you through your current financial issues until you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Get an Oregon lawsuit loan with a company that helps you get ahead.

In recent times, countless funding companies have sprouted up in the United States. However, only the best lenders can meet your needs and not put you through stress. The best lawsuit funding companies offer friendly terms, competitive rates, and quick funding to assist personal injury plaintiffs in Oregon with their expected and unexpected financial needs. Whatever your need might be, Baker Street Funding can provide you with cash to handle those essential costs and keep your litigation afloat. There is no risk to the money you take out due to its non-recourse nature, meaning if you lose your case, you do not have to pay back the advance. Non-recourse legal funding is available to qualifying plaintiffs who live in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Hillsboro, Gresham, Bend, Beaverton, Medford, Oregon City, Ontario, or any of the 240 cities in the state of Oregon—all in 24 hours or less.


Why Baker Street Legal Funding?

If you or a loved one are involved in a personal injury lawsuit and need financing right away, contact Baker Street Funding today to inquire about legal funding in Oregon.  Our interest rates on lawsuit loans in Oregon are fixed, and they start at 2.95% a month. Baker Street Funding has been voted as one of the best pre-settlement funding companies in the United States because of our better terms. 

Fast lawsuit loans

Next day funds.

Time is of great essence in every legal claim, and you cannot afford to let a second go to waste. Our team understands the value of time and how it affects your chances of getting a settlement or judgment in your favor. We leverage the best lawsuit loan experts to ensure a smooth lawsuit cash advance application process.

Capped low rates.

Don't charged more if the case takes longer than 2 or 3 years to settle. That's why Baker Street Funding provides capped rates on all funding agreements. A low non-compounding rate can save you a lot of money.

Low rate pre settlement funding
lawsuit cash advance

Get higher amounts.

Dependent on the nature of the claims, you can get up to 10% of your future settlement value during ongoing litigations. We offer up to 50% as settled case funding to tide you over until the defendant or their insurance pays for your damages. Fund your personal injury lawsuit in Oregon and get a loan approval ranging from $1,500 up to $2,000,000+.

No hidden fees, no catch.

No hidden fees mean more money for you. You won't be charged a dime to consult with our funding team. The contract is clear, and there won't be any hidden fees or markups. You only pay us the agreed amount on the contract if you settle your lawsuit successfully.

Guaranteed pre-settlement funding

The Oregon settlement loan process is easy.

With your lawyer’s consent, you could be eligible for pre-settlement funding or a lawsuit loan against your pending court case, and get funds within 24 hours or less. 

process 1


Our application process is easy and with no commitment. When you are ready complete the short application form online.

process 2


A funding team member will contact your attorney for a 24-hour case evaluation to get detailed information about its merits. Your attorney must consent to the loan before proceeding with the approval.

process 3


Once your lawyer sends all the required case information to underwriting, they will perform a 24-hour review of your lawsuit and determine how much funding it qualifies for.

process 4


When you get your approval, you and your attorney will receive a funding agreement. Once the contract is signed by both, you will get the legal funds into your account (or Next-Day Check) without delays — usually within 2-24 hours.

Oregon personal injury victims can benefit from pre-settlement funding.

100% risk-free

All borrowers are protected with risk-free funding. Oregon lawsuit loans are based exclusively on the outcome of your case and let you pay back the loan only if you win your case. If you lose the legal battle, you will be under no obligation to pay anything — no principal, no interest, nothing.

Cover your expenses

Pre-litigation settlement funding can help you take care of your finances while your attorney gets enough evidence against the defendant to settle your litigation for a reasonable amount.

No credit check

Baker Street Funding does not bother consumers with credit checks. If you have a strong case, you could get quick financial assistance in your time of need.

No employment check

It is difficult to remain employed during litigation and after an accident. A settlement loan in OR does not require you to be in employment in order to qualify.

Oregon lawsuit funding helps in many ways.

No matter the circumstance, if your lawsuit is dragging you and you are in a tough financial situation, our team is here to help by offering you quick access to an Oregon lawsuit settlement loan with much better rates than other lenders. 

At Baker Street Funding, we understand that accidents can happen anytime, and financial troubles don’t allow much time to react. A lawsuit cash advance tremendously helps when you need to cover your household expenses or any other immediate costs in Oregon. Legal funding comes in handy in paying utility bills, electricity, rent, mortgage and catering to everyday financial obligations. Non-recourse funding also helps facilitate a fair resolution of Oregon claimants. Ultimately, this type of funding has absolutely no risk to the borrower due to the no-win no-pay legal approach.

Pre-settlement cash advance

Apply for a settlement loan in Oregon and get financial relief.

Baker Street Funding provides plaintiffs the flexibility to access pre-settlement funds when needed, typically at lower rates compared to other legal funding companies serving Oregon. Apply for a cash advance on your Oregon lawsuit and get your case funded as fast as the same day or the next business day. The application takes just minutes.

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Oregon pre-settlement funding FAQ.

Have more questions about The pre-settlement advance process? Call us at (888) 711-3599 to learn more about our pre-settlement loan services in Oregon.

People receive funding from their litigation primarily to pay:

  • Household costs;
  • Electric bills;
  • Car payments;
  • Daily expenses;
  • Doctor bills;
  • Veterinary care.

Risk-free funding is a non-recourse loan, meaning that you are under zero responsibility to pay back the advance if you don’t recover money for your legal case and lose.

The amount you can take out depends on how much your Oregon case is currently worth.

Typically, funding companies will approve a case for no more than 10% of that current settlement value. However, the better the underwriter and the more profitable a company is, the more money you can get.

Whatever your current case is worth, this number can change to a higher amount as your lawsuit progresses.

For example, if your pre-settlement is worth $50,000 now, you can get no more than $5,000 in loans.

Post-settlements can get approvals for no more than 50% of the settlement (or award) proceeds.

Yes. But most importantly, ensure to have an attorney and that they help you through the process to get started and get a funding decision fast. 

Baker Street Funding takes approximately 24 hours to evaluate your legal claim after your lawyer has sent all your case files and information.

After you and your attorney have dually signed our pre-settlement legal funding agreement, and we have received it before 3 pm ET on a business day, you will get your advance before 6 pm ET Monday-Friday (and in as little as 2 hours). If the terms are accepted after 3 pm ET Monday-Friday, the legal funds will be transferred on the following business day. 

For corporate litigation loans there is an additional 7-14 business day period between when you accept your agreement and when you will receive the litigation funds.

Our settlement loan interest rates are between 2.95% to 3.4% monthly, non-compounding. Plus, we provide protection to all our borrowers with “capped rates.”. This means that the rates stop when your claim resolves or at the most in the third year. This helps you prevent having to pay exorbitant rates to predatory lenders when your settlement money arrives.

RateNon-compounding starting at 2.95% p/month
Terms2-3 year cap
Funding time24-48 hours
Amounts$1,500 up to $2mm

Oregon is a friendly lawsuit loan state. Learn personal injury laws, accident rates, and statistics.

Oregon is a beautiful state with evergreen forests and water bodies gracing the landscape. With over 4 million people, this is the perfect location to experience the diversity of culture — it’s also the ninth-largest and 27th most populous state in the U.S.

In addition to its scenic mountains, waterfalls, beaches, lakes, deserts, and shrublands, Oregon has a booming economy driven by tourism, technology, and agriculture, among other industries. 

One aspect of Oregon that’s not so appealing is the tardy court proceedings from insurance companies. It could take months and years to get judgment and settlement. Because legal proceedings tend to get protracted, plaintiffs tempt to settle their lawsuits for less than their case is worth and take peanuts for their long agonizing pain. 

Oregon has a wrongful death toll of 66.4% per 100,000 of the population which is above the national average of 60.1 by over 10%.

Oregon adopts the modified comparative negligence rule.

This rule implies that the plaintiff will lose part of your compensation by as much as the court deems you responsible for the injury.

If you are found to be 20% at fault for your injury, the payout reduces by the same percentage while the other party bears the burden of the remainder. However, you will lose every right to get compensation if you are found to be above 50% at fault.

Oregon adopts the at-fault doctrine while judging motor accidents.

This implies that the at-fault driver will be responsible of any injury or harm they caused.

In Oregon, the injured party in a motor accident can file a claim with their insurer, file a claim directly with the at-fault driver’s insurer, or proceed with filing a suit.

Auto accidents involving cars and trucks are a source of concern and the major causes of traffic accidents in Oregon. A recent report showed that Oregon recorded 437 deaths in 400 fatal crashes in 2017. 

The fatal accident rate is 11.1 deaths per 100,000 of the Oregon population compared to the national average of 10.9.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is responsible for over 51% of fatal crashes, while at least 55% of traffic fatalities are attributed to not wearing seatbelts. The high rate of traffic fatalities costs the state at least $426 million yearly.

Every state has a time limit within which plaintiffs are expected to initiate or file a legal action. If this statutory time frame is not exceeded, the plaintiff will lose the right to sue for damages or collect any compensation. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations, and it differs in different cases.

The statute of limitations prevents parties from threatening lawsuits indefinitely. It also helps in protecting the integrity of lawsuits and allows enough time for gathering evidence.

Here are the civil statutes of limitations in Oregon:

  • Injury to person — 2 years
  • Libel and slander — 2 years
  • Fraud — 2 years 
  • Injury to personal injury — 6 years 
  • Medical Malpractice — 2 years
  • Trespass — 6 years 
  • Collection of rents — 1 year 
  • Collection of debt on account — 6 years
  • Contracts — 6 years 
  • Judgments — 10 years 

Whether you are looking to pay for medical bills or need money to take care of your living expenses, it means you need the cash fast. Unexpected costs are almost guaranteed after an accident.

Thankfully, the insurance low-ball offer methods don’t have to be your reality. Plaintiffs no longer have to fall prey to the schemes of defense attorneys and defendants’ insurers who would trick you into dropping your case.

Cash advances on pending lawsuits exist to help you with your financial demands while you settle your case for a fair settlement offer.

We have all the expertise and resources to provide you with car accident financing or other types of plaintiff funding. Contact us for a quick case evaluation and guide you on how best to go about your application.

Call (888) 711-3599 to apply for a loan on your settlement claims. If you get approved, the loan is non-recourse and solely based on your potential lawsuit recovery.

You could get a risk-free lawsuit financial solution in a matter of hours from approval.

Our funding services are available and accessible to all plaintiffs across virtually every city and county in Oregon. 

Cities we typically provide lawsuit funding in:

  • Portland 
  • Oregon City
  • Salem
  • Eugene
  • Gresham
  • Hillsboro 
  • Bend
  • Beaverton
  • Medford
  • Springfield 
  • Corvallis 
  • Tigard 
  • Aloha 
  • Albany 
  • Lake Oswego 
  • Keizer

Counties in OR we typically provide funding in:

  • Multnomah County 
  • Washington County 
  • Clackamas County 
  • Lane County 
  • Marion County 
  • Jackson County 
  • Deschutes County 
  • Linn County 
  • Douglas County 
  • Yamhill County 
  • Benton County 
  • Josephine County 
  • Polk County 
  • Umatilla County 
  • Klamath County 

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*We provide funding for personal injury, employment/labor, and civil rights lawsuits in the following states:

Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, NevadaNew York, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

  • We currently fund Colorado at a minimum of $75,000.  Case value must be at least $750,000+. 
  • We currently fund North Carolina at a minimum of $25,000. Case value must be at least $250,000+. 
  • We currently fund South Carolina at a minimum of $100,000. Case value must be at least $1,000,000+. 
  • We currently fund in Nevada at a minimum of $20,000. Case value must be at least $200,000+.
  • We currently fund in Illinois at a maximum of $40,000. Case value must be at least $400,000+.
  • We currently fund in Tennessee at a minimum of $10,000. Case value must be at least $100,000+.
  • We currently fund in Arizona at a minimum of $20,000. Case value must be at least $200,000+.

*Litigants with corporate disputes are eligible to receive funding in every state in the United States (and eligible countries).

*Funding for attorneys is provided in most states. Please get in touch with us to find out if your state is eligible.

*Worker’s compensation claims are funding only in the following states: Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wyoming.

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