Apply For A Fast Pre-settlement Lawsuit Loan in Oregon.

Pre-settlement loans in Oregon—get quick financial support during your lawsuit.

In the heart of Oregon, dealing with the aftermath of a personal injury lawsuit doesn’t only challenge your physical and emotional health; it also puts your finances to the test. It’s a situation no one ever plans for, filled with uncertainty and the stress of mounting bills. At Baker Street Funding, we provide quick pre-settlement funding options—to help you bridge the financial gap until a settlement is reached.

Apply for a risk-free lawsuit loan against your pending Oregon case for instant relief and start reshaping your financial future as soon as the same day you get approved.


How do lawsuit loans work in Oregon?

Pre-settlement funding in Oregon is a financial tool designed specifically for plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. It’s not your typical loan. Instead, it’s a cash advance against your expected lawsuit settlement or judgment. You only pay back if your case wins.

Furthermore, in Oregon, as elsewhere, pre-settlement lawsuit loans are non-recourse, meaning you are not required to repay the advance if you lose the case. The loan is based on the expected outcome of your lawsuit, not on your credit score or employment status.

Once you’re approved, the benefits are immediate. You gain quick access to funds to pay medical bills, living expenses, and even some comforts during this time.

At Baker Street Funding, we understand the emotional and financial strain a lawsuit can bring. That’s why we’re committed to offering Oregon plaintiffs across all 36 counties in the state with non-recourse financing. Whether you’re dealing with a personal injury lawsuit in Eugene, an employment dispute in Gresham, or a civil rights case in Salem, we’ve got you covered.

Our reach includes major cities like Portland, Salem, Beaverton, Bend, and many others, so that Oregonians everywhere have access to the monetary support needed. Make the smart move—apply now and experience firsthand how settlement funding can make all the difference.

Oregon lawsuit loans assist in many more ways.

Recovering from an accident in Oregon involves more than physical recovery; it's about overcoming financial problems, too. A pre-settlement cash advance acts as a financial asset by offering early access to settlement funds and reducing stress during your recovery.

settlement funding options

Immediate Cash from Your Settlement for Key Expenses

Settlements drag on, but bills don’t stop. Get up to 20% of your pending settlement now and cover your costs. Medical bills, utility dues, rent, groceries? Consider them handled.

Flexible Funding Throughout your Lawsuit

Here's an attractive proposition: With an Oregon lawsuit loan, you can secure money now and, additional funds later as your case unfolds.

Your Health Can't Wait: Fast-Track Medical Funding

Need medical treatment as a result of your accident but stuck waiting on insurance? Let’s change that. With Oregon legal funding, you can cover your medical costs upfront. No more waiting for approvals.

Quick Funds for Long-Term Peace

Imagine how much easier your life in Oregon becomes with immediate financial security. The difference is clear — with pre-settlement funding, you go through your lawsuit with financial stability.

Stay Focused, Stay Funded

Keep your head in the game. A lawsuit loan gives you the financial breathing room to focus on your lawsuit, be it in mediation, negotiations, or court.

Max Cash, Min Hassle: Unlock Bigger Loans

Lawsuit funding delivers what traditional loans can't: higher, customized loan amounts directly linked to your case's value. It's the smart move for more financial power during this time.

Ready to take the first step towards financial ease?

While your legal case in Oregon takes time, getting back on your feet doesn’t have to. With a lawsuit loan from Baker Street Funding, you switch from financial worries to peace of mind in just 24 hours. 

Instant lawsuit loans with no risk

Embrace the no-risk advantage of Oregon pre-settlement loans. 

A loan against your legal settlement in Oregon offers you a secure means of obtaining financial assistance without any financial risks attached.

Forget Monthly Payment Blues

Ditch the worries of monthly payments, the anxiety of accumulating debt. Oregon lawsuit loans are designed to give you relief without any repayment hassles unless you win.

Eligibility Beyond Financial History

Don't let your financial past define your present needs. Your financial history doesn't matter here. Your lawsuit is your key to getting the money you need. That means no collateral, no digging up pay stubs, no credit check needed.

Asset Protection is a Priority

Afraid of losing your home or car if the case doesn't go as planned? With a lawsuit loan, your personal assets are secure, with no personal liability, no matter the outcome.

Legal funding companies

Lawsuit funding—a tool to balancing the scales in your favor.

In Oregon, where the state takes 70% of punitive damages from lawsuit victims, serves as a reminder that the legal system inadvertently favors insurance companies by discouraging lawsuits and enabling lower settlement offers. This ultimately allows these companies to retain more capital at the expense of victims seeking justice.

Coupled with this, personal injury victims often face lengthy delays in receiving settlements and judgments, as insurance companies employ strategies to prolong settlements, which compound financial and emotional strain. These delays can eventually pressure you into accepting a settlement that falls short of adequately compensating for your losses.

At Baker Street Legal Funding, we recognize the pressure you face during protracted litigation. That’s why we provide lawsuit funding to alleviate financial burdens placed by the insurance company. This cash infusion gives you the necessary time and resources to pursue the full value of your claim, free from the urgency to settle fast, for less.

Boost your chances of getting a fair settlement with a nonrecourse lawsuit loan from Baker Street Funding and resist insufficient offers with the necessary financial backing to protect your rights and see your case through to the end. After all, this isn’t just about survival; it’s about securing your future and reclaiming your life.

Wondering about the application process?

Baker Street Funding simplifies the pre-settlement funding application process with speed and ease. With the assistance and approval of your lawyer, you can obtain a loan for your Oregon legal case within 24 hours. Here’s how it works:

process 1

Start Your Application

Jump online to our lawsuit loan application or give us a call to kick things off. You'll just need to share a few details about your lawsuit. Once you've applied, a dedicated expert will get in touch to walk you through the legal funding process.

process 2

Quick Approval

Your associate then gets to work right away in collaboration with the law firm representing you to assess your legal claim. Expect a rapid response with a decision—sometimes on the very day we receive your file.

process 3

Receive Your Funds

Upon approval, you'll receive a lawsuit loan agreement to review and sign with your lawyer—choose between a one-time lump sum or a flexible monthly loan. Get the funds via bank transfer or check, typically within a few hours after contract completion.

A glimpse into your qualification for lawsuit settlement loans.

For those in Oregon facing the aftermath of an accident that wasn’t their fault: If your legal battle is dragging and your case has merit at over $50,000, you might be a strong candidate to qualify for a cash advance on your pending lawsuit. Remember, having an attorney and suing a defendant with insurance are must-haves.

Unsure about your eligibility? With Baker Street Funding, qualifying for lawsuit funding is a breeze. No jumping through hoops, no endless paperwork. Just a simple process designed to meet urgent financial needs—because we know that when you’re dealing with a lawsuit in Oregon, you’ve got enough on your plate. Reach out to Baker Street Funding at (888) 711-3599 for a personalized evaluation of your case.

Fast qualification
Pre-settlement cash advance

Secure legal funding with a foundation of consumer protections.

Finding a reputable legal funding company in Oregon doesn’t have to be a puzzle. While the personal injury litigation financing industry may seem broad and unregulated, there’s actually a well-established path to securing the support you need without falling victim to predatory lenders.

By choosing a trusted lawsuit funding company like Baker Street Funding, you’re selecting a reliable provider who not only knows the nuances of Oregon’s laws but prioritizes high standards of transparency and integrity above everything else.

In an industry where morals can seem as clear as mud, Baker Street Funding shines a light on the entire transaction. We’re voluntarily committed to the principles of clear, and fair lending practices, mirroring federal guidelines. 

Our pre-settlement funding agreements are crafted with clarity in mind, featuring capped interest rates, exceptional cost-effectiveness, the right to recission within 5 days, and conditions openly disclosed, which gives us a competitive advantage in an often unpredictable field.

Our promise to you is an experience free from nasty surprises, other than the ease with which you can obtain legal funding for your pre-settlement needs.

Discover why Baker Street Funding ranks as the best pre-settlement funding company in Oregon.

Choose Baker Street Funding and experience the excellence that sets us apart as the best lawsuit loan company in Oregon and nationwide. Our commitment to providing rapid, reliable financial support during personal injury lawsuits is unmatched.

With competitive rates and a streamlined process, we equip you with the resources you need to move forward towards a brighter future. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who’ve found their financial lifeline with us. Your search for the best lawsuit settlement funding provider in Oregon ends here.

Find fast relief with Oregon lawsuit loans.

We’ve all heard the saying: “Lawsuits take forever.” In Oregon, this can be more than just a saying; it’s often a reality, especially when you’re tangled up in an injury case. The wait can seem endless, and the bills? They just don’t stop coming.

But here’s the good news: with Baker Street Funding, you don’t have to let your wallet take a hit while your lawsuit takes its course. With our lawsuit loan funding, you get cash based on what your future settlement in Oregon might be—with no confusing terms and no hidden catches. And if you don’t win? You don’t pay us back. Apply for a no-risk lawsuit loan with low rates, and get same-day financial help from folks who truly get your situation.

LAwsuit cash advances

Types of cases we fund in Oregon.

Facing a lawsuit can be a time of significant financial uncertainty, but finding support through settlement funding is simpler than you think. These loans cover a wide array of personal injury cases and other types of civil litigation. If you find yourself involved in any of these disputes, chances are that you might be able to get money for your Oregon lawsuit:


Got more questions about getting an advance before your pending settlement in Oregon? Give us a ring at (888) 711-3599. We’re here to dive into all the details about our legal funding options in Oregon.

Pre-settlement funding in Oregon provides you with a practical solution during your personal injury lawsuit. It’s a way to get a portion of your expected legal settlement money immediately rather than waiting until your case concludes.

Legal funding in Oregon gives you a contingency-based repayment structure that’s tied to the settlement or verdict of your lawsuit.

Your obligation to repay kicks in only if you achieve financial recovery post-settlement and your attorney is the one who repays the pre-agreed portion you borrowed. This repayment will consist of the principal loan amount plus any fees or interest that has accrued over the duration of the case.

For pre-settlement legal funding, the interest rate can be simple, tiered, or compounded, depending on your agreement. It’s determined when the loan is issued and clearly outlined in your contract. For instance, borrowing $10,000 at a simple annual interest rate of 30% means you’d owe $13,000 if your case settles in a year. Conversely, a tiered rate structure on the same amount could lead to owing $16,000 under similar circumstances.

Remember: these rates reflect the unique non-recourse nature of lawsuit loans and the considerable risk for lenders. We encourage you to discuss with us the most favorable interest rate options to avoid additional fees or complex interest calculations with other funders.

After you and your attorney finalize the lawsuit funding contract, you can expect the funds to land in your bank account anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. 

The amount of money you can borrow from your case depends on the merits and your lawsuit’s estimated settlement value. You can access up to 10% of this value. 

For example, if your lawsuit is valued at $50,000, up to $5,000 could be available to you as a pre-settlement loan.

Understanding your eligibility for a lawsuit loan in Oregon is simpler than you might think. For instance, unlike traditional financing, your credit score isn’t a deciding factor here. In Oregon, the focus is primarily on the strength of your bodily injury claim and that your attorney participates in the funding process.

Additional important criteria include:

  • Valid Civil Lawsuit. Most lawsuit loan companies in Oregon primarily cater to personal injury cases like car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and workplace injuries. These cases typically have clear liability and damages, which are main factors in funding approval.
  • Attorney Representation. You must have legal representation by a licensed Oregon attorney. This is critical, as your lawyer will communicate with us regarding your case and manage the loan repayment from the settlement.
  • Well-Founded Legal Claim. Your case should have a strong likelihood of winning.
  • Plaintiff Status Required. Pre-settlement legal funding is not available for defendants in Oregon or anywhere else.

Yes, you have complete freedom in using your lawsuit cash advance in Oregon. While there are no formal restrictions, it’s wise to consider using this advance for essential expenses to maintain a stable financial situation during your lawsuit.

Most clients utilize the funds to keep up with medical costs, rent or mortgage payments, car fixes, cover living expenses, or just make sure they’ve got food on the table.

You can start your settlement loan application once your lawsuit is officially filed in an Oregon court.

Sure thing. You’re welcome to apply for additional funding, provided the total amount doesn’t exceed 10% of your projected settlement.

Baker Street Funding offers competitive interest rates, tailored on a case-by-case basis, factoring in the unique risks of each individual lawsuit.

InterestNon-compounding starting at 2.95% p/month
Loan protection2-3 year cap
Funding time24 hours
Average loan amounts in Oregon$11,350
Funding amounts$1,500 up to $10mm
Type of loanNon-recourse
Workers’ comp eligibilityNo, unless there is another negligence case
Personal injury claim eligibilityYes
Civil rights case eligibilityYes

Lawsuit financing essentials in the state of Oregon.

In Oregon’s system of law, Baker Street Funding upholds a principle of integrity by advising against directing clients to lawyers for mutual benefits. Our commitment is clear: your best interests are our primary concern.

Moreover, Baker Street Legal Funding collaborates with a network of experienced personal injury attorneys throughout Oregon, which are partnerships grounded in trust and proficiency. Upon client request, we can suggest an attorney from our trusted network.

Furthermore, our dedication to confidentiality means we refrain from publicly endorsing any attorney publicly to protect both our clients and our legal partners from any unintended legal complications.

Oregon’s tort laws help you understand how much funding you might receive and the likelihood of approval for your lawsuit loan. These laws directly impact the assessment of your case’s value and the funding company’s decision-making process.

Oregon Statute of Limitations “Clock”

Every state gives plaintiffs a limit to initiate or file a legal action. This is called the ‘statute of limitations.’ For most personal injury cases in Oregon, you have two years to file your lawsuit. If you exceed this statutory time frame, you will lose your chance to sue and get financial compensation.

Here are the civil statute of limitations in Oregon:

Settlement funding companies need to confirm that your case falls within the legal time limits for filing a claim to qualify you for a loan. Additionally, as the length of your lawsuit extends, the amount you can receive from a lawsuit loan may also increase.

Oregon’s At-Fault Rules

In Oregon, the person who causes a car accident is responsible for covering the damages. This means if you’re in an accident, the at-fault driver (or his/her insurance) pays for your injuries or damages. However, Oregon also uses a ‘modified comparative negligence’ approach, which allows you to receive compensation if you’re found to be less than 51% at fault in an accident.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

All drivers in Oregon must have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. This provides at least $15,000 in coverage for medical expenses and lost wages after an accident, no matter who’s at fault.

The presence of PIP insurance can also impact an underwriter’s estimation of the case value. Since PIP covers initial expenses, the remainder of the lawsuit settlement proceeds can be evaluated more accurately for its potential to cover additional costs and repay the loan, which can increase the funding amount.

Minimum Insurance Requirements for Oregon Drivers

Oregon law requires drivers to have insurance coverage of at least:

  • $25,000 for injuring or killing one person in an accident
  • $50,000 for total injuries or deaths per accident
  • $20,000 for property damage

These minimum coverage amounts are important for funding decisions, as they help determine how much you could receive from a lawsuit loan based on the at-fault driver’s insurance limits.

Damage Caps

  • Non-Economic Damages: In cases of wrongful death due to medical malpractice in Oregon, the law limits non-economic damages to $500,000. Such damages cover intangible losses like pain, emotional distress, and reduced quality of life. However, for medical malpractice claims not resulting in wrongful death, Oregon sets no limit on the compensation for these non-economic damages.
  • Punitive Damages: Punitive damages serve as a punishment against egregious conduct. In Oregon, the state mandates that 70% of any punitive damages awarded be allocated to the government, ultimately leaving victims with the remaining 30%.

Lawsuit loan companies typically don’t include punitive damages when assessing an Oregon case’s value for a settlement advance but may consider non-economic damages into the approval.

Liens, Subrogation, and Your Oregon Settlement

In Oregon, liens from medical providers, unresolved bankruptcy, or outstanding taxes can impact your settlement by reducing the amount available for disbursement. This means the presence of liens could also limit the size of the lawsuit funding you’re eligible for.

Shared Liability in Oregon

Oregon’s approach to shared liability allows you to seek compensation from any or all parties responsible for your injury, with each party being responsible for their share of fault. This principle of shared liability is used to calculate the potential compensation you might receive, which in return, influences your lawsuit funding considerations.

Oregon’s Legal Precedents

Decisions on liability and the assessment of damages in Oregon are informed by previous court decisions on similar cases. When there’s a clear precedent, it makes the outcome more predictable, which can subtly affect the amount of funding available.

Key Legal Considerations in Oregon

Oregon’s specific laws, such as the requirements around uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and premises liability regulations, also determine personal injury compensation. Consequently, these factors are also essential in evaluating the possible amount of a pre-settlement loan.

Looking for a better way to handle your expenses throughout your court case in Oregon? Contact Baker Street Funding at (888) 711-3599 to learn more about your personal injury funding options for your accident lawsuit.

  • Traffic Accidents. A Leading Concern. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drunk driving remains a significant factor in fatality-related crashes in Oregon. Recent data indicates an increase in motor-carrier crashes in the state from 2019 to 2022, with traffic fatalities rising from 50 to 74 and injuries from 538 to 623.
  • Workplace Injuries. Varied Across Industries. With different industries in Oregon, this state leads to a variety of workplace injuries. Nationally, transportation incidents accounted for 38% of fatal work injuries in 2021, with falls, slips, and trips following at 16%.
  • Slip and Fall Incidents. Common and Costly. In Oregon, like the rest of the country, slip and fall incidents are a serious issue. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that over 17,000 people across the United States lost their lives due to falls in 2020.

In Oregon, the Department of Human Services (DHS) provides a couple support programs for individuals and families facing financial difficulties. 

Oregonians can benefit from mental health support, the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) for low-cost health insurance, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for food assistance, and energy assistance programs like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). There’s also support available for kinship care and families raising children.

 To explore the full range of assistance programs available in Oregon and how they may benefit you or your family, visiting the Oregon Department of Human Services website is highly recommended for the most current information and application details.

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