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24-hour pre-settlement funding in Gresham.

Are you in need of a lawsuit advance loan to help take care of expenses in Gresham while await for your legal case to settle? Get the financial support you need for your most essential needs. Apply for a loan on your pending lawsuit settlement and get the quickest funding process the industry has to offer. Baker Street Legal Funding provides convenient and easy lawsuit loans for plaintiffs who live in Gresham, that can be used for a wide range of things. Our pre-settlement funding rates start at 2.95% non-compounding per month.

Gresham pre-settlement funding loans Oregon

It’s way easier to find pre-settlement funding when the options are spelled out for you. That’s why Baker Street Legal Funding is here. We understand that personal injury lawsuits can take a toll on injured victims on top of their declining finances. Whenever you are in need of financial help, check out our lawsuit loans in Gresham. We offer accident victims and civil rights plaintiffs pre-settlement funding for their cases at the moment they most need it. So no matter where in Gresham you are, whether in 110th Street and Division, Troutdale, Rockwood, HollyBrook, or Persimmons, you don’t have to go through your litigation just to settle your case for less than you deserve because of money concerns. Lawsuit funding in Gresham can help you support yourself while your lawyer gets your case ready for a better legal settlement.

Gresham lawsuit settlement loans Oregon

A Gresham lawsuit loan is a better option.

A lawsuit loan is when a plaintiff signs a portion of their pending settlement (usually 10%) over a legal funding company in exchange for the cash advance. They then get funding from their cases as high as 10% of the value of their settlement. A lawsuit loan is non-recurse and only paid back after winning the case and receiving payment. If the case doesn’t succeed, the plaintiff walks away with the advance and is no longer obligated to pay it back. There are no monthly payments or credit/income checks; therefore, it has no risk. Don’t let yourself fall through the cracks of predatory pre-settlement funding companies. Request a lawsuit loan in Gresham from Baker Street Legal Funding, we can tailor your cash advance to your financial needs. 

How to get a lawsuit loan in Gresham?

Getting a lawsuit loan in Gresham is as fast as finding a pre-settlement lender who has the expertise to work with you. To help streamline the funding process of applying for Gresham lawsuit loans, your attorney has to be communicative when we contact them.

process 1

Apply in 60 seconds.

Apply online or over the phone and provide basic information about yourself and your litigation. Ensure that your attorney is ready to answer all questions underwriting may have.

process 2

Case value assessment.

Then, your funding specialist will communicate with your attorney to provide all the information our lawyers need. Once they get it, you will receive a pre-settlement funding decision the next business day.

process 3

Sign the funding agreement.

If you get approved, you and your lawyer will get a lawsuit funding contract to sign. Once you both sign it, the money will be disbursed.

process 4

Get your lawsuit money.

The money will be readily available to you 2-24 hours after the funding contract is complete. You can get your money via direct deposit or next-day check.

How Baker Street Funding can help you.

Through years of experience and over $50 million in legal funding, we’ve helped our clients all over the U.S. get the financial assistance they need through our lawsuit settlement loans.

Funds almost instantly

Receive a lawsuit loan approval 24 hours after your attorney provides your case information, and get your money that same day.

Low interest rates on lawsuit loans

Have the confidence of knowing that Baker Street Legal Funding is transparent every step of the way and you will get rates from 2.95% up to 3.4% per month simple. Plus, you get a capped rate ending in the third year of your lawsuit loan.

No credit check or income verification

Unlike other settlement lenders, we do not perform credit checks, or income verification.

Better legal funding service

Most pre-settlement funding companies decline 98% of their potential borrowers. These funding firms simply do not have the financial resources to satisfy the financing needs of most Gresham residents with active personal injury lawsuits. Baker Street Funding is well capitalized and has no limits to the cash you can get as long as your case is strong enough to win.

Apply for legal funding in Gresham in less than a minute.

Apply for a pre-settlement loan in Gresham and get a funding decision in 24 hours. We’ll work with your attorney to find the right financial solution for you and for your case. Let us put our experienced funding team serving the Gresham plaintiffs to work for you. Contact Baker Street Funding at 888-711-3599 today. Don’t be afraid to ask us any questions you may have about how pre-settlement funding works: Baker Street Funding wants you to be fully informed before you apply for a lawsuit loan in Gresham.

There is financing for every need.

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