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We rise by lifting others.

Baker Street Funding is a different kind of legal finance company whose goal is to help plaintiffs and attorneys get their legal funds now. Our legal finance services are built around our clients—so that they have the solutions they need fast to take control of their immediate demands. We create enduring value through the belief that together we can do better. 

The Baker Street Funding way.

Baker Street Funding is a global alternative legal funding company founded on the values of intellectual honesty, uncompromising improvement, and pursuing a common purpose with our clients, and partners. The company employs a multi-strategy non-invasive funding approach that delivers a broad range of quick financial solutions.

Financing for law firms

We put your interest first.

Baker Street Legal Funding, a leader in the litigation financing industry, builds transparent, thoughtful, and enduring partnerships grounded in a deep understanding of our client’s demands, objectives, and expectations through straightforward communication. Since our company’s launch, we have emerged as the leading legal funding company bringing more efficient finance solutions to law firms across the country and internationally.

Capital solutions

The access to capital that Baker Street Funding provides allows law firms to forgo normal banking channels and access flexible and customized leverage opportunities. It also enables your clients to access much-needed liquidity through pre and post-settlement funding. We consider the law firms we work with our partners—and it is our mission to provide you with bespoke financial solutions, thus giving our investors non-correlated alternative investment returns.

Leading the way

As the legal financing industry evolves, Baker Street Funding rises to lead the way. Attorneys around the United States trust Baker Street Legal Funding as the nation’s most respected litigation funder, and we have been recognized by the mainstream media. Our expertise, experience, and ability to partner with outside capital sponsors bring a broad spectrum of litigation funding opportunities.  We have some of the best underwriters in-house, and they are veterans in the legal field, helping tailor strategic capital solutions for plaintiffs and attorneys. 

Financing for plaintiffs

You are # 1.

At Baker Street Funding, we understand your responsibilities. We know lawsuits take a while to settle and legal funding is a great option when no other option is available. We are here to help you find the right legal finance solution that works for you.

Better rates

Baker Street Legal Funding helps plaintiffs get their legal funds at a lower rate and even capped to protect you if your case takes longer than anticipated to resolve. We have helped thousands of plaintiffs, including those involved in commercial litigation, regain financial power.

Higher funding amounts

Baker Street Funding understands how to get around to get you a higher amount. We are very well-capitalized and create an edge in the industry to help provide capital throughout all stages of your lawsuit or litigation. Our team works together with you to help you find not just any solution but one that works for you.

Our post-settlement funding commitment.

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