Jones Act Maritime Lawsuit Loans

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Jones Act Maritime Pre-Settlement Funding

The Jones Act is the federal law that governs and regulates maritime commerce in the United States. It also makes provision for employees to file lawsuits against their employers if they believe they suffered an injury or are victims of accidents caused by their negligence.

If you were to suffer an injury or fell victim to an accident while at sea, you could have a potential lawsuit and an opportunity to make your claims under the Jones Act or Maritime law.

At Baker Street Funding, we understand how difficult it is to prove that the employer’s negligence caused your injury or led to an accident.

To help you buy enough time to gather evidence for your case and not get overwhelmed by your finances, you can apply for our cash advance on your pending case or pending lawsuit settlement.

Under the Jones Act, an employee at sea can recover lost wages, income, and medical bills. However, you will have to provide evidence of the employer’s negligence. This can be gathered through testimonies from crew members, captains, and other individuals on the vessel at the time of the incident.

While litigations are ongoing, the chances are that your Injuries may keep you out of employment until you recover. During this period, bills will keep piling up. If you find yourself struggling with finances, you can apply for our Jones Act lawsuit funding. 

Why Baker Street Funding Jones Act lawsuit loans?

While litigations are ongoing and you await the Jones Act lawsuit settlement, you can consider applying for our pre-settlement cash advance on your lawsuits. We offer low rates on our Jones Act lawsuits loans to tide you over the financial strain of (protracted) litigations. Our legal funding services, also known as pre-settlement funding, are applauded for countless reasons.

Some of them include: easy application and fast approval of agreed loan amount, no credit checks, no employment checks, and our lawsuit loans are 100% risk-free. 

You can think of Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans as non-recourse loans cash advance. If your Jones Act lawsuit doesn’t settle in your favor by any chance, you won’t be under any obligation to repay the cash advance. 

Considering the Jones act settlement loan.

Due to the complex nature of Jones act litigations, it takes longer for cases to settle and awards to be paid. Sadly, an injured worker who is now out of employment will have to cater to his/her financial obligations — such as rent, medical bills, feeding, mortgage, and everyday living expenses.

Instead of sitting by and run into financial embarrassment, you can get a cash advance on your pending lawsuit settlement while you await judgment. 

Thankfully, you can get the agreed loan amount two hours after your application has been approved. Our Jones act legal funding is available and accessible to seamen to have been injured on a ship, a yacht, cruise ships, oil rigs, tug boats, and offshore platforms, among other vessels.

To qualify for filing Jones Act lawsuits, the injured party must be a qualified seaman. Additionally, you must have put in at least 30% of your time working for a vessel owner or shipping company.

Qualifications and limitations of the Jones act.

Also, to be regarded as a seaman, your job description or function must contribute to the vessel’s operation. Typical job functions include chefs, fishermen, barbers, operators, and crew members, among others.

While you are discharging your duty, always have it in mind that temporary workers are not considered seamen under the Jones Act regulations. Take, for instance, if you were hired and trained by an outside contractor to carry out repairs on a ship or any other water-borne craft, you are not regarded as a seaman under the Jones act.

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There are limitations as to what water-craft qualifies as a vessel per Jones Act regulations. A fish boat that goes out on the sea and a cruise ship that is docked but is operable and is on navigable waters qualifies as a vessel under the Jones act. 

However, if the craft is permanently docked or has no intention of ever navigating the waters, it does qualify as a vessel under the Jones Act regulations.

If you are ever involved in an injury or accident while at sea and require a fast cash advance to push your case, Baker Street Funding is always available to provide low rates Jones Act lawsuit funding to help you win the best settlement on the pending lawsuit.

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