Construction Accident Lawsuit Loans

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construction accident lawsuit loans

Construction sites are supposed to be one of the safest places to work, considering the industry’s number of safety regulations. Yet, construction accidents occur more often than one can imagine, and when they occur, they can cause permanent damage or lifelong injuries.

Construction accidents lawsuits refer to litigations where workers get injured while executing their legal duties on construction sites through no means of their own. The injury or accident could be caused by unsafe working conditions, OSHA violations, or employer negligence.

According to OSHA, the common fatal accidents on construction sites can be classified into four groups and are referred to as the construction “Fatal Four”. They include:

There are other causes of construction accidents. They include health hazards such as exposure to chemicals and asbestos, personal injury caused by defective or unsafe equipment, and lifting. 

Even though construction accidents are often caused by contributory negligence between the employer and the worker, the frequency of construction accidents has shown that construction is a high-risk job, and most employers are negligent of their duties.

If you are a victim of construction accidents, you can file a construction lawsuit and claim compensation for medical costs, prescriptions, and loss of wages, among others. You should consult your attorney on what legal course of action is appropriate and consider applying for a construction accident lawsuit loan to help you while you get back on your feet.

Construction accidents lawsuit loans.

Because construction accidents are relatively common, these suits are becoming more protracted, and settlements are taking longer to be recovered. Also, as with other lawsuits, the defendants (the company) often have deeper forgets and will do all it takes to delay the judgment because they can afford it. 

Plaintiffs or victims are usually not financially buoyant to ensure the drag. And that is why most plaintiffs often give up on their case and settle early. 

To not fall to the defendant’s insurance company’s tricks and defense attorneys to settle early, you can apply for legal funding cash advance for your construction accident lawsuit. 

This cash advance for your pending construction lawsuit is also known as legal funding or settlement advance loans. With the right legal funding company on your side, you can buy your attorney enough time to gather evidence and build a stronger case. Also, it takes away the pressure of rushing to win the case — which could eventually result in settling for less or jumping on whatever amount is on the table.

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What we offer at Baker Street Funding is not a loan as in traditional loans from other lenders like banks. Construction settlement loans are best described as non-recourse cash advances. 

In addition to being 100% risk-free, our advance loans on settlements or pre-settlement funding for construction accident victims are repaid on contingency. Meaning that you only repay us if you win the case.

Our construction accident lawsuit loans always come in handy to take care of legal expenses, pay medical bills, rents, and daily living expenses.

Having discussed the common causes of construction accidents, here are the most common types of construction accidents:

1. Falling object accidents 

2. Crane accidents 

3. Forklift accidents 

4. Scaffolding accidents 

5. Roof fall accidents

Baker Street Funding offers low rates on all construction accident cash advances. Our rates are between 1.5% and 3.4% monthly non-compounding. 

Get access to a cash advance on your construction accident lawsuit settlement.

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