Workers Compensation Lawsuit Loans in Louisiana

Settlement Advances on Workers Compensation Claims in Louisiana—fast and easy.

If you are currently cash-strapped while awaiting a workers compensation claim to resolve, Baker Street Funding can help you access a cash advance while you await your settlement. Our advances for injured workers are available in amounts from $1,500 up to $250,000 based on your settlement value. It is a simple and easy process to apply, with funds typically available within 24-48 hours from the date you apply.

✓ Low simple interest rates and capped.
✓ Get larger amounts as soon as the same day you get approved.
✓ Zero risks for you.

Workers Comp Lawsuit Loans in Louisiana

Louisiana workers’ compensation settlements allow claimants to get their money in two distinct forms: a compromise or lump sum. Generally, injured workers in Louisiana receive a weekly lost wage (indemnity) check, which replaces two-thirds of their average salary. This is provided by the workers’ compensation insurance company when an employee is physically unable to work due to a job-related injury or illness. Typically, workers’ compensation claims in Louisiana are valued based on the total amount an employee is estimated to receive from their insurance provider throughout the course of their claim. When it comes to employee claims, their settlements can vary greatly depending on the expected indemnity benefits and medical costs that could occur in the future. However, no matter what benefits or lump sum settlement you are expecting to receive, suffering an injury at the workplace is still a terrifying experience, one that, unfortunately, can leave you with financial troubles on top of physical and emotional distress. Although workers’ compensation laws are designed to help injured employees get back on their feet, they often have to endure financial restraints during this period. For this reason, legal funding in Louisiana was created to work as a temporary solution for workers who need to find financial relief to immediately cover living costs and any other urgent expenses. Our funding services are serviced throughout Louisiana, including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Kenner, Slidell, Sulphur, Bossier City, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Sulphur, Shreveport, Lafayette, Houma, Monroe, and more.

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What are workers comp lawsuit loans? 

A workmans compensation lawsuit loan in Louisiana is when a worker obtains money advanced prior to their settlement for an injury sustained at work. The money you receive from a settlement advance company is not considered a loan because it is non-recourse. What this means is that there is no personal liability to pay the advance back if your case does not successfully conclude—so you have nothing to lose. Furthermore, pre-settlement advances for workers in Louisiana are technically not loans, such as traditional loans. In short, workers compensation funding provides advances for employees in Louisiana who have lost work and wages while waiting for the settlement to come through during an injury until they can get back to work.

Here is the process of getting a worker’s comp settlement advance in Louisiana.

Injury loans process step 1


Fill out the application with basic information about your claim, such as your name, contact info, date of injury, attorney's name, and contact.

Personal injury lawsuit loans evaluation


Then, our team will review your application and provide you with a qualification shortly after.

Personal injury pre settlement loans approval


If your workers comp claim gets accepted, your funding associate will contact your lawyer to provide the necessary documents and make a loan decision.

Personal injury lawsuit cash advance money


24 hours later, you will receive a loan decision, followed by a funding contract. You will receive the lawsuit cash advance once your loan agreement is signed.

Better than traditional loans.

One key benefit of pre-settlement advances is that they allow people affected by workplace injuries not to have to worry about financial statements or long waiting periods associated with traditional bank loans—meaning you don’t have to wait weeks after applying to obtain the money you need.

Pre-settlement cash advance
Pre-settlement loans over $5,000

No credit checks—at all.

Legal funding can be incredibly beneficial for individuals who have experienced an occupational injury or illness while on the job because there are no credit or income requirements in order to be approved.


The lawsuit loan process is faster with Baker Street Funding.

Baker Street Funding guarantees fast processing times for all advances on workers compensation claims, which allows you to receive a quick decision, and if approved, you can cover any urgent cost such as rent, mortgage, daily expenses, medical bills and more.

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No risk—whatsoever.

There is no repayment for the advance until your full and final settlement in Louisiana takes place. Additionally, because there is no personal liability required upon repayment unless you get compensated with a settlement, you will experience a financial burden alleviation.

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Whenever you need financial assistance after suffering an injury or disability at work, Baker Street Funding can provide you with funds within 24-48 hours while you wait for your final settlement. If you or someone you know has suffered a work-related illness or injury, simply apply for funding on your case for extra financial security and receive up to 10% of the value of your expected settlement payout.

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