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Get your finances under control with an Alaska lawsuit loan.

Baker Street Funding offers quick pre-settlement funding in Alaska to plaintiffs who find it hard to cope with lawsuits’ on top of their financial obligations. Our legal funding program in Alaska also provides post-settlement funding to help plaintiffs with settled cases cushion financial burden while awaiting their award payment. With so many legal funding firms sprouting up in Alaska, it has become necessary for plaintiffs in Alaska to patronize only the best and save themselves from falling for gimmicks. Get the money you need in less than 24 hours.

The Alaska pre-settlement funding process.

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Apply online by filling out the short application form. Once you submit the form, you will receive a phone call from a legal funding specialist to finalize your case qualification.

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Then, our team of professional underwriters will process your application and get in touch with your attorney. They will make necessary inquiries about your case and the circumstances surrounding it.

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If your case in Alaska meets the legal funding requirements in Alaska, your process will get finalized with your attorney and send you feedback with 12-24 hours.

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Once you are approved, you will get a contract to sign, an upon execution of the agreement, your loan will be credited to your account in as little as 2 hours without delays.

* Disclaimer: You must be represented by an attorney to get funding; otherwise, we cannot take your case. Lawsuit funding in Michigan is a non-recourse cash advance which means you only pay if you win the case.​​

Alaska lawsuit funding, easy and fast.

There are countless reasons why Baker Street Funding legal financing services in Alaska could be right for you.

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24 hour approval

Yes! You read that right. Our application process is incredibly fast and thoughtfully designed to cater to your financial needs. We leverage the power of technology to make your lawsuit application easy to follow through.

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Lower rates and higher amounts

We offer incredibly low rates on both our pre-settlement and post-settlement lawsuit loans in Alaska. You can get up to 20% of your potential settlement amount as a cash advance to cushion financial burdens while litigation is ongoing. We also offer up to 50% for post-settlement loans. This is to tide you over while you await the payment of the award after the case has settled in your favor.

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Better service

As a reputable legal funding company serving Alaska plaintiffs, Baker Street Funding takes customer satisfaction seriously. Our lines are open 24/7 to listen to your questions and proffer expert guidance on how to proceed with your lawsuit loan application. Our legal funding team is familiar with the legal landscape and are on standby to provide professional funding support.

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No hidden fees

Unlike other legal funding companies, our contracts are transparent and you get—No upfront fees, no hidden charges, whatsoever. You only pay the advance if the case settles in your favor.

Lawsuit loans advantages in

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100% risk-free lawsuit loans

Unlike traditional loans where you have to pay back both the principal and interest, plaintiffs in Alaska get non-recourse lawsuit funding, our loans are risk-free. You only pay back the money if you win the case.

No credit check

Funding companies in Alaska should not bother plaintiffs with credit checks. Regardless of whether you have a bad credit score or not, you can apply for a lawsuit loan in AL. Get the funds you need to help you get the best settlement.

No employment verification

Don't let your employment status dissuade you from reaching out to us. We understand how difficult it is to keep up with your job during civil lawsuits, especially when car accidents and personal injury is involved.

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Alaska, the law, insurance companies, accident rates, and lawsuit loans.

The following information will give you an in-depth understanding of your case, Alaska laws, and legal funding.

Our legal funding services are provided to plaintiffs with the following cases, not limited to:

Personal injury loans

Motor vehicle and car accident loans

Civil rights

Employment and labor lawsuit funding

Corporate litigation funding

Settled Case Funding

With a population of over 700,000, Alaska is a bubbling center of everyday activities. However, one area of concern of most Alaskans is the level of the crime rate. According to the 2020 state of safety report, Alaska’s violent crime rate is 8.9 incidents per 1000. At 8.9, the violent crime rate is almost double the national average of which is at 3.7.

Compared to the 22.0 national average for property crime rate, Alaska recorded a whopping 33 per 1000 of the population. From these records, you can see that safety and security are indeed a matter of concern.

While law enforcement agencies and local authorities continue to ensure Alaskans’ safety, litigations in Alaska increase by the day, and the courts are already under pressure. And you know what that means — protracted litigations.

As expected, similar to other states in the United States, litigations in this region are often protracted. Thus, forcing most plaintiffs to drop their case or settle for less. Thankfully, the days when victims of crimes, car accidents, and personal injury in Alaska drop their case and accept ridiculous offers from cutthroat defense attorneys are over. You can now get fast financial support from Baker Street Funding through Alaska pre-settlement funding and advances.

Speed-related crashes are among the top causes of car accidents in Alaska. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported 84 traffic fatalities in 2016. Of the 84 cases, 36 was caused by high-speed driving — making up 43% of traffic fatalities in 2016 are attributed to speeding drivers. According to the NHTSA reports, pickup trucks and cars made up 27.5%, and 25.5% of vehicles likely to be involved in fatal car accidents between 2011 and 2015. Next are SUVs at 19.6%, motorcycles, ATVs with 11%, and vans with 2%.

Driving under the influence is also among the top causes of car accidents in Alaska. According to the NHTSA, 36.25% of traffic fatalities in 2018 were caused by alcohol-impaired driving.

These causes of car accidents and fatalities in Alaska are preventable, and you shouldn’t have to suffer for somebody’s negligence. If you are dealing with a car accident litigation in Alaska and need an instant cash advance to cater to financial needs, contact us at Baker Street Funding. Our car accident loans in Alaska are always at your beckon.

Like other states in the United States, Alaska case settlements are based on the comparative fault doctrine. This means that the parties involved in an accident or personal injury case will pay damages for as much as they were responsible for the accident.

Unless the plaintiff is over 50% at fault for the accident, he/she can sue for damages. However, there is a limit on the damages obtainable in case of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice that results in disfigurement and impairment are capped at $1 million.

Also, plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases are prevented from receiving punitive damages, while the defendant is punished for outrageous conduct. At Baker Street Funding, we offer incredibly low rate non-recourse personal injury loans. You can call in for free consultations with our legal experts, and you can get started on your lawsuit loan application.

You must file your case within a stipulated period or risk losing the chances of If you are ever involved in a personal injury, car accident, or any civil case at all, there is a stipulated time within which you are expected to file your lawsuit. If the time elapses, you will lose every right to sue for damages.

Here is the statute of limitations in Alaska:

  • Injury to person — 2 years
  • Libel and slander — 2 years
  • Contract — 3 years
  • Injury to personal property — 6 years
  • Medical Malpractice — two (2) to six (6) years depending on whether it’s under contract or not.
  • Trespass — 6 years
  • Fraud — 10 years
  • Collection of rents — 10 years
  • Collection of debt — 10 years
  • Judgment — 10 years

It’s always best to seek advice from your attorney before you file your case. While you are at it, our legal funding services are available to all plaintiffs across Alaska.

Here are the major cities we fund in:
1. Anchorage
2. Juneau
3. Fairbanks
4. Badger
5. Knik-Fairview
6. College
7. Wasilla
8. Tanaina
9. Lakes
10. Sitka
11. Ketchikan
12. Kalifornsky
13. Kenai
14. Meadow Lakes
15. Palmer

Counties we funded so far in Alaska.

1. Anchorage Municipality
2. Matanuska-Susitna Borough
3. Fairbanks North Star Borough
4. Kenai Peninsula Borough
5. Juneau City and Borough
6. Bethel Census Area
7. Ketchikan Gateway Borough
8. Kodiak Island Borough
9. Nome Census Area
10. North Slope Borough
11. Valdez-Cordova Census Area
12. Sitka City and Borough
13. Kusilvak Census Area
14. Northwest Arctic Borough
15. Southeast Fairbanks Census

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