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racing car accident lawsuit loans

Road tragedies are common across the US, accounting for several accidental casualties brought into ERs every day. Car accidents can result in a plethora of injuries differing in their severity and damage caused. Trivial injuries may include bruises, scars, minor bleeding, or hairline fractures. However, more severe injuries can range from spinal fractures, disc displacement, nervous damage, compression fractures, and brain injuries.

It is reported that the severity of accidental injuries is often directly proportional to the accident vehicle’s speed at the time of the crash. Most drivers fallen victim to road traffic accidents were actually found driving rashly before getting into the accident. In these cases, despite the victim’s own act of over-speeding, they are entitled to bring in legal action against any persons whose positive act or omission can be proved to have contributed towards the eventual injury.

Car racing accidents

Traffic accidental risks are always intact when a person takes a car outside their garage. These risks surge exponentially when the car is taken out for the purpose of racing. Whether professional sports racing or road races amongst individuals, the driver and the spectators are at significant risk of suffering injuries in the event of any mishap. In professional sports racing, the driver admits all risks and signs a memorandum foregoing any future claims if an accident occurs. However, the driver can still bring in a lawsuit if the accident can be positively linked to an action, omission, or negligence of any party other than him. The same applies to individuals racing their cars on public roads and motorways if no illegalities are committed.

Injuries sustained in racing accidents

Victims of car racing accidents suffer serious injuries when subjected to an unfortunate happening behind the wheels. These injuries mostly pertain to compression fractures and traumatic brain injuries sustained by hitting and crashing the body on the car’s interior surfaces. Such injuries are primarily of a critical nature, leaving the victim with temporary immobility and even permanent disability at times. Moreover, these require complex medical procedures along with prolonged periods of complete bed rest to heal completely. Hence unable to proceed with a normal life, victims are also left in despair due to physical and financial hardships.

Racing car accident pre-settlement funding

Victims of racing car accidents who are pursuing active litigation for compensation against their personal injuries may find themselves in an economic vacuum. For them, balancing medical bills with affording household expenses in parallel seems to be an impossible challenge at times. In its motive to assist such plaintiffs, Baker Street Funding provides pre-settlement funding to them, sponsoring all their household and routine expenses against their lawsuit. The financing can be availed by any plaintiff engaged in a legal battle against the accused perpetrator. Once the plaintiff’s application is approved and funds are received, the financing may be used up by them for their designated expenses. All these borrowed funds shall only be returned if the lawsuit ends up successfully either in an award of damages or a settlement. To apply, plaintiffs can contact at (888) 711-3599 and realize their future income today!

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