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Compression injuries are sustained at the back region of the abdomen and mainly affect the spine. These are suffered as a result of intense pressure applied to the back.

As a result, the disks, or the bones holding up the spinal cord, either break on their own or collide to cause cracks into several bones together.

Such injuries are mostly sustained due to motor vehicle accidents, where they are accompanied by whiplash or other fatal fractures. Minor slips, trips, or falls can even result in compression fractures, sustained most in this manner by the elderly who seem to lose body balance and are more susceptible to slipping and falling.

The severity of injuries and their treatment

Out of all the injuries brought in for treatment, most compression fractures are mild and do not require mandatory surgical operations for healing.

Deciding what kind of treatment must be administered usually depends upon the severity of the injury and the bones affected, and the victim’s age, body type, and health.

Doctors ideally avoid prescribing surgeries to the elderly due to the entailing risks to health.

Children, young adults, and people with fit and healthy physiques, on the other hand, are capable of healing from mild injuries in time and without the need for surgical operations if proper postures, exercises, and medications are advised.

In many cases, victims of mild injuries are entirely unaware of having suffered any fractures at all unless an MRI or CT scan is run. Also, compression fractures suffered at the mid-back again go unnoticed since the mid-back does not cause much pain. This is why an inexact examination or even an X-ray scan can often leave the injury go unnoticed.

The severe ones are, however, quite difficult to handle, treat and recover from.

Victims of serious compression fractures require instant professional medical aid and mostly need surgical operations as mandatory treatment.

The healing period is long, with no guarantees as to whether the victim’s quality of life may be restored to its original position: there are chances of permanent impairment entailing the most severe injuries.

Compression personal injury lawsuit funding

Victims of compression fractures suffering due to someone else’s fault are owed compensation for all monetary and non-monetary harm they have suffered. While they remain under treatment or after recovering, the victims can claim all medical costs incurred, opportunities missed due to the injury, and damages for the pain and suffering they had to undergo.

Compression injuries often leave the victims bedridden. The victims may find it very difficult to arrange finances to take the accused party to court. In such a scenario, the victims can apply and qualify for lawsuit funding, which allows them to obtain instant cash against the legal claim they have filed.

The victims can regulate their cashflows and afford household expenses with the finances arranged by pre-settlement funding for compression injuries. These funds only need to be returned once a settlement or award is reached between the parties.

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