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We’re here to help you! Baker Street Funding strives to be a beneficial legal funding resource to you as you go through your personal injury lawsuit settlement so you can make the right decision for you and for your case. Take control of your finances with Baker Street Funding. 

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What is nursing home neglect and abuse? 

Taking proper care of our older loved ones is a tough job for many of us. Nursing homes come into play when it comes to finding the best care for our loved ones. It is the prime responsibility of Nursing Homes to take proper care of elderly and disabled persons. But it is often seen that they cut corners and are negligent in providing adequate care for their residents, and often maltreat them.

This neglect eventually leads to several unfavorable conditions like bedsores, abuse, personal injury, wrongful death, post-traumatic disorders, and more.

If nursing homes do not appropriately treat you or your loved ones, or you are a victim of their neglect or mistreatment and abuses, and if you have a lawsuit, we are here for you. We can support your lawsuit expenses by providing lawsuit funding quickly without any hassles. 

Why can nursing home mistreatment be harmful?

Nursing home negligence can lead to loss of life or mental trauma. It can be dreadful both mentally and financially when a lawsuit is filed. We understand that money could never compensate for the loss of lives or the trauma you experience. Nevertheless, one can reduce the financial burden they incur because of the lawsuit.

Nursing home neglects and abuses eventually lead to a long course of lawsuits. And, to be fair, we all know how difficult it is to keep up with the trials. From hiring an attorney to filing a legal lawsuit to pay conveyance to the witnesses, the plaintiffs will have to face a series of financial and mental stress till the verdict day.

 Expenses to bear by the plaintiffs

We all know that nothing comes for free in this world. And to be honest, lawsuits are not cheap for most of us. From expenses before filing the lawsuit to loads of fees after filing the lawsuit requires tonnes of money. In most cases, the stakeholders happen to break their piggy bank to manage the expenses.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, the plaintiff has to bear the expenses for the treatments. In the case of organ failure, permanent loss of income may occur, and managing the household expenses and credit repayments will become a headache. 

Besides, one has to bear in mind all other expenses such as filing fees, copying fees, expert witness fees, court reporter fees, transcripts, and additional miscellaneous fees. If you win the case, you might expect to recover a significant part of the same as a part of the judgement against the opposition. But, in case you may be out of luck, you will have to face a lot of financial hardships. 

 Advantages of nursing home negligence lawsuit loans 

Lawsuit loans are an effective way to cope up with the never-ending pile of bills while the case is in progress. Baker Street Funding’s loans will take care of all your financial expenses and won’t let you worry about money. A lawsuit loan on your nursing home negligence case would help you in hiring a better attorney, who might charge a very high fee, eventually increasing your chances of winning the case. 

You don’t have to go through all the financial hardships one has to face during the long course of a lawsuit, alone. Lawsuit loans are provided to plaintiffs on a risk-free basis. You do not have to pay monthly installments while waiting for the case to settle. If you lose the case, you don’t have to pay back the money.

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