Lawsuit Loans In South Dakota

Pre-settlement cash advances for South Dakota plaintiffs—funds the same day.

South Dakota plaintiffs with pending lawsuit settlements: Baker Street Legal Funding can get you a South Dakota lawsuit loan to help settle other financial commitments like rent, utility bills, and medical bills. We'll work with you to find the perfect lawsuit funding solution to fit your situation. Pre-settlement funding interest rates start at 2.95% monthly (non-compounding) for plaintiffs.


A South Dakota lawsuit loan (legal funding) is available in all 364 cities of South Dakota including Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, Brookings, Watertown,  Mitchell,  Yankton, and Pierre. Baker Street Funding understands that the process of pursuing a personal injury claim is rarely simple and often costly. Perhaps all accident victims in America know how needing money feels like. And even when you have a stable lawsuit, your injuries can disable you and once you run out of other financial options, you will need money right away to pay your bills without questions. With Baker Street Funding’s non-recourse settlement loan applications, fastest approvals, and no risks, it’s possible to fund your South Dakota lawsuit the same day your lawyer sends us your claim’s information.


South Dakota lawsuit loan amounts.

All lawsuit funding is based on the strength of your case. Depending on the type of your claim and the nature of your claim, you can get between 20% to 50% of the value of your potential settlement in South Dakota. You must also have attorney representation on contingency to qualify for a South Dakota pre-settlement lawsuit loan.

Plaintiff funding pre-settlement

If your litigation is ongoing and you hit a financial brick wall, you can get up to 10% to 20% of the potential settlement value for your pre-settled case.

Settled case funding

Cash advances for settled cases go up to 30% if you qualify for legal funding. You can contact us for custom offers that suit your case.

A South Dakota settlement loan from Baker Street Funding can make a difference.

With over $30 million in funding, we’ve helped plaintiffs move forward with their cases. Baker Street Legal Funding is known as the top provider of transparent settlement funding contracts to plaintiffs in South Dakota and across all states, cities, and counties in the U.S. The company is getting unprecedented patronage from new and existing clients. Here are some reasons why plaintiffs fund their South Dakota claims with Baker Street Funding.

How does the South Dakota lawsuit funding process work?

Getting a South Dakota lawsuit cash advance with the help of Baker Street Funding has never been easier. All you have to do is apply and ensure your attorney consents of the loan. Once your attorney sends in your case info, we can evaluate your lawsuit and 24 hours later tell you how much in settlement funds you can be approved for in South Dakota. We’ve made your funding experience smoother than any other lender in The Mount Rushmore State. Applying with Baker Street Funding is a simple, fast, and dependable way to get the money as soon as you need it. 

step 1


Getting funding for your case has never been this easy. All you have to do is fill out our short application online, and our expert legal funding team will take it up from there.

step 2


Our team will then contact you to finish with your application and then contact your attorney to get details of your case and examine the nature of your claim.

step 3


If your case checks out our qualification criteria, your application will be approved without delays— usually, within 24 hours.

step 4


As soon as your loan is approved, we will credit your wallet within an hour or two. You see, no hiccups at all!

Benefits of pre-settlement funding in South Dakota.

South Dakota plaintiff loans have no risk, and they don’t require credit or job verification. If you are in need of the fastest pre-settlement funding in South Dakota, call (888) 711-3599 to apply now.

100% risk free

Legal funding is non-recourse. You are not under any obligation to pay back the portion you borrow from your prospective settlement if you lose the legal battle. You only pay if you win your case.

No credit check

A bad credit score won't stand in your way of applying and getting funding for your South Dakota case. We won't bother you with credit history checks. At Baker Street Funding, we are only keen on helping you get the best settlement for your case.

No employment check

Juggling between work and court appointments can be stressful. What is more daunting is keeping your job after an injury or accident. We don't consider employment status while processing your loan application. Regardless of your employment status, you are welcome to apply for Baker Street Funding plaintiff loans in South Dakota.

Look no further for the best settlement loan in South Dakota

Finding the best settlement loans on top of searching for lawsuit loans with low rates can be exhausting. For instant financial assistance to tide you over during legal battles, get in touch with our experts at Baker Street Legal Funding or apply by filling out our short cash advance application form online. Call us today at 888-711-3599 and get talking with our warm and welcoming South Dakota legal funding specialists.

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Learn more about pre-settlement funding

South Dakota pre-settlement funding questions.

The pre-settlement funding team at Baker Street Funding is ready to answer all questions and concerns about lawsuit funding in South Dakota. Call us at (888) 711-3599 to learn more about how settlement loans in South Dakota work, if they are a fit for your uniquxe situation and if your case could potentially qualify for the loan.

At Baker Street Funding, we provide legal funding in every city in South Dakota. You can give us a call at 888-711-3599 to apply for the settlement funds you need.

Typically, the settlement loan process in South Dakota is pretty simple as long as the attorney representing you sends your case information in a timely matter. After that, it takes just 24 hours to approve plaintiffs in South Dakota and hours to fund the eligible lawsuit via a check or direct deposit.

When you work with Baker Street Funding, you pay less interest on your lawsuit loan in South Dakota.  While some advances come with sky-high interest rates from some very known legal funders, Baker Street Funding works hard to provide clients with competitive interest rates.

See how a South Dakota settlement loan from Baker Street Funding can make a difference:


RateNon-compounding starting at 24% p/year
Terms2-3 year cap
Funding time24-48 hours
Amounts$1,500 up to $2mm

Personal injury loans

Motor vehicle and car accident loans

Civil rights

Employment and labor lawsuit funding

Corporate litigation funding

Settled Case Funding

*We provide funding for personal injury, employment/labor, and civil rights lawsuits in the following states:

Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, NevadaNew York, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

  • We currently fund Colorado at a minimum of $75,000.  Case value must be at least $750,000+. 
  • We currently fund North Carolina at a minimum of $25,000. Case value must be at least $250,000+. 
  • We currently fund South Carolina at a minimum of $100,000. Case value must be at least $1,000,000+. 
  • We currently fund in Nevada at a minimum of $20,000. Case value must be at least $200,000+.
  • We currently fund in Illinois at a maximum of $40,000. Case value must be at least $400,000+.
  • We currently fund in Tennessee at a minimum of $10,000. Case value must be at least $100,000+.
  • We currently fund in Arizona at a minimum of $20,000. Case value must be at least $200,000+.

*Litigants with corporate disputes are eligible to receive funding in every state in the United States (and eligible countries).

*Funding for attorneys is provided in most states. Please get in touch with us to find out if your state is eligible.

*Worker’s compensation claims are funding only in the following states: Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Rhode Island, Washington, and Wyoming.

South Dakota (SD) personal injury laws, the insurance, and lawsuit loans.

Though sparsely populated with 884,659 warm and receptive people, South Dakota is home to some of the world’s most impressive landscapes. The harmony between the broad expanse of Greenland, The Windcave National Park, Badlands National Park, and the dramatic mountains is something you don’t want to miss. 

Other popular attractions in this gorgeous midwestern state are the historical monuments carved into towering granite peaks and the iconic depiction of U.S presidents. And, of course, the Crazy Horse Memorial.

Compared to other states with high populations, South Dakota generally has fewer worries about safety. However, Mount Rushmore State still has its fair share of crime.

According to a 2020 safety survey, 37% of South Dakota residents worry about their safety daily, which is lesser than the national average of 46%.

Litigation in South Dakota is almost similar to what’s obtained across the United States; it can get protracted and protracted cases don’t tell well on plaintiffs and their families because of the financial pressure. 

Such financial strains may become unbearable, and plaintiffs get forced to accept low offers from defense attorneys or sign off on outrageous loan offers from settlement lenders.

In 2017, South Dakota recorded 129 traffic fatalities, and this was a 13% increase from the previous year, according to South Dakota Highway Patrol. The U.S Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting also reported that 73% of fatalities involved SUV occupants, pickup, and cars. 

They also added that 16% of all fatal crashes happened in urban environments, while 84% occurred in rural areas. Speeding, alcohol, and not wearing seatbelts are the top causes of fatal crashes in South Dakota.

If you or someone you know is ever in need of fast and low rates of car accident loans in South Dakota to settle medical bills and other financial commitments, you are welcome to reach out to us. 

We offer free consultations to help you make the best of our legal funding services.

Compared to other states in the United States, South Dakota is the only state that operates the slight/gross negligence comparative fault rule when determining who is at-fault in personal injury cases.

The court will reduce both parties’ compensation by how much they are found responsible for the injury. However, in South Dakota, a plaintiff will only get compensation if their negligence is slight, and that of the defendant was gross. 

Quantifying “slight negligence” can be difficult. As such, the party found to be 40% at fault qualifies to receive compensation or damages. 

In South Dakota, both economic and non-economic damages are capped at $1 million for medical malpractice cases. However, most cases of personal injury don’t have a cap in South Dakota.

Kindly contact us for low rates of personal injury loans in South Dakota. It will be a pleasure to render our funding program. Apply Now!

There is a time limit within which you are expected to bring a lawsuit against another party. This time frame is known as the Statute of Limitations. The Statute of Limitations is intended to preserve evidence and prevent one party from threatening a lawsuit for long — and they differ with different cases. 

If you file a lawsuit against the other party after the statutory time limit has elapsed, your case won’t be heard, and you may lose the chance of getting any compensation.

  • Injury to person — 3 years
  • Libel and Slander — 2 years
  • Fraud — 6 years
  • Injury to personal property — 6 years
  • Medical malpractice — 2 years 
  • Contracts — 6 years
  • Judgments — 20 years 


Regardless of whether you are filing a slip and fall, medical malpractice, or car accident claim, always check in with your attorney to help you make the best funding decision.

Baker Street Funding’s financial services are available and accessible to all plaintiffs in South Dakota. We have funded in all cities and counties near you.

1. Minnehaha County 

2. Pennington County 

3. Lincoln County 

4. Brown County 

5. Brookings County 

6. Meade County 

7. Codington County 

8. Lawrence County 

9. Yankton County 

10. Davison County 

11. Beagle County 

12. Hughes County 

13. Union County 

14. Oglala Lakota County 

15. Clay County 

  1. Brandon
  2. Pine Ridge
  3. Brookings
  4. Sioux Falls
  5. Watertown
  6. Spearfish
  7. Madison
  8. Vermillion
  9. Belle Fourche
  10. Pierre
  11. Rapid City
  12. Sturgis
  13. Yankton
  14. Tea
  15. Harrisburg
  16. Aberdeen
  17. Mitchell
  18. Aberdeen
  19. Huron
  20. Box Elder

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