Assault and Battery Lawsuit Funding

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Assault battery lawsuit loans

All cases where a person intentionally hurts another person come under Assault and Battery. These types of cases are very shocking and are never an accident. Under the influence of various intoxicants, personality disorders, or even daily life stress, people do such things which they shouldn’t have done. The legal term for these cases is assault. 

A case of assault and battery can happen in many ways. It usually starts with an argument and ends up in a violent confrontation. Someone who is under the influence of drugs or is drunk could make the situation even worse.

Sometimes, the involvement of a third party in an argument leads to assault and intentional injuries. Generally, it happens in the heat of the situation, and innocent people get hurt.

Cases of assault and battery are criminal offenses and can happen to anyone. We take these cases very seriously and provide lawsuit loans to help you with the expenses during the lawsuit. 

What should you do if you are a victim of assault and battery? 

The first and foremost thing you should do if you are a victim of assault and battery is to call the police and visit a hospital. Assault is a criminal offense, and the authorities must be informed.

If you are a victim of assault and battery, you should visit an attorney to explore your civil and criminal options. The police might put the assaulter behind bars, but filing a civil lawsuit would help you recover your funds, hospital bills, and ongoing everyday living expenses. 

To cope with bills during the time the litigation is under process, one can opt for an assault and battery lawsuit loan. 

What qualifies as assault and battery lawsuit funding?

If a person attacks or even threatens another person to injure them intentionally, it is considered assault and battery. Also, if the assaulter doesn’t use a weapon or the victim doesn’t get significant injuries, it is regarded as assault and battery.

Some of the secondary levels of assaults include cuts, black eyes, bruises, or even scratches. In simpler terms, if you were admitted to the hospital for two days, you were the victim of an assault. And you should file a civil lawsuit. 

Why should you apply for assault and battery lawsuit funding?

When you file a lawsuit against an assaulter, there are a lot of things to take care of. Your hospital bills are not going to get paid automatically. Your post-trauma therapy doesn’t come for free. Neither the time you lost because of the trauma is going to come back. Settlements won’t eliminate all of your troubles, but they will make them easier to deal with the financial impact of the incident. For that reason, you should file a lawsuit against the assaulter. You can opt for assault and battery pre-settlement funding to cope up with the expenses during the legal proceedings.

A lawsuit loan helps you manage your life during the lawsuit process. You may not be able to generate income during such times, and a loan can help you tackle your household expenses. Also, with financial support, you can hire a better attorney who can help win the case.

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