Cash Advance On Pending Lawsuit Settlement: FAQ

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Pending lawsuit loans

A loan or a cash advance against a pending lawsuit is a portion of the future settlement you are going to obtain after your case settles in your favor.

Due to the protracted nature of the pending settlement process, the demand for lawsuit loans has skyrocketed in recent times. As such, if you are looking to get pre-settlement funding, know that you are not the only one — there are countless other people out there doing the same.

Thankfully, you don’t have to look further because you just found the right lawsuit lending company to help you — Baker Street Legal Funding.

Because lawsuit claims can take a while to resolve, plaintiffs often face financial hardships, which tend to put a burden on them to settle early and settle for lowball offers from the defendant’s insurance company or defense attorneys. If you have been backed into a complex place in your litigation and need financial assistance (as in cash advance on your pending case or settled lawsuit), you should consider applying for a lawsuit loan. Pre-settlement legal funding can take the financial pressure off you and your attorney and prevent you from making irrational decisions like settling for less than what it is worth. 

Before you apply for a lawsuit cash advance and sign on the dotted line, you should make sure that a pending lawsuit loan is right for you. Let us help you in this journey, so you familiarize yourself with the realities of this borrowing tool.

Let’s step on the brakes for a bit and address the top 7 frequently asked questions about lawsuit cash advances that are making the rounds.

In this article:

Question #1: What are the release amounts for cash advances on pending lawsuit settlements?

Pending lawsuit loans (or loans against settlements) function differently than other consumer loans. The average funding size is between $5,000 and $10,000. Depending on the nature of your claims and how injured you are, the best lawsuit loan companies like Baker Street Funding offer up to 10% of your potential settlement check payment.

Before approving a cash advance on a pending lawsuit, first, underwriting reviews your case to give your claim a settlement value. The amount of money you get approved for will be no more than 10% of the estimated value of your potential recovery. For example, if the current value of your settlement is $100,000, you will get an approval of no more than $10,000. You may be able to get approved to up to 20% from your case if you are awaiting (or have had) multiple surgeries or have an impending settlement offer.

Once you accept the loan offer, the advance should be sent to you pretty fast. You may receive the money through a check or have it deposited into your bank account.

At Baker Street Funding, we can negotiate on a custom amount to accommodate your financial needs. You can either get the total approval amount as a lump sum or installment payments, meaning you get a check every month for a period of time, which helps you save on interest.

Question #2: What factors can affect getting a cash advance on my lawsuit?

The strength of your case dictates how much money you can borrow on your case.

When weighing whether the value of your pending lawsuit is high, lenders first consider how strong and complex your litigation is. In determining the strength of your case, different factors come into play, such as what law firm is representing you, how severe your injuries are, what the insurance policy limits are, and if the defendant has declared fault. 

Reputable lenders require a personal injury case that is solid and that the defendant is well insured. Having a case with merits is essential for funding because it determines not only your approval amount but how much your loan will cost overall.

For example, in an accident case that only has soft tissue injuries and physical therapy as a treatment for the life of the lawsuit, the cost of the loan will tend to be too high. That’s because a soft tissue injury is seen by most lenders as a risky case that will settle for an amount lower than $50,000. Funding for soft tissue injury lawsuits from most companies can cost you 80% a year to make it a viable funding option or a one-time fee of 30%. A one-time fee essentially charges you another one-time fee the next time you take out an advance. For instance, if you need additional funding 3 months down the road, you’ll be charged an extra 30%, making it 60% per year. This is not a good option for people who know they’ll require more loans from their pending settlements in the future.

If, for whatever reason, you are still unsure of whether you should get an advance on your case, you should ask friends and family for a lending hand while making sure that you meet your needs. But if you’ve run out of financial options and you are ready to take out a cash advance on your lawsuit, then understand what the consequences potentially are if your case is a soft tissue case and worth less than $50,000.

To avoid charging predatory rates, Baker Street Funding does not accept cases where there are only soft tissue injuries. However, if you have multiple surgeries (or catastrophic injuries), and the defendant is a commercial or government entity, whether the case is medical malpractice, wrongful death, or federal wrongful incarceration, you can get approved for high amounts and the lowest interest rate on your pre-settlement loan.

 While you are at it, it is always best to discuss with your attorney to determine your approximate settlement amount before applying for a cash advance on your pending lawsuit settlement. This way, you have a realistic expectation of how much of a cash advance loan you can get.

Question #3: What interest rates do lenders charge on pending settlement loans?

Like every other profession, there are unethical and unprofessional entities posing as trustworthy lawsuit loan companies. These lenders dont fully disclose their interest rates on contract and often keep information from their clients. They can offer interest rates north of 200%. They often request that you go to your attorneys office to sign the contract without showing you the entire agreement.

Here is an insider tip.

Always go for lenders that offer between 2% to 3.4% monthly and non-compounding (simple) rates, or 28% to 41% fixed interest rates annually (APR). At Baker Street Funding, we are well-capitalized and we provide the lowest lawsuit loan rates than other lenders. We match or beat any funding contract. Our low-cost pending settlement loans are non-compounding, typically between 2% and 3% simple monthly. A non-compounding rate means that we don’t charge interest on the interest every month.

But that’s not all. The icing on the cake is that, unlike other companies, our rates are capped. Capped rates protect you from paying extra interest if your case takes longer than anticipated to settle. Let’s say your lawsuit takes 7 years to settle; your rate still ends in the third year, at the most. And there won’t be any more charges after that cap.

One more thing, keep in mind since the rates accumulate on capital every month, its always best to take out only what you need so you can cover your immediate financial commitments. You can always re-apply for an additional loan on your pending lawsuit if you run out of cash.


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Question #4: Can plaintiffs apply for a pending lawsuit loan without the attorney’s cooperation?

Your attorney is expected to present the lender with the required case documents to qualify for a pending settlement loan. Often these documents include:

1. Medical records 

2. Police report

3. Ambulance report 

4. A current value of the case

5. Insurance limits 

To save you the stress of making these submissions, Baker Street Funding gets them from your attorney to approve you for the best amount possible for your pending lawsuit loan. Additionally, although your attorney cannot and should not deny you from getting pre-settlement funding, you may still be eligible to borrow money against your lawsuit if you choose to work with a lawyer that wants to help you.

A cash advance on a pending settlement or a lawsuit is easy to obtain if your attorney works with the lender in the funding process.

Question #5: Should I let my attorney know that I am applying for a lawsuit cash advance?

To make the legal funding process smoother and faster, it’s always best to notify your attorney beforehand about your intention to take out a loan against a pending settlement. Your lawyer can give you a realistic view of where your case stands. Since the lender needs to go through your case file with your attorney before approving, it is best to have your lawyer in the know and carry them along at all times to avoid delays. 

Keeping them informed speeds up the funding process. When your attorney knows you are applying for funding, they will be quicker to respondLast but not least, getting a lawsuit cash advance can buy your attorney ample time to build a strong case and potentially win the best settlement or award for your case.

Question #6: What is the process of getting a cash advance on my pending lawsuit settlement?

At Baker Street Funding, we understand the essence of time and how much plaintiffs stand to lose if they cannot find the financial help they need. In addition to paying medical bills and catering to other financial commitments, a cash advance for a pending lawsuit could save both the plaintiffs and their families from any form of financial embarrassment like quit notices and repossessions. 

This is how pending lawsuit loans work.

First off, with a cash advance on your pending lawsuit, you don’t have to offer up resources because these advances are non-recourse. If you lose your case, you don’t have to pay back the lawsuit loan. Lawsuit cash advances are issued as lump sums or monthly recurring payments. This means that your money is deposited in your account every month for the agreed term.

This is how it works:

  • You start by filling out our short lawsuit cash advance application form online, or you can call us at 888-711-3599 to apply over the phone.
  • Our team will quickly evaluate your legal funding application and determine if your case qualifies for the cash advance.
  • Then we will email your attorney for further information about your claim. This evaluation takes 24 to 48 hours.
  • Upon approval, we will send a contract to be dually signed by you and your attorney.
  • Once we receive the signed contract, we will immediately send the settlement funds the same day, usually within two hours.

There you have it. Simple and straightforward, and we can agree that getting a cash advance against your expected lawsuit settlement from Baker Street Funding is indeed easy.

But that’s not all.

Beyond our easy pending lawsuit loan application process, Baker Street Funding also saves you the stress of credit and employment checks. A bad credit score or history can leave plaintiffs with little or no resources to continue their legal battles but don’t let that hinder your chances of getting approval for a Baker Street Funding lawsuit cash advance. We do not check your credit status nor your job history.

Considering all we have discussed so far, we leverage the best technologies to ensure plaintiffs get a lawsuit cash advance without breaking a sweat. 

Question #7: What types of claims are eligible for lawsuit cash advances?

A variety of factors will influence which type of lawsuit claims are eligible for a cash advance like how much money you plan to take out, your attorney’s collaboration, and how strong your case is. Baker Street Funding finances most types of personal injury and civil rights claims. Here we will show you some of the most typical cases we fund. 

Medical malpractice

The most popular type of cases we fund are medical malpractice lawsuits. The approval odds for forthcoming medical malpractice settlement claims are very high as long as there is an expert report but other factors can apply.

Car accidents

Loans against lawsuits that involve car accidents are also very popular. The traffic accident suits that tend to get approved the most are the ones that have a strong liability against a well-insured defendant and where the injuries require surgical intervention. The rate loan will be lower than other cases as long as the requested amount exceeds $10,000.

Wrongful death

Loans against wrongful death claims typically have some of the lowest rates around with Baker Street Funding. This type of claim is simple to fund, nonetheless, an attorney must be present at all times due to the delicacy in the circumstance.

Slip and falls

Loans against slip and fall lawsuits can be a bit tricky to release. These claims are pretty typical however extra documentation such as proof of negligence is required to analyze the case’s worth before releasing the approval. 

Wrongful imprisonment 

Loans for wrongful imprisonment lawsuits are easy to obtain as long as a certificate of innocence and the summons and complaint are available. These documents help you qualify for the cash advance with impressively low rates.


To learn more on what types of cases we fund, visit our Cases We Fund page here

Get a lawsuit loan from from your pending claim from a funding provider that cares.

Baker Street Funding is in the business of providing much-needed financial support to personal injury victims and civil rights claimants while their attorney fights for the compensation that they are rightfully due in their lawsuit. Insurance companies are powerful entities, and because of that, they can delay paying out compensation in civil cases for years. They try to fight every claim so that they can pay the lowest amount possible for your injuries and damages.

Baker Street Funding helps you level the playing field against these large insurance companies to provide you with financial resources to pay your bills and help you avoid taking a smaller settlement than you deserve out of desperation.

At Baker Street Funding, we pride ourselves on providing victims with financial solutions to not only give them the cash they need but tailor our advances to make sure that it is their best financial decision at the time. We strive to educate everyone by providing valuable information to make sure that victims are familiar with the risks and repayment of the advance.

Plaintiffs who find themselves in financial distress during litigations have overwhelmingly chosen us because of the high level of service, low-rate offers, and quick funds. We encourage you to compare our lawsuit financing services against our competitors and work with whomever makes you feel most comfortable.

To learn more about how a pending lawsuit loan may be beneficial for you, you can reach out to us for a professional guide and free consultations. Remember, a pending lawsuit loan is a cash advance based on your pending settlement proceeds provided on a contingency basis, meaning you owe us nothing if you lose the case. 

Ultimately, lawsuit cash advances are 100% risk-free.

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