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How Pending Lawsuit Loans Work: Learn About Cash Advances Against Lawsuits

Due to the protracted nature of pending lawsuit settlements, the demand for pending lawsuit loans has skyrocketed in recent times. As such, if you are looking to get pre-settlement funding, know that you are not the only one — there are countless other people out there doing the same. Thankfully, you don’t have to look further because you just found the right lawsuit lending company — Baker Street Funding. 

Because lawsuit claims can take a while to resolve, plaintiffs are often faced with financial hardships, which tend to put pressure on them to settle early and settle for ridiculous offers from the defendant’s insurance company or defense attorneys.

If you have been backed into a complex place in your litigation and you need financial aid (as in cash advance on your pending lawsuit), plaintiffs should consider Baker Street Funding pre-settlement loans.

Our pending lawsuit loans can take the financial pressure off you and your attorney and prevent you from making irrational decisions like settling for less than your case is worth. Before plaintiffs apply for a cash advance on a pending lawsuit, we always insist that you familiarize yourself with the realities of pending lawsuit loans. 

Let’s step on the brakes for a bit and address the questions about pending lawsuit loans that are making the rounds.

Question #1: What are the release amounts for pending lawsuit loans?

Depending on the nature of your claims and how injured you are, a lawsuit loan company like Baker Street Funding will offer between 10% and 20% of your potential settlement amount. This cash advance on that pending lawsuit is given by our underwriters, who, once they review your case, give your lawsuit a present fair value.

However, at Baker Street Funding, we can negotiate on a custom amount to accommodate your financial needs. 

While you are at it, it is always best to discuss with your attorney to determine your approximate settlement amount before applying for a cash advance on your pending lawsuit settlement.

Question #2: What interest rates do lenders charge on pending lawsuit loans?

Like every other profession, there are unethical and unprofessional entities posing as trustworthy lawsuit loan companies. These lenders don’t disclose their interest rates and often keep information from their clients. They can offer interest rates north of 200% and won’t show you the whole contract. They will often request that you go to your attorney’s office to sign the contract and not show you the entire agreement.

Here is an insider tip.

Always go for lenders that offer between 1% to 3.4% monthly rates or 20% to 41% interest rates annually. At Baker Street Funding, we are extremely well-capitalized and can provide lower lawsuit loan rates than other lenders. We will match or beat any contract. 

Baker Street Funding delivers low-cost cash advances for pending lawsuits between 1% and 3.4% simple interest rates monthly. But that’s not all. The icing on the cake is that, unlike other lawsuit loan companies, our rates are monthly non-compounding. It’s always best to take out only what you need to cover your immediate financial commitments and legal expenses. You can always re-apply for an additional pending lawsuit loan if you run out of cash.

Question #3: Can plaintiffs apply for a pending lawsuit loan without the attorney’s cooperation?

Your attorney is expected to present the lender with the required case documents to qualify for a cash advance on a pending lawsuit. Often these documents include:

1. Medical records 

2. Police report

3. Ambulance report 

4. A current value of the case

5. Insurance limits 

To save you the stress of making these submissions, Baker Street Funding will get them from your attorney. We will work with them to approve you for the best amount possible for your pending lawsuit loan. A cash advance on a pending lawsuit is easy to obtain if your attorney cooperates with the lender.

Question #4: Should I let my attorney know that I am applying for funding?

To make the process of getting your pending lawsuit loan smoother and faster, it’s always best to notify your attorneys beforehand about your intention to take out lawsuit loans. Since the lender will need to go through your case file with your attorney before approving, it best to have your attorney in the know and carry them along at all times to avoid delays.

Last but not least, getting a cash advance on your lawsuit will buy your attorney ample time to build a strong case and potentially win the best settlement award.

Question #5: What is the process of getting a cash advance on my pending lawsuit settlement?

At Baker Street Funding, we understand the essence of time and how much plaintiffs stand to lose if they cannot find the financial help they need. In addition to paying medical bills and catering to other financial commitments, a cash advance for a pending lawsuit could save both the plaintiffs and their families from any form of financial embarrassments like quit notices and repossessions. 

Considering all we have discussed so far, we leverage the best technologies to ensure that plaintiffs get a pre-settlement cash advance without breaking a sweat.

How does a pending lawsuit loan works?

1. You start by filling out our short application form online.

2. Our professional underwriters quickly evaluate your lawsuit loan application and determine if your case qualifies for the cash advance.

3. If you qualify, we will send a contract to be dually signed by you and your attorney.

4. Once we receive the signed contract, we will immediately send the funds within an hour or two.

There you have it. Simple and straightforward, and you will agree that getting cash advance against your lawsuit settlement from Baker Street Funding is indeed easy.

But that’s not all! 

Beyond our easy pending lawsuit loan application process, we also save you the stress of credit checks and employment checks. And you know what that means. A bad credit score or history can leave plaintiffs with little or no resources to continue their legal battle, but don’t let that hinder your chances of getting approval for a Baker Street Funding cash advance. We do not check your credit status.

Getting a pending lawsuit loan from a lender that cares

Baker Street Funding offers low rates and quick cash advances against pending lawsuits, also known as pre-settlement advances, to plaintiffs who find themselves in financial distress during litigations. In simple terms, we offer low-cost cash advances based on your pending settlement proceeds. 

To learn more about how a pending lawsuit loan may be beneficial for you, you can reach out to us for a professional guide and free consultations. A pending lawsuit loan is provided on a contingency basis, meaning you owe us nothing if you lose the case. Also, our cash advance is 100% risk-free.

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