Docs required for legal funding

What Documentation Is Required For Lawsuit Funding?

When you or your attorney apply for personal injury lawsuit funding, the settlement lender you choose sets the criteria for what documentation is required. Fortunately, the case documentation requested is usually similar across funders.

What we require.

The below documentation, separated by claim type, is required for Baker Street Funding to assess a settlement funding application. If some of the documents listed below are not available, we may still approve the application. For any questions regarding the documents listed below or lack of documentation, contact us directly at 888-711-3599.

You can provide documents through email:

Please include the contact information for both the attorney and any support staff as well as the plaintiff. Additionally, please include the plaintiff’s full legal name, date of birth, and address.

Documents required by personal injury case type.

Below is a list of pre-settlement funding documents and information Baker Street Funding may require.

Motor vehicle accident

  • Police/crash report
  • Insurance declaration page
  • Emergency room report and/or initial medical evaluation
  • Post operation reports (if available)
  • MRI, CT ccan, x-ray reports
  • Demand letter and/or summons and complaint

Premise liability (slip and fall)

  • Police report/incident report/EMS report
  • Photos of area and/or video footage
  • Demand letter and/or summons and complaint
  • Insurance declaration page
  • Emergency room report and/or initial medical evaluation
  • Post operation reports (if available)
  • MRI, CT scan, x-ray reports

Medical malpractice

  • Expert report(s)
  • Demand letter and/or summons and complaint
  • Insurance declaration page
  • Supporting medical documents 
  • Bill of particulars

Wrongful death

  • Death certificate
  • Medical files
  • Insurance information
  • Expert report
  • S&C or demand

Wrongful imprisonment

  • Certificate of innocence
  • The summons and complaint

Settled cases

  • Settlement documents
  • Lien acknowledgement
  • General release
  • Estimated disbursement date

What plaintiffs can do if the application is denied.

A pre-settlement funding company can deny a lawsuit loan application for several reasons. A case may be too early to fund. It’s also possible that the plaintiffs asked for additional funds than the funder thinks the case is worth.

If a settlement loan application gets denied, there are a few steps a plaintiff can take to improve the chances of getting a lawsuit loan in the future:

  • Ask the company for the exact reason the lawsuit loan application was denied
  • Review the case to find out when it case will have higher value or settle
  • Improve medical treatments by getting the surgery or injections recomended by a doctor
  • Request a smaller funding amount
  • Consider waiting 3 months before applying to see if the case has progressed since the last time funding was requested.

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