Attorney Line Of Credit

Designed to help you increase your law firm’s cash flow.

At Baker Street Funding, we offer a line of credit for contingency-fee attorneys and law firms with either a single case or a portfolio of cases. Attorneys can use our revolving line of credit multiple times, and are perfect if you need fast access to funds. Leverage your firm’s receivable fees into current capital. Our attorney line of credit can help secure financing for your law firm’s costs and other expenses at 2% flat monthly interest rates. We also provide the refinancing of an existing agreement at the same rate. That is lower than banks and other litigation funding companies— all in 72 hours or less.

Attorney line of credit

An attorney line of credit allows law firms to gain access to capital to cover daily operations and expenses without drawing down on their own resources. Attorneys are able to draw and pay back to their credit line as cases progress, settle, and new cases come in.

Invest back into your contingency fee law firm and meet your capital needs.

At Baker Street Funding, we are well aware of the struggles faced by contingency fee attorneys and law firms when they’re desperately searching for capital to continue moving forward with their cases. A line of credit for your law firm from Baker Street Funding will ensure that your business continues to thrive while you wait for your settlements to pay out. Rather than worrying about your cash flow and resources, you can focus on your settlements and litigation and ensure that you get a better payout at the end of the day.

How it works.

process 1

Submit your case

After you submit your funding request application, if interest is showed, we will provide you with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to sign.

process 2


Then, you will submit the soingle or portfolio of cases for funding consideration.

process 3


The due diligence process tales 72 hours.

process 4


If your request fits within our investment mandate, we will provide you with a term sheet and a financing agreement. Once you sign it, the capital will be deployed directly to you in the method that best fits you.

Enjoy the flexibility of our revolving law firm line of credit for plaintiff’s attorneys.

A line of credit for contingency fee attorneys will provide lawyers with enough flexibility to continue growing their business while maximizing their cash flow.

Litigation funding law firms

Revolving credit lines.

Our line of credit for lawyers feature revolving loan terms, and you only pay interest on the drawn funds. Continuously pull from our revolving line of credit while you pay it down over time— meaning if you have a $100k line, but you take out $50k, you only pay interest on the $50k.

Non-compounding interest.

Meet your and your client's needs with a line of credit that matches the amount of money needed. Get 2% non-compounding interest per month.

Litigation advance
Portfolio litigation funding

72-hour funding process.

Our due diligence process takes 72 hours after we discuss questions regarding your portfolio of cases and litigation experience.

Top funding experts.

In order to compete with a well-funded defendant, Baker Street Funding credit lines ensure attorneys have access to leading funding experts.

Law firm portfolio finance

A law firm line of credit for attorneys has its benefits.

Pay your employees and providers

The day-to-day running of a law firm means that associates, attorneys, and administrative staff have to get paid. Our funding ensures that attorneys have enough capital to guarantee their staff's salary.

Pay for expenses related to litigation

Litigation comes with its own expenses, and although certain lawyers and firms are satisfied with settlements, litigation becomes a must in some instances. Ensure you have enough capital to go through the litigation process with an attorney line of credit.

Strengthen your case

Many defense teams are very well funded, and attorneys need considerable resources to stay up to date with corporate entities. At Baker Street Funding, we ensure that our clients get all they need to keep up with their opponents.

Wide usage

Use the credit line for a number of things, as long as these things are related to the work of the concerned firm or attorney.

The decision is easy. Apply for an attorney line of credit today.

At a time when nothing is certain, Baker Street Funding seeks to offer lawyers the certainty and stability they need in order to achieve true justice. Our attorney line of credit is a great option that you can rely upon in times of great need. Achieve your aims and those of your clients as thoroughly as possible.


This financing option is more favorable when compared to bank loans, even more so when one considers that qualifying for bank loans is extremely difficult.

Furthermore, even when one qualifies for traditional lending options, they’ll end up having to pay high-interest rates, while the capital received might not be enough.

Contrary to banks, at Baker Street Funding, we know that your case portfolio retains considerable value within itself. That is why we look toward one’s case portfolio and not the attorney’s personal assets when deciding the approval. Accordingly, this means that one’s credit score has little impact when it comes to deciding whether an attorney or a firm will get approval.

Winning cases is not always easy. In fact, considerable resources are usually needed in order to accomplish such a feat.

Unfortunately, many attorneys and clients do not have the necessary working capital to fight their case, even though they know that they are on the right side of justice, and this can be disheartening, to say the least.

Some attorneys have to wait years to receive payment for their services. For example, when it comes to personal injury suits, it is seen that such cases usually take years to settle.
Furthermore, even when a settlement is reached, legal fees can be affected by considerable delays, even more so when the case at hand involves minors, governments, or other international actors.

Given this scenario, lawyers and law firms have a difficult task in front of them. It can be said that every legal aspect of a case requires the investment of considerable capital, and attorneys, therefore, need access to such capital in order to be successful when tackling cases.

You will be looking at 2% simple interest rate per month.

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