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If you are going through difficult times due to your lawsuit in HI, we bring you good news—low rate and risk-free settlement loans in Hawaii. Apply for a lawsuit loan to qualify your case in the Aloha State and get same day funding today.

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Get a low-interest rate lawsuit loan in Hawaii.

Thankfully, the era of settling for less and taking out lawsuit loans in Hawaii at outrageous rates are over. You can now take out low-interest rates lawsuit funding in Hawaii in record time. Thus, saving you from the temptation of settling early. Also, you get to buy your attorney enough time to build a strong case and win the best settlement for your case. We also provide additional funding for those who have a previous loan from another legal funding company. You can always apply for a second lawsuit loan. Our professional funding skills and knowledge are at your disposal. Contact us today, and get started with your case evaluation. 

The advantage of lawsuit funding for Hawaiians.

Risk-free lawsuit loans in Hawaii

What we offer at Baker Street Funding is best described as a cash advance, which is non-recourse. Non-recourse loans mean that repayment of the cash advance is contingent on the case settling in your favor. Unlike traditional loans from banks, you are under no obligation to repay both principal and interest if your case doesn't settle at all.

No credit check

At Baker Street Funding, we don't go digging up your credit history. Regardless of your credit score, you could get approved for our lawsuit loans.

No employment check

We don't consider your employment status as part of our evaluation criteria. We understand how difficult it is to keep your job during litigations and especially after an accident. We are only concerned about helping you win the best settlement for your case. So, don't hesitate to apply for your lawsuit loans in Hawaii today.

Why Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Hawaii?

Dealing with litigations in Utah is enough stress on its own, and going through tedious lawsuit loan applications is not making the burden lighter. If you are ever in need of quick pre-settlement funding in Utah to tide you over during your lawsuit, Baker Street Funding could be your savior. All of these fantastic offers are the chip of the iceberg. You can find out more about our lawsuit loans by putting a call through to us at 888-711-3599 now​. See the reasons why Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans in Utah may be right for you:

See the Hawaii pre-settlement funding process.

At Baker Street Funding, getting lawsuit loans can’t get any easier. We have the best team of legal funding experts who know personal injury laws of Hawaii and they are on standby to process your case evaluation. See how easy we’ve made it:

step 1


All you have to do is fill out our short application form online, make sure your attorney cooperates, and you are done.

step 2

Case evaluation

Once your case file gets through to us from your lawyer, our underwriters will immediately contact your attorney to further discuss your case's details and complete the approval process.

step 3


Once you are approved, you will get a contract in a minimum of 24 hours from the time your council sends all documentation.

step 4


Upon full execution of the funding agreements by you and your attorney in Hawaii, you'll get paid within 2-24 hours, depending on how you want the funds dispersed.

Upon Approval of your lawsuit loans, you get to use your money; however you deem it best. Plaintiffs should use the money responsibly to pay only the necessary bills to push their case for a better offer and strengthen their stance. 

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We have provided financial aid to countless plaintiffs in the Aloha State. If you are looking to get low rates lawsuit loans in Hawaii, contact Baker Street Funding for free consultations or fill out our application form online now.

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Hawaii (HI) personal injury laws, statistics, facts, and legal funding.

With over 130 volcanic islands and a population of over 1.4 million, Hawaii is regarded as one of the most diverse and 13th most densely populated states in the United States. Hawaii is also famous for its long coastline, clear skylines, picturesque beaches, and warm tropical climate. No wonder Hawaii is a choice destination for many tourists. Even with its large population, Hawaii is still the eighth smallest state geographically.

Sadly, this ever-busy and bubbling state is still grappling with protracted litigations. Often plaintiffs are coerced into settling early and taking ridiculous offers from defense attorneys and the defendants’ insurance company. Legal financing companies exist to help cushion the financial burden of Hawaiian plaintiffs while their case is still not settled. In this guide, learn more about Hawaiian laws, facts surrounding personal injury claims, and how legal funding may be the right choice for you.

Commuting on Hawaii roads calls for extra caution. Even though the Hawaii Department of Transportation aims at achieving zero deaths, traffic accidents statistics show that a lot still has to be done.

In 2019, the Hawaii traffic-related death toll went up 18% from the 2018 record. Out of the 37 traffic accident fatalities that were recorded between January 1 and August 28, 2019:

•16 were pedestrians

•11 were vehicle occupants 

•6 were motorcycles, and 

•2 were bicyclists.

This report shows that every road user needs to be safely cautious at all times. Each year there are approximately 10,000 serious automobile accidents in Hawaii. Of this number, at least 40% of the fatalities involved alcohol. 

Other causes of car accidents in Hawaii include:

1. Speeding 

2. Distracted driving

3. Reckless driving 

4. Unsafe lane changes

5. Tailgating, and 

6. Road rage.

As of 2017, the traffic fatality rate was 7.5 per 100,000 of the population. In Hawaii, victims of car accidents are entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential, among other losses. 

Baker Street Funding offers low rate car accident loans in Hawaii. Contact us today, and let’s guide you on how to go about your application from a legal funding company that cares.

Hawaii operates the modified comparative fault law when determining how much compensation is due to injured parties in an accident. This rule allows the court to reduce the plaintiff’s compensation by a percentage equal to how much the courts deem the plaintiff to be at-fault.

So, if you are found to be 20% at-fault for your injuries, your compensation amount will be reduced by 20%. 

However, you will be barred from getting compensation if you are more than 50% at fault for your injuries.

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases (particularly medical malpractice) in Hawaii can only claim up to $375,000 in compensation because of Hawaii’s cap on non-economic damages. 

If you are ever in need of fast and low rates of personal injury loans in Hawaii, contact us. Our financial resources are at your beckon.

Regardless of whether you are filing a medical malpractice lawsuit, personal injury, or car accident claims, there is a time limit within which you are expected to file your lawsuit.

This time limit is statutory, and it’s different for every state and case. If you miss this time limit, you will lose your right to sue for damages.

Here are the Civil Statutes of Limitations in Hawaii:

  • Injury to person — 2 years
  • Libel/Slander — 2 years 
  • Fraud — 2 years
  • Injury to personal property — 2 years
  • Medical Malpractice — 2 years
  • Trespass — 2 years
  • Collection of Rents — 6 years
  • Contracts — 6 years
  • Collection of debt on account — 6 years
  • Judgment — 10 years

Always remember that every second is priceless during litigations. Don’t hesitate to file your claims, and remember to consult with your attorney for expert advice. 

Our lawsuit loans are available in virtually all cities and counties in Hawaii. 

Cities We Have Funded So Far in Hawaii:

1. Urban Honolulu 

2. East Honolulu 

3. Hilo 

4. Pearl City

5. Waipahu

6. Kailua CDP

7. Kaneohe 

8. Kahulu 

9. Miliani Town

10. Ewa Gentry

11. Kihei

12. Kapolei

13. Makakilo 

14. Mililani Mauka 

15. Schofield Barracks

Counties We Have Funded So Far in Hawaii:

1. Honolulu County

2. Hawaii County

3. Maui County 

4. Kauai County

5. Kalawao County 

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