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Fire departments constitute an essential public utility to counter emergency situations and function under the state’s control. Fire trucks being huge fire extinguishers, are often seen rushing on the roads to reach where an emergency has occurred. These are sometimes the biggest vehicles on the road and can be difficult to drive safely, let alone in emergencies when they’re seen speeding at around 75 miles per hour too. Owing to the emergencies they deal with, fire trucks are exempted from following traffic laws worldwide. However, like all other emergency vehicles, they too reserve the right of way, which means that drivers and motorists are obligated to pull over, and leave the way for an oncoming fire truck.

Accidents, legal claims, and challenges for the victims

Due to the hustle and rush, fire trucks can sometimes cause tragedies on the road. Road traffic accidents involving a speeding, colossal fire truck do not have pleasant outcomes at most times, and victims can sustain severe, fatal injuries, often resulting in deaths. Accidents involving negligence either by the fire-truck driver or the department are actionable torts, entitling victims to sue the relevant persons. Post-accident, financial recovery for a victim by way of a lawsuit can as well be an ordeal in itself. This is because fire trucks are state-owned vehicles, functioning for a noble scheme of saving the public from more considerable harm and valuing human lives. Since the state is involved in a lawsuit, the notion of sovereign immunity enjoyed by the government can come in the way too. This further makes it difficult for the victim to claim compensation for the losses they have sustained out of the accident.

Causes of fire truck accidents

There are a number of reasons why fire trucks may get into a road accident, most of these pertaining to public conduct towards fire trucks and emergencies. It is reported that motorists and drivers still seem unconditioned and unaware of how to pull over and give way to an approaching fire truck when they see one. As a result, many deliberately do not stop. At other times, people curious in knowing just stop by an emergency to see and record what’s happening. This turns out frustrating in an emergency, and truck drivers are compelled to maneuver and overtake them, giving way to accidents. 

Accidents may also be caused due to firefighters’ own fault. The person driving the fire truck could be exhausted or fatigued from working long hours. They could be under the influence or simply be negligent towards the safety of other motorists sharing the road.

Firetruck accident pre-settlement legal funding

Despite all adversities and difficulties likely to be faced in a fire truck accident, victims must go for a legal remedy if they wish to secure compensation for their losses. They can recover past medical costs and future medical expenses for their treatment and therapies, along with compensation for physical and psychological harm, loss of opportunities, income, and quality of living. 

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