Neurological Disorders

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neurological disorder lawsuit funding

A neurological disorder is any damage accrued to the nervous system and resulting in the abnormal activity of the brain, nerves, or spinal cord. These disorders can be natural or caused by another person’s negligence. The injuries that result in neurological disorders are known as nervous system injuries. Victims suffering from such injuries and conditions due to no fault of their own or others’ negligence are owed compensation under the umbrella of personal injury lawsuits. 

The nervous system is responsible for carrying messages from the brain to other parts of the body, and vice versa. Since the brain and spinal cord make a nervous system’s very structure, any injuries sustained upon both of these organs counts as a nervous system injury. Both of these organs are highly vulnerable, hence making the nervous system injuries deadly. In most cases, the victims are left with life-altering effects, characterized by permanent disability and dependence on external support. Courts across the country entertain hundreds of claims against nervous system injuries sustained and the consequences of neurological disorders suffered due to those injuries. 

In the most typical personal injury claims about nervous system injuries, the plaintiffs are only required to establish the detriment suffered due to the injury caused to them. Moreover, if the liable party is an employer, the court assesses if a duty of care existed and whether it was breached. In road traffic accidents, the courts only adjudge if the conduct of the driver who is at fault was unreasonable as per a reasonable bystander. If the answer is affirmative, the quantum of damage deserved by the victim is assessed and awarded.

How Are Nervous System Injuries Suffered?

There can be a lot of ways in which a person may sustain nervous system injuries. Although road traffic accidents and injuries at work account for the only major causes of nervous system injuries, other factors include being hit by objects falling from a height, assault and deliberate blows on the body, medical negligence, and accidents during an ill-performed surgery, and falling on the floor. For the nature of work they do, construction workers and those working at heights are at an increased risk of suffering from these injuries. 

Nervous System Injuries Break Down

These injuries usually include either a blow to the spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries. Damage to the spinal cord can cause permanent paralysis, only in the body area below the spine’s spot of the injury. It is easy to conclude that injuries get severe and affect a greater part of the body when sustained higher up in the spine. These injuries are mostly permanent and cannot be reversed, impairing the victim’s significant abilities for their entire lives.

Traumatic brain injuries, on the other hand, result from severe wounds on the head and skull. These are majorly suffered in car accidents, falls, and fights. In most cases, traumatic brain injuries are not apparent or even visible. However, the harm caused inside is deadly. A person may suffer from diffuse injuries, which involve displacement of the brain inside the skull towards the front end. This is when the head is brought to severe thrusts and can result in blockage and permanent blood vessel damage. Moreover, brain death may occur if the blood supply is hindered even for a while.

Victims of injuries may also be subject to open wounds, where the skull is cracked open, exposing the brain to external injury. These are mostly seen in cases of high falls or when a sharp object hits the head. Persons involved in fatal car accidents are also found suffering from crushing injuries, whereby the head is stuck between two objects and crushed in between. Injuries inflicted upon the head are extremely pernicious since they involve the brain and the body’s central nervous function. Almost all persons suffering from injuries to the brain or spine are rendered disabled, and hence at an advantage of bringing in a successful lawsuit action to recover adequate compensation and damages for their injuries.

Neurological Disorder Lawsuit Funding

Victims of severe nervous system injuries require immediate medical attention and major surgeries, where required. More so, they are unable to carry out even the most basic tasks, let alone work to make their ends meet. To them, this acts as a deterrent to pursuing litigation against the perpetrators. To help victims pay for their own expenses while pursuing a neurological disorder lawsuit in parallel, pre-settlement financing companies offer lawsuit funding programs that the victims can avail of. Personal injury loans are quite distinct from conventional loans and do not entail any strict checks or prerequisites. 

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