Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit Loans

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Cerebral palsy lawsuit loans

Cerebral palsy can significantly impact a child’s life and their family’s financial stability. If medical mistakes during childbirth or prenatal care contributed to this condition, a cerebral palsy lawsuit might be the key to securing necessary treatments and easing financial burdens.

What You Need to Know About Cerebral Palsy and its Causes

Cerebral palsy results from injuries to the developing brain, often around the time of birth. This condition affects a person’s ability to control their muscles, which ultimately leads to limitations in movement, balance, and posture. The impact of cerebral palsy varies—some victims might face minor difficulties with movement, while others may need extensive daily medical care.

Symptoms like seizures, vision problems, or impairments in speaking and hearing aren’t uncommon. But the severity of these symptoms can range widely among those affected. That’s why early detection and intervention are critical as they can significantly enhance a child’s quality of life.

If you’re facing this diagnosis and believe medical mistakes during childbirth or prenatal care are to blame, you have the right to seek answers and compensation. A lawsuit provides financial relief for treatments and care and also pushes for accountability from those responsible for the negligence.

Why Consider a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

Cerebral palsy represents not only a medical diagnosis but a lifelong journey of challenges and expenses for the affected child and their loved ones. When this condition stems from medical mistakes, you’re entitled to seek compensation and support through a legal claim. Here’s why taking action matters:

  1. Medical Errors. At the heart of many palsy cases is medical malpractice. This can occur through various forms of negligence, such as lack of oxygen or mishandling during delivery. These errors can leave families facing unexpected futures and are often grounds for palsy settlements.
  2. Birth-Related Injuries. Mistakes during the birthing process, like improper use of tools or a delayed C-section delivery leading to oxygen shortage, can directly cause cerebral palsy and justify a lawsuit.
  3. Infections Gone Untreated. When healthcare providers overlook or mismanage infections in expecting mothers, it risks inflaming and damaging the developing baby’s brain, possibly leading to cerebral palsy. Such oversight can and should be fought in court.
  4. Medication Mismanagement. Prescribing harmful medication during pregnancy, with known risks to the child, is a serious oversight that can lead to cerebral palsy. It can form a valid basis for a claim.
  5. Financial Compensation. Managing cerebral palsy involves an array of medical treatments, including surgery, braces, and various therapies, all of which can be quite costly. This financial burden can overwhelm you as you strive to provide the best care for your child. A financial settlement provides you with monetary relief and treatment costs for your child to receive the best possible care without compromising your family’s financial stability.
  6. Demanding Accountability. Beyond financial compensation, your lawsuit serves a broader purpose. It holds responsible parties accountable, and pushes for improved medical standards and practices to prevent future negligence.
  7. Emotional Satisfaction. Filing a lawsuit may also bring you a sense of justice and closure, knowing you’ve done everything you can to advocate for your child

Eligibility for Filing a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

If your child has cerebral palsy that may be linked to medical errors during pregnancy, birth, or immediately afterward, you, as a parent or legal guardian, have the right to file a lawsuit. Common instances of medical malpractice include delays in required procedures, inadequate response to fetal distress, and failure to treat maternal or infant infections.

Additionally, adults with cerebral palsy, who are capable of making their own legal decisions, can file a lawsuit on their own behalf. This is subject to the lawsuit being within the statute of limitations, which varies by state.

Statute of Limitations: Time is of the Essence

As mentioned, the timeframe for filing a cerebral palsy lawsuit varies by state. To avoid missing critical deadlines, you should immediately consult with a specialized palsy attorney. Even if you think it’s too late, exceptions that extend your filing window might apply.

Pre-Settlement Funding for Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits: Bridging Financial Gaps

Pre-settlement funding for cerebral palsy lawsuits provides financial assistance to families awaiting the resolution of a lawsuit for medical malpractice that resulted in cerebral palsy. This type of funding is essentially a cash advance against the future settlement or award from your injury lawsuit. It’s designed to help cover immediate financial needs such as medical bills, treatment costs, living expenses, and care requirements, so that you and your family can maintain a stable life while pursuing justice for your child.

How It Works

  1. Application. The family or the attorney representing the case applies for funding with a company like Baker Street Funding that specializes in pre-settlement advances. The application includes details about your lawsuit, the nature of the medical malpractice, and the expected outcome of the case.
  2. Evaluation. With your attorney, Baker Street Funding then reviews the case to assess its strength, the likelihood of a successful settlement or verdict of the lawsuit, and the potential compensation amount. This process typically involves examining medical records, legal filings, and expert opinions and takes 24 hours.
  3. Approval and Funding. For approval, there needs to be clear negligence by the medical provider that led to the diagnosis or exacerbation of cerebral palsy, and your attorney is required to cooperate with the lender. If your case is approved, we’ll offer a cash advance to you and your family. This amount is based on the estimated settlement and the immediate financial needs of your family.
  4. Repayment. Repayment of the advance, along with any fees or interest, is contingent upon the successful resolution of your Palsy lawsuit. If your lawsuit is settled or a judgment is awarded in your favor, Baker Street Funding is repaid from the proceeds of the settlement by your attorney. If the injury case doesn’t result in a settlement or favorable judgment, you and your family aren’t required to pay the advance back.

Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding for Your Family

  • Immediate Financial Relief. Pre-settlement funding provides families with the financial resources needed to manage the high costs associated with cerebral palsy care and treatment, as well as everyday living expenses.
  • No Risk Repayment. Since repayment is contingent on a successful lawsuit outcome, there’s no risk to you or your family. If your case doesn’t win, you don’t owe anything.
  • Allows for Full Litigation. With financial pressures eased, you and your attorney can take the time needed to fully pursue the case without feeling pressured to accept a lower settlement offer quickly.


  • Costs. Interest rates and fees for pre-settlement funding can vary widely, so it’s important to understand the terms before accepting the advance.
  • Selection of a Provider. Choosing a reputable funding company with experience in cerebral palsy lawsuits is crucial for transparent terms and understanding of the case’s specific needs.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Cerebral palsy can change a family’s life forever, but remember, you’re not alone. Baker Street Funding specializes in helping families like yours access the financial support necessary for comprehensive care and a brighter future, with funding decisions made within 24 hours of receiving your case details.

Call us now at (888) 711-3599 to discover how we can support your family’s journey towards justice and financial stability. 

Our cerebral palsy lawsuit loans are a risk-free and safe option for those in need—if your case isn’t successful, there’s no obligation to repay the funds. Rates start at 2.95% non-compounding per month, capped in 3 years. Apply today.

Ease your burden with pre-settlement funding

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