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No matter what your reason for taking out a personal injury lawsuit loan(s) may be, Baker Street Funding can help you get your money fast—and make sure the process is stress-free.

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Personal injury loans

Are you looking to borrow funds from your injury lawsuit? Has your accident placed you in a tight financial situation? Whatever the case may be, Baker Street Funding is a great option to get a quick cash advance from your pending personal injury claim—and surgery, if needed. Get the financial assistance you need through any stage of your legal battle with low rates personal injury loans. Take care of your immediate needs while you anticipate a fair settlement or for the case to be decided in court.

What are personal injury loans?

A personal injury loan is a risk-free financial service that helps injury plaintiffs with pending lawsuit settlements get cash advances from their lawsuits — usually within a day or two. Also known as legal financing, a personal injury loan is a non-recourse loan that uses your settlement prospects as collateral. Personal injury loans tend to range from $1,500 to $2 million — depending on the strength of your case. The best part, there are no credit or job checks and you only repay the borrowed funds if you win your case. Ultimately, lawsuit loans provide accident victims like you get financial assistance so you can take charge of your daily expenses while pursuing justice. 

What are personal injury loans?

A personal injury loan is a risk-free financial service that helps injury plaintiffs with pending lawsuit settlements get cash advances from their lawsuits — usually within a day or two. Also known as legal financing, a personal injury loan is a non-recourse loan that uses your settlement prospects as collateral. Personal injury loans tend to range from $1,500 to $2 million — depending on the strength of your case. The best part, there are no credit or job checks and you only repay the borrowed funds if you win your case. Ultimately, lawsuit loans provide accident victims like you get financial assistance so you can take charge of your daily expenses while pursuing justice. 

How it works.

Whether you are the victim of a car accident, medical malpractice, or have a wrongful death claim, qualifying for a cash advance on your injury lawsuit is easy, all you need is an attorney representing you.

Injury loans process step 1

Apply for a personal injury loan

Apply for your personal injury lawsuit loan in seconds.​

Personal injury lawsuit loans evaluation

We review you case documents

Underwriting will then contact your attorney for a 24-hour case review. ​

Personal injury pre settlement loans approval

You get the funding agreement

Upon approval, we will send you and your attorney the funding contract to be dually executed.

Personal injury lawsuit cash advance money

You get your funds fast

Upon dual execution of our contract, we will send you the money within 2-4 hours from us receiving the agreement.

See the injury loan advantages.

There are no job or credit score verifications, and it is risk-free. 

Helping personal injury victims choose better loans.

Getting a loan against your personal injury lawsuit settlement should be a no-hassle experience. We understand that finding the money to deal with your debt can be stressful when injured, but this doesn’t have to define your financial future. Baker Street Funding provides injured plaintiffs quick access to cash advances from their potential settlement in as little as one business day. Our personal injury settlement funding program is designed to bring you the financial relief you need quickly.

Personal injury loans should not be complicated.

Get a more prominent settlement offer by funding your injury lawsuit, today. You could have access to the money you need within 24 hours. With so many gimmicks flooding the internet and taking advantage of unsuspecting plaintiffs, it’s best to look out for a legitimate company that cares. Plaintiffs have the option of getting funding from highly-rated companies like Baker Street Funding, who provides low rates for victims with all types of personal injury cases.

Get a more prominent settlement offer by funding your injury lawsuit, today. You could have access to the money you need within 24 hours. With so many gimmicks flooding the internet and taking advantage of unsuspecting plaintiffs, it’s best to look out for a legitimate company that cares. Plaintiffs have the option of getting funding from highly-rated companies like Baker Street Funding, who provides low rates for victims with all types of personal injury cases.

Low rates

We help you save on interest, interested?

Baker Street Funding features substantially lower rates for personal injury victims looking for a low-cost advance. Get much lower interest rates, and if someone offers you a contract, we will beat their costs. Guaranteed.​

Let's get you funded fast.

Baker Street Funding is a top-rated personal injury lawsuit funding company designed to quickly assist accident victims, no matter how big or small your case is. Get funded fast so you can get the compensation you are entitled to. ​

Fast lawsuit loans

We got your back with much better service.

At Baker Street Funding we understand that finding the money you need, can be stressful. That's why we take pride in treating every injured plaintiff with priority.

Kiss hidden shady fees good bye.

Unlike other injury loan companies in the United States, we don't burden our clients with upfront costs or hidden charges, or even hidden contracts pages. Get your personal injury settlement advance with a transparent agreement, all pricing will be on page 2 of our contract. ​


Personal injury settlement loans tailored just for you.

Solutions for injured victims with settled claims.

Accident, negligence, or intentional acts can demolish your life because tort cases can take an unreasonably long time to settle. Most post-settlements take up to 6 months to pay off, while others can take years. Our personal injury settlement loans can help cover your bills while you wait for your settlement payment to arrive.

Automatically qualify.

If your injury case has settled for $50,000 or more, you automatically qualify for a personal injury settlement loan(s).

Access part of your settlement cash.

Get post-settlement funding for your injury claim and access part of your award until it arrives.

Get funds by tomorrow.

With your attorney’s cooperation, you could get a loan from your personal injury settled case by tomorrow.

Learn about settled case  funding

Surgery funding for accident victims.

Baker Street Funding provides surgery funding to injured plaintiffs in need of immediate medical assistance. 

Access better medical care.

Get access to quality healthcare in connection with your injury claim. We will pay for your surgery in cash. ​

Remain reduction friendly.

The underwriting process ensures we can remain reduction-friendly and help strengthen your case.​

Zero risks to you and your surgeon.

There is no risk for surgeons as they are directly paid in full pre-operation. Just like the agreement with your lawyer, if your case doesn’t settle, you owe nothing.​

Learn more about surgery funding loans

See what customers are saying.

I applied for my injury loan advance to pay for past due rent and promptly received very good attention and service from Baker Street Funding and was funded 2 days after my attorney contacted them. I recommend this company for others seeking funding.

rates stars

Baker Street was very friendly and helpful. I was in a situation that I thought I was never going to get out all due to an injury in PA. I had endless expenses! That’s when I got an offer from them. Got my injury lawsuit settlement loan in 2 days!

rates stars

I want to thank Baker Street Funding for pulling through when everyone else wasn’t even coming close to what I needed. I got my personal injury lawsuit advance in 24 hours. My attorney loved the service and I am sending everyone to you!

rates stars

Personal injury settlement loans with much higher approval amounts.

Medical malpractice


The plaintiff suffered from medical mal-practice which resulted in organ damage as a result of a doctor’s negligence during surgery.

Car accident


This client had multiple back surgeries and lost both her arms after a tractor-trailer hit her. The defendant was intoxicated when he crashed into her vehicle.

Wrongful death


This is a wrongful death claim. The victim was given an overdose of medication on top of the abuse that was committed against her after undergoing surgery. 

Get a competitive rate with Baker Street Funding.​

Apply for a personal injury settlement loan online in a matter of seconds! and if you are approved, the money will be deposited in your account in a lump sum.

See our services.


If your case is strong enough, you had surgeries or injections as a result of your accident, and the defendant has taken responsibility for their mistake, you are now automatically pre-approved for a personal injury lawsuit loan. They are fast and straightforward. You can easily qualify if:

  1. You don’t have pre-existing conditions;
  2. The defendant is clearly at fault;
  3. And the severity of the physical injuries is high.

Your lawyer will disperse the payment when the settlement money arrives and after the balance is paid to you.

The only time you can apply on behalf of someone else is:

  • If you are the executor of the plaintiff’s estate or have legal power of attorney for the plaintiff.
  • If the plaintiff is verbally incapacitated and needs assistance filling out our application or discussing the contract.
  • If the plaintiff speaks another language other than Spanish or English and a third party needs to translate information for them.
  • If an attorney is applying on behalf of the plaintiff.

    For example, we fund wrongful death cases in significant quantities. These cases are brought up by plaintiffs in charge of bringing justice to their deceased loved one(s). This restitution will not get a dear one back, but will surely help relieve some of the money problems the victim’s family is undergoing, and we are here to help in every step of the way.

Yes. You can consolidate your previous settlement advance and save money on future funding. We provide an overall lower consolidated rate. You can get up to 20% pre-settlements and up to 50% for post-settlements.

No, you cannot. Baker Street Funding will only work with attorneys that co-operate with us. You can always seek a second opinion if you believe the wrong firm is representing you. 

It’s common knowledge that lawsuits, including personal injury cases, are usually protracted and can eat deep into your pockets. Injury claims can be long and exhausting, especially when you are hurt or disabled. And since most injury claims take at least a year to settle, they could be extremely beneficial for injured plaintiffs during their litigation all the way until it is successfully finalized. Applying for personal injury lawsuit loans has many advantages. They could help accident victims pay rent and their necessities while their cases are pending in court. With this said, if you need money to take care of your current financial situation and have no other place to recur for help, a personal injury settlement loan may be right the right choice for you.​ 

Just ensure you choose a legitimate lawsuit financing company that is fast and will charge you low interest rates.

It takes 24-48 hours to analyze your case from the moment your attorney sends us your claim file until the moment we have a funding decision for you.

After you apply, the following will happen:

  1. One of our experts will quickly call you to go over your case details.
  2. You will need to answer questions about your accident and how it happened. You will provide information about your attorney so we can contact him/her to request your case documents.
  3. Only with your attorney’s full cooperation will we help you get approved and funded in as little as 24 hours.
  4. If you have previous funding and space for us to consolidate your other loan, we can approve you for additional funds.

No. Personal injury loans don’t carry any risk because they are non-recourse. Unprotected or non-recourse financing contracts for injury claims essentially mean that you don’t have to pay back the pre-settlement loan if you lose your case.​ The only ones who take the risk are the funding companies because if you don’t get paid, you don’t get paid. So no, injury loans carry zero risks to you.

Baker Street Legal Funding advises that you only use your loan if you have an emergency or urgent matter. We do not recommend using your lawsuit funds for non-essential matters.

Personal injury settlement loans help victims cover everyday costs.  A cash advance against your pending personal injury settlement proceeds can help you pay down your expenses and settle for a better award. 

There is a lot you can do with Baker Street’s Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans, such as: 

  • Buy Your Attorney More Time: Personal injury loans can buy your attorney more time to build a strong case and win the best settlement for you.
  • Cater to Financial Commitments: Dealing with finances can be tough during litigations because bills won’t stop coming while hurt and out of work. Personal injury lawsuit loans could help you cater to financial commitments like paying medical bills, utility bills, tuition, rent, and even groceries.
  • Get a Better Settlement Offer: Effectively deal with the insurance company’s settlement delay(s) while your case is still pending. ​
RateNon-compounding starting at 24% p/year
Terms2-3 year cap
Funding time24-48 hours
Amounts$1,500 up to $2mm

Learn more about how pre-settlement funding for injury lawsuits work.

As you know now, personal injury lawsuit loans can be used for any purpose without the worry of having your credit or job status checked. The following information will give you an in-depth understanding of how pre-settlement funding for injury claims work, types of cases we fund, common injuries, and more.

Personal injury claim funding list

See some of the personal injury claims we fund.

You may be eligible for funding if your case type is listed below. The following list, while comprehensive is not a full list of the types of personal injury claims we fund, so if you do not see your case type below, we strongly encourage you to call us to see if we are able to fund your lawsuit. For more information on pre-settlement financing for personal injury lawsuits and the types of cases and injuries we fund, please call us today at 888-711-3599.

Personal injury loans

Motor vehicle and car accident loans

Civil rights

Employment and labor lawsuit funding

Corporate litigation funding

Settled Case Funding

See some of the bodily injuries that apply for funding.

The following are common injuries that Baker Street Legal Funding approves the most:​


Your personal injury case and the law

What is a personal injury claim?

According to Black’s Law Dictionary 786 (6th ed. 1990), the term personal injury is defined as: “In a narrow sense, a hurt or damage done to a man’s person, such as a cut or bruise, a broken limb, or the like, as distinguished from an injury to his property or his reputation. The phrase is chiefly used in this connection with actions of tort for negligence…”

The term “personal injury,” when applied in the context of the law, means that an individual (plaintiff) was hurt due to another party’s (defendant) intentional act or negligence. Plaintiffs involved in injury lawsuits generally seek attorneys’ help to finally receive financial compensation awarded for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to physical injury, emotional distress, and loss of wages.

Why file a personal injury lawsuit?

Personal injury cases are filed when victims suffer damages (pain and suffering) or sustain injuries from an accident caused by another person’s negligence or failure to act. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against an individual, the government, corporation, or authorities, including the police.

Statute of limitations.

In general, throughout the U.S.A., most plaintiffs have three years to file a personal injury claim, depending on your state, except for minors. It is essential to file your complaint as soon as you get injured, so you don’t go over time and lose the compensation you need.

Experts tell us that 95 percent to 96 percent of personal injury cases settle pretrial. Since only around four percent of lawsuits go to trial, when it comes to a fair settlement, both parties must agree on the number required.


Personal injury lawsuit funding companies' criteria

Learn more about your injury lawsuit and how a funder may decide if your case is eligible for a loan.

As you are aware now, getting a loan against your lawsuit has no risk. The only one taking a massive risk is the investor investing in your injury case because credit scores or job verification are not a requirement to get approved. We are not holding you personally liable for the advance; we cannot pursue you to pay us if your case doesn’t successfully conclude; therefore, this type of financing can bring a tremendous risk to the funders if the case is not reviewed effectively.

For a lawsuit lending firm to lessen the risk, some critical criteria must be applied before approving an injury case loan. A company won’t provide pre-settlement funds to a plaintiff whose case has tremendous liability concerns with the defendant or minor injuries.

Proving fault in personal injury claims we fund

A reasonable attorney will do all they can to prove your injury claim’s fault as long as it is a legitimate injury caught from the current accident. Proving fault is one of the most challenging jobs, and only legal professional representation can get it done beneficially. If you have injuries from a previous accident, it can become more challenging to prove who is at fault, but not impossible. Medical records will show whether your injury was caused by this accident or you were already hurt from another incident. In the case, you have previous injuries, and the accident damaged those injuries, a doctor’s evaluation can always confirm this. Injury funding companies are more interested in seeing the cause of your injuries before approving you for a loan.

Giving your case a value

Legal funding companies work similarly to the explanation above when evaluating a case. Your claim and final settlement will depend on many different factors, as all cases are entirely different. When we study your case, we go through these factors to give it a fair value. The chances of a plaintiff getting an injury lawsuit cash advance approval can decrease if you were injured in another accident. That’s why the firm will ask your attorney to provide your injury file, doctor visits, medical records, etc. These factors help us give your claim an approximate settlement value based on what we think your case is worth.

The bigger the injury, the bigger the approval

Doctors are professionals who can identify issues with the human body. With a doctor’s formal letter stating that you are suffering from severe injuries resulting from your accident, you have a big chance on your case valuing more and getting approved for the advance. We must point out that the defendant’s insurance is worth your big injury claim. For example, if the defendant only has $20,000 in insurance limits, and your injuries are severe, depending on the state (each state has its law), we may or may not look into the case.

The average settlement timing in personal injury cases we fund

The time when a settlement is reached depends on your injury because not all cases are the same. Depending on how complex your injuries due to an accident are, it affects how long your claim will reach a settlement. Catastrophic injuries are cases that will take longer to settle because they are worth millions of dollars. Soft tissue injuries, where only the muscle was affected, usually carry a much lower value. The cases we fund take anywhere between one to two years to settle. The cases that take longer are sometimes due to complications with the case. We don’t fund complicated cases because if a claim takes more than three years to pay, and the company funds it, there is the potential of losing money because those cases usually carry too much risk. Funding companies also risk getting sued by the plaintiff because interest rates can get much higher than anticipated. At Baker Street Funding, we are not interested in charging you a ridiculous amount of interest rates by financing an injury lawsuit that will take longer than three years to resolve.


Insurance companies and how personal injury claim funding may help

Learn how the insurance works and how you can get around them so they offer you a better settlement.

As personal injury cases continue to pile up in courtrooms and more people sue for damages, it becomes easy to understand why personal injury litigations drag for ages.

The insurance company:

Many insurance companies use various tactics to defend personal injury claims. The time it takes to settle your claim can vary greatly depending on the insurance company being held liable. Also, different individual insurance adjusters handle claims in various manners, which can also speed up or slow down the time it takes to process your claim.

One of the factors that cause setbacks both for pre-trial and settlement purposes is ‘resources.’ These corporations delay settlement awards, so victims get the minimum payment from them, many times, leaving them in gross debt.

This long wait often takes its toll on injured persons who get pressure from the insurance company and defense attorneys to settle early or take whatever they are being offered to cater to medical bills and other financial commitments.

Based on 99% of the cases we fund, every plaintiff deals with an insurance company that’s slowing down their proceeds. Sometimes, victims who suffer from catastrophic injuries accept an offer from the insurance company, much lower than the real value of the case, when they don’t request to fund their case. An injured plaintiff can’t tell their landlord, “I cannot pay my rent because I am not working, and the defendant’s insurance is taking his time postponing my settlement.” Well, the landlord has to eat and pay bills too. Mid while the victim is about to get evicted. This situation isn’t fair to the plaintiff.

When these types of offers are accepted, they can ruin a person’s entire life while left permanently injured or even paralyzed. Insurance companies do this on purpose, so you take a low-ball offer.

Injury settlement loan companies:

Settlement loan companies can help you fight the insurance company’s defense attorney tactics, so you can eventually get the compensation you deserve. So, if the insurance company is delaying your settlement or award and offering you an undervalued amount and need your injury lawsuit cash advance now, give us a call at 888-711-3599. With your attorney’s full co-operation, we will evaluate your case, and once approved, you will get your injury lawsuit cash advance(s) from your future settlement proceeds fast.


Geographical restrictions

Specific personal injury lawsuit loan restrictions vary by lender.​

Not all lawsuit money lenders operate in all 50 states. Some may offer minimum and maximum funding approvals depending on the state you live in. Baker Street Funding provides financing in the following locations due to strict State laws:

*We provide funding for personal injury, employment/labor, and civil rights lawsuits in the following states:

Alabama, Alaska, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada,  New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

  • We currently fund Colorado at a minimum of $75,000.  Case value must be at least $750,000+. 
  • We currently fund North Carolina at a minimum of $25,000. Case value must be at least $250,000+. 
  • We currently fund South Carolina at a minimum of $110,000.  Case value must be at least $1.1 million+. 
  • We currently fund in Nevada at a minimum of $50,000. Case value must be at least $500,000+.
  • We currently fund in Illinois at a maximum of $40,000.

*Litigants with corporate disputes are eligible to receive funding in every state in the United States (and eligible countries).

*Funding for attorneys is provided in most states. Please get in touch with us to find out if your state is eligible.



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