Soft Tissue Injuries

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Soft tissue pre settlement funding

Unlike traumatic injuries, soft-tissue injuries are relatively difficult to diagnose through medical scans and checkups. The severity of an injury cannot be measured accurately when it comes to soft-tissue injuries, making claims against these types of injuries fairly challenging to establish. These injuries mostly appear in sprains and strains, which arise when excessive pressure is put on joints and muscles. Apart from these, a soft-tissue injury victim can also be found to have suffered from whiplash, bursitis, or tendonitis.

Causes & long-term effects of soft-tissue injuries

Soft-tissue injuries are only suffered in settings where the victim is made subject to physical tension and stress. This is found primarily in car accidents, which accounts for most of these injuries brought on record. Post-accident, the victim may have a long-term disability and other implications. Depending upon the severity of the injury, the victim may take months or even more to heal from the injury and its ancillary aftermaths. They may complain of chronic pain, loss of function, mobility limitation, restricted muscle strength, and even chronic numbness. These effects are prone to cause devastating impacts on the victim’s subsequent life. These may involve making alterations to their living habits, modifying their house, and taking continuous rehabilitation sessions for quite some time.

Challenges faced by victims of soft-tissue injuries

When a victim brings in a claim against insurers or third parties against their injuries, the most significant defense raised by the accused attacks the very severity of the injury complained of. As discussed before, soft-tissue injuries are difficult to establish through documentary evidence, which acts as the ace of cards for defense attorneys. They may also suggest that the injuries were sustained due to the victim’s pre-accident condition or their age, causing far more aggravated injuries than normal. These unreasonable defenses can be countered well if the victim takes on an intelligent course of action. Since the injury is inflicted, the victim must keep an accurate track record of all medical diagnoses, checkups, therapies, and medicines prescribed to them. When projected before the court, the entire scheme of treatment will speak for itself in favor of the legitimacy and actual severity of the injury as claimed.

Financial assistance in legal battles against soft-tissue injuries

Whilst the victim already has to deal with a plethora of issues to make out a strong case, any more hindrances in fighting a robust legal battle can be fatal. Where the victim has been bedridden or rendered unable to work, they would already be faced with difficulties arranging finances to meet their household expenses.

Fighting an expensive legal battle in such a scenario will turn out to be an added burden. In such cases, victims can always seek out financial help against their soft-tissue injury lawsuits by contacting us at (888) 711-3599 and qualifying for our pre-settlement funding program.

These funding programs aim at aiding victims implicated in cash flow difficulties by providing them with enough cash to meet their regular expenses during the pendency of the case. These borrowed amounts only need to be returned once the case is concluded, either in an award of damages by the court or settlement between parties.

*Your lawsuit may be funded as long as you had injections.

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