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What is pre-settlement funding?

Pre-settlement funding is a cash advance provided to victims pursuing a legal battle. This means that plaintiffs can borrow money against their future settlement award and, sometimes, judgments. Also known as lawsuit funding or lawsuit loans, a settlement advance is a non-recourse financing agreement. Non-recourse funding means that there is no further obligation to repay the advance if you lose your case. Pre-settlement funding is an investment in the outcome of your lawsuit. We are advancing money to you because we think your case is strong enough to win and pay us back.

What is the pre-settlement funding process?

  • The first step is to apply either online or by phone at (888) 711-3599.
  • Secondly, underwriting will analyze legal merits and parties involved, the strength of your litigation, and the defendant’s ability to compensate for damages.
  • Once approved, you will get a funding contract that can be sent via email, fax, or FedEx.
  • Once you and your attorney complete the agreement, your funds will be sent to you within 1-2 hours on a business day before 3 pm (eastern time). If you fund after 3 pm (eastern time), then your funds will be sent the next business day

Pre-settlement funding qualification.

An attorney must represent you to pre-qualify. You must be 18+ to request funding. Your case must be secure, and you must have a high probability of winning it.

How can lawsuit funding help me?

Pre-settlement funding can help bridge the gap between your accident and your settlement. If you need money but can’t work and have all types of bills because of your accident, a settlement advance could be the right decision for you. If you receive a settlement advance to help cover living expenses, it gives your attorney ample time to make sure you get the most value out of your settlement instead of settling sooner because you need cash now. A settlement advance helps you get through today, so you get the most out of your settlement award tomorrow.

How much money can I get?

The highest amount we will advance you is 20% of what your case is worth at the moment – if approved. The size of your lawsuit and other crucial unique information to your case will be the key to advancing you with the funds you need. Baker Street Funding funds from its own private fund, and if we deny you, we work with companies that can offer to fund between $1,500 – $2,000,000 + depending on the strength of your claim.

How are funds disbursed?

Pre-settlement funds are sent directly to your personal bank account under your name or to the personal account of a family member under certain requisites and proof of account ownership. The money can also be overnighted via FedEx to your home address.

Can I get additional funding?

You can get additional funding as long as your case supports it. Baker Street Funding buys out most pre-settlement funding agreements from other companies. We offer plaintiffs the ability to consolidate their previous advances and save money on future payments. Not every case is large enough to justify multiple funding, but 80% of the additional claims we underwrite get re-approved for more funding.

Criteria to obtain additional funding

As long as your legal action is significant enough to warrant compensation, you may be able to get an additional advance.

  1. Your claim must have progressed since the last time you received a pre-settlement advance, either procedurally or through the plaintiff having further medical treatment.
  2. The case value needs to merit additional funding.
  3. There can not be any open appeals.

Are there any risks involved with pre-settlement funding?

No, pre-settlement funding has no risk. In the adversity that you lose your claim, the advanced funds will be forgiven. You will be free from funding debt.

How fast is the process?

We will get you your funds as soon as possible. It all depends on how fast we get all your case documents from your attorney. Our underwriter will speak with your attorney and review your case before giving you a final offer. We approve funding within 24 hours of receiving all case documentation.

Can I get a pre-settlement advance if I don’t have an attorney?

No funding company will provide funds without an attorney’s representation. Our underwriter will need to speak to your attorney in each and every case with no exceptions before agreeing to buy a portion of your coming settlement. If you need an attorney, please get in touch with us, and we will recommend you a great attorney.

Who can apply for settlement funding?

You can apply for pre-settlement and settlement funding if you are represented by an attorney and have a pending personal injury, discrimination, wrongful imprisonment, or car accident lawsuit.

Do I qualify if I don’t have a job or good credit?

Settlement funding is strictly based on your case’s merits and outcome; therefore, there is no job requirement, no credit check, and no monthly payments. Just like every investment, settlement advances have a high risk for funding companies. The risk we take is that we do not get paid back if your case is not successfully settled.

What are Baker Street Funding’s interest rates?

Our settlement funding contracts are custom-tailored to each case, and our rates are decided on a case-by-case basis. We have some of the lowest rates in the industry; we normally price contracts anywhere from 2% flat for attorneys and from 2.95% to 3.4% monthly non-compounding for plaintiffs. The rate does not rise over time and is set until your case settles. To protect our clients, if your case takes longer than 3 years to conclude, Baker Street Funding stops all charges. The most you will pay will be 3 years of interest.

Does my attorney determine my approval amount?

Your attorney can and should advise you on choosing the right pre-settlement funding company. While they can not pick what funding company you choose to work with, we encourage clients to speak to their attorney throughout the funding process to understand the requirements for approval better.

Are there prepayment penalties?

No, you can pay off your lawsuit loan early without incurring a prepayment penalty. Remember, pre-settlement funding is non-recourse, so if anything goes wrong with your case and does not settle in your favor, and you have already started to pay off your loan, you won’t get those payments back.

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