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Aviation, be it for commercial or tourism purposes, has psychologically been connected with the fear of crashes, accidents, and deaths. Air travel is undoubtedly the best creation of the human developmental mind, providing an efficient and cheap mode of transport. It is also way safer than road transportation. Yet, we prefer in our everyday lives to ride in a car without giving a second thought to its dangers and the stats of road traffic accidents taking place every day. You are more likely to choke on your food than to die in a plane crash.

Having said that, although rare, aviation accidents in mid-air as well as on land still do happen. Many of these accidents are fatal, either causing severe injuries or massive deaths at once. Passengers having been subjected to aviation accidents are owed compensation for the losses they have suffered. They can take the guilty party to court and demand their injuries to be made good.

Causes of aviation accidents

Detailed, expert investigations are probed even into minor aircraft malfunctions and crashes. These are done to determine what led to the eventual tragic accident and prevent any similar occurrences in the future. Aircraft are equipped with a black box that records an aircraft’s activity and can give first-hand, reliable data to investigate. Unfortunately, many aviation accidents occur due to the pilot’s error. He might either be unconscious, negligent, or unable to realize the gravity of an emergency situation and respond accordingly. Accidents can even occur due to technical faults in the aircraft surfacing mid-flight or defects in the equipment installed. Lack of proper maintenance and safety checks, fuel combustion or passages, or inability to coordinate with air traffic control tower can be other reasons behind an aviation emergency.

Who can be held liable for a plane crash?

Claims brought in by a victim can stand against multiple parties and persons, depending upon the root cause which propelled the accident and caused the injury. For example, the carrier or the airline can be held accountable if it was a maintenance issue behind the accident. In other cases, the manufacturer can be sued if the aircraft had in-built defects or was equipped with parts of unsatisfactory quality. At times, the pilot can be sued separately too if negligence or incompetence on his part was the reason behind the crash.

Airplane accident settlement funding

Aircraft crashes usually result in fatalities, but there can be instances where victims can survive with severe injuries and traumas. They can hold the concerned party liable for the wrongs suffered at their hands and recover adequate compensation from them. Even family members of the deceased passengers can claim medical costs, costs for loss of a breadwinner and halted income, loss of quality of life, and loss of consortium. Financial hardships are a significant concern for such victims and their families. They may be unable to put food on the table, let alone finance a strong lawsuit against a giant airline company or aircraft manufacturer. 

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