Lawsuit loans in Utah

When you need money fast – getting a lawsuit loan in Utah makes more sense.

If you are going through difficult times and have a lawsuit to contend with, worry no further —-free pre-settlement and post-settlement loans in Utah help personal injury plaintiffs and those involved in commercial litigation, get the funds they need with ease.

Lawsuit loans in Utah

The advantage of lawsuit funding in Utah advantage.

For plaintiffs and attorneys in Utah, the advantage to legal funding in the United States is that they are “not loans”; instead, this type of financing is best described as lawsuit financing. What that means is that you don’t have to worry about monthly payments (of capital and interest) as you would with traditional loans. Settlement cash advances in Utah are available to you regardless of your employment or credit status. 

Risk-free lawsuit loans in Utah

Lawsuit loans in Utah are non-recourse cash advances which means that you only pay back the funds to the pre-settlement funding company if you win your case. You are not under any obligation to pay what you borrow from your pending case if your case doesn't settle in your favor.

No credit check

Often what comes to plaintiffs' minds when they hear "lawsuit loans in Utah" is their credit score. Plaintiffs worry about a bad credit score getting in the way of getting funding approved. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about your credit score because it is not considered as part of the funding criteria to award lawsuit funding in Utah.

No employment check

Just as you don't have to worry about bad credit scores, you also don't have to be employed to qualify for lawsuit loans in Utah. It is difficult it is for victims of accidents, personal injury, and employment discrimination to get through while involved in lengthy lawsuits. Essentially, you don’t have to hold back on your lawsuit loan application because of your employment status.

Dealing with litigation in Utah.

Dealing with litigation in Utah is enough stress on its own, and going through tedious lawsuit loan applications does not make the burden lighter. If you are ever in need of quick pre-settlement funding in Utah to tide you over during your lawsuit, search for a company that is legitimate and that has excellent reviews. Not every page on page #1 is the best, so do your research wisely. Companies who fund in Utah provide lawsuit cash advances in an approximate time of 24 hours to sort financial commitments like rents, utility bills, and everyday living expenses. 

What makes a Utah lawsuit loan company better than others?

Pre-Settlement Funding in Utah, a lifesaver for plaintiffs, but not for those who are in favor of big insurance.

Most funding companies offer financial aid to plaintiffs all over the country. You desire to take as much financial burden off of accident victims through a quick and easy lawsuit loan process. Unfortunately, this is not the case with those who are trying to take down a multi-billion dollar industry that ultimately helps victims that have nowhere to go. At the end of the day, the plaintiff is getting the help they need in which none of these false-article writers will ever offer them any help. They say legal funding is bad, but there is only one beneficiary in this saying, and that’s big insurance. The same defendant that most likely will offer you and millions of victims a low-ball amount for all of your sufferings. There are some bad actors out there as far as funding companies, this is why you need to ensure that you get unparalleled service and check the rates and term cap. Even if there is a fee, make sure the company won’t take advantage of you. Plaintiffs and their families are often faced with mammoth bills and frequently spend years recovering from the incident they were involved in — and this can be exhausting. The good news is you no longer have to suffer financial setbacks because of your Utah lawsuit and big insurance. Pre-settlement funding is available through some legal funding companies that actually care and to every plaintiff in Utah who has an ongoing or settled case in court and has attorney representation.


How does the process work?

Need to find out how you could be eligible for Utah lawsuit cash advances? The approval process with most companies is simple:

lawsuit loans step 1


Applying for a lawsuit loan in Utah is fairly simplei. All you have to do is fill out a short application form online, and you are done.

lawsuit funding step 2


Upon completing and submitting your application to the company of your choice, you will be contacted by a team member of the funding firm you applied with.

pre settlement loans Louisiana step 4


Upon qualification, an expert team of attorneys will then get in touch with your attorney to discuss your case and get all the necessary information and paperwork regarding your claim to get you approved.

pre settlement funding step 4


Once your case gets approved for a lawsuit loan in Utah, you will be contacted by the funding company. Upon receiving the signed contract, the funds will be released within hours to a few days, depending on the company you apply with.

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Utah personal injury laws, roads, accident statistics, and legal funding.

Utah happens to be one of the most astonishing states in the United States. It’s full of life, rich culture, and a receptive population of over 3 million people. If you live in Utah, you would understand how daunting lawsuits can be in this part of the country. Plaintiffs in Utah encounter much pain and suffering when involved in personal injury lawsuits.

Recent reports by the U.S Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting showed that at least 243 people were killed in 247 traffic accidents in 2017. Over 55% of these accidents occurred in urban locations. Also, most of these accidents involved pedestrians, and drowsy driving was among the causes of these accidents.

With a wrongful death rate of 62.7 per 100,000 of the population, driving around Utah calls for caution.

It would help to know that Utah’s legal system operates a modified comparative fault doctrine. This means that even though victims of accidents and injuries can sue for damages, they only get compensated based on how much they are found responsible for the accident.

So, if you are found to be 75% at fault for an accident, you will pay 75% of the compensation amount while the other party takes responsibility for the additional 25%. However, if the victim is responsible for over 50% at fault, he or she will be barred from claiming damages.

Having explored these aspects of Utah’s legal framework, it is also important to note that plaintiffs in Utah have a specified time frame within which they can file their claims.

This time limit is called the statute of limitations, and it differs with different cases and states. If you miss this statutory time limit, you will lose every chance of getting compensation for your case because the judge will get your case dismissed as untimely. See the following cases to learn more about the statute of limitations in Utah:

•Wrongful death cases should be filed within two (2) years. However, if you are filing your claims against the city’s, county’s, or state government, you are expected to file your claims within one (1) year.

•Injury to person — 4 years

•Injury to personal property — 3 years

•Libel/slander — 1 year

•Fraud — 3 years

•Medical malpractice — 4 years after the act was done and two years after the injury was reasonably discovered.

•Contracts — 4 years

•Collection of rents — between one (1) year and four (4) years depending on the nature of the case.

•Collection of debts — 4 years

•Judgments — 8 years

You can always check with your attorney to make sure you haven’t exceeded the time allowed to file your claims. However, there are exceptions for the statute of limitations provided on the Tolling Statute; minors can still sue for damages after they reach adulthood.

Victims of personal injury in Utah and those with high-profile corporate litigation need to understand that lawsuit loans are swift. Very few companies offer “fair” rates on both pre-settlement and post-settlement funding for personal injuries. If you need a car accident loan or personal injury funding in Utah, or have a corporate case and need quick financing, you can apply for lawsuit funding today with the company that you see fit. 

Pre-settlement funding is available in every town and county in Utah. So, there’s no barrier to your lawsuit loans. Here are some cities and counties where legal funding is pretty common:

Legal financing cities:

1. Salt Lake City

2. West Valley City

3. Provo 

4. West Jordan

5. Orem

6. Sandy

7. St. George

8. Ogden

9. Layton

10. South Jordan

11. Lehi

12. Millcreek

13. Taylorsville

14. Logan 

15. Herriman and other cities in Utah.

Legal funding counties:

1. Salt Lake County

2. Utah county

3. Davis County

4. Weber County

5. Washington County

6. Cache County

7. Tooele County

8. Box Elder County

9. Iron County

10. Summit County

11. Uintah County

12. Wasatch County

13. Sanpete County

14. Sevier County

15. Carbon County


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