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Uber Lyft lawsuit loans

In recent times, ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft took the spotlight in the transportation industry (especially taxi services) because of the ease and convenience they offer in getting you from one place to another.

While ridesharing companies allow their passengers to enjoy so much flexibility in hailing a taxi from the comfort of an app and plan their trips, riding in an Uber or Lyft taxi carries its risks of accidents. 

Reports from a study conducted by the University of Chicago and Rice University showed that rideshare accidents are responsible for up to 3% of annual traffic fatalities since 2011. 

According to Uber’s U.S safety report, the company recorded more than 36,000 fatal car accidents in 2018, raising car fatalities by an estimated 1,100 traffic accidents deaths every year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that most cities in the U.S saw an increase in the number of fatal car accidents since the launch of ridesharing companies in the states.

What happens if you get in an accident while in an Uber/Lyft vehicle?

If you or anyone close to you is involved in an Uber/Lyft accident, you can file a personal injury lawsuit and claim compensation for your pains and suffering. 

However, due to the high frequency of Uber/Lyft accidents, getting compensation for such claims is becoming more difficult. 

According to recent ridesharing statistics by Brooks law group, ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have made over 11 billion trips (since their launch in 2010). They account for about 987 deaths per day due to the spike in rideshare vehicles on the roads. 

To successfully get compensation for your claims, you must prove that the Uber/Lyft driver was at fault and also prove the extent of the damages or injuries you sustained from the accident.

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While your litigations are ongoing, you will most likely be grappling with medical bills and other financial commitments — Bills won’t stop piling up. Most times, the victim will be out of employment, which automatically stops their ability to earn and cater to families’ needs (if the victim is the breadwinner of his family).

To help you meet up with your rent, medical bills, and other living expenses, you can apply for quick and low-rate Uber/Lyft lawsuit loans from Baker Street Funding.

Baker Street Legal Funding offers unrivaled flexibility and ease of accessing legal funding for your case — and you will get approval within 24 hours. 

Unlike other legal funding companies, Baker Street Funding offers non-recourse loans to plaintiffs seeking financial aid during Uber/Lyft litigations. You can get pre-settlement loans of up to 20% (of your potential settlement amount) at a monthly non-compounding rate of between 1.5% to 3.4%.

What are non-recourse loans for Uber/Lyft accidents.

You have probably been wondering what non-recourse loans mean and why should you apply for them? 

Unlike traditional loans (from lenders like banks), where you have to repay the principal and interest rates at agreed dates every month, repaying non-recourse loans is contingent on whether the case settles in your favor or not.

If you lose the case by chance, you are under no obligation to repay the agreed loan amount on the contract. The lawsuit lending company will bear the loss, and you get to walk away without any questions asked.

Can I borrow money from a pending Uber / Lyft lawsuit? Because Baker Street Funding lawsuit loans are non-recourse loans, they are best described as a cash advance on a pending lawsuit or borrowing money from a pending case. So, if you are still at sea whether you can borrow money from a pending lawsuit, yes, you can. All you have to do is fill out our short application form online, and you are done.

If you need a professional guide from our seasoned underwriters, you are always welcome to take advantage of our free consultations. In addition to free consultations, we don’t bother our clients with credit checks and employment checks. 

We don’t charge upfront costs or processing fees and operate a transparent lawsuit funding process.

To qualify for Baker Street Funding Lyft or Uber lawsuit loans, you must have an attorney on contingency. Your Uber or Lyft attorney will help you negotiate the right loan amount or cash advance for your case and help you understand the terms of our agreement.

How much does Uber/Lyft pay for accidents? 

The amount of compensation you can get from your ridesharing accident lawsuit is dependent on the severity of the damages incurred. 

You can claim compensation for the cost of medical treatment for your injuries, lost wages caused by the accident, punitive damages, and physical or mental pain and suffering. 

To get the best settlement for your lawsuit, it’s always best to get an Uber/Lyft car accident attorney to represent your case and estimate your compensation amount.

Remember that you can apply for our lawsuit loans to cushion any financial burden while your litigations are ongoing. We look forward to meeting your acquaintance, do get in touch soon!

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