Spinal Cord Injuries Pre-Settlement Funding

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Spinal cord injury is damage caused to the spinal cord that holds together the bundle of nerves running from the brain and spreading across the body. These nerves carry sensory signals, movement instructions and regulate motor functions of the body. This makes the spinal cord or the backbone that keeps the nerves attached together in a vertical form, an extremely delicate region, fatally vulnerable to solid blows and hits. Since the spinal cord houses the core nervous system, any severe blow is susceptible to obstructing the nervous passage, causing paralysis and limited movement.

The scope of physical damage that likely results from a spinal cord injury majorly depends on the region’s severity where the injury is sustained. The higher the affected area is on the spine, the more the damage is likely to be. The paralysis may turn the victim into a quadriplegic or a paraplegic patient and can even cause complications in breathing, sexual functioning, or body temperature.

Causes of spinal cord injuries

Many spinal injury victims are rushed to the hospitals after sustaining life-altering injuries in road traffic accidents. Around 42% of all spinal cord injuries are suffered in motor vehicle accidents. In contrast, slips and falls at work and at construction sites account for 27% of these injuries. Violent confrontations, weapon attacks, and errors during risky surgical procedures also contribute to the total spread of injuries.


Victims of spinal cord injuries are owed compensation when the injury was caused due to no fault of their own. It could be either way that resulted in the injury: consumption or usage of a harmful or defective product, or negligent action or omission on someone else’s part. The victim who has suffered the injury is now most probably tied up with its long-term implications for his entire life. The life-altering aftermaths of the injury will definitely require him to transform his habits, adjust the quality of life, and adapt to a new, restrained lifestyle. The victim is hence entitled to make claims against any and all harms suffered by him: monetary and non-monetary. Since spinal cord injuries often require costly procedures and surgeries, the victims can apply for all past and future medical expenses. Moreover, they can claim costs for disability rehabilitation or therapies, purchasing assistive devices and equipment, and for any modifications needed to be made to the house.

Lawsuits against spinal cord injuries and pre-settlement funding

To receive their fair share of compensation and damages, victims need to approach the courts against the harms and injuries suffered by them. They will have to file and contest rigorous, expensive rounds of litigation to secure a generous award of damages in the end. In this process, the victim’s own cash resources may run out, or they may even not have any finances to begin with at all. In such cases, our pre-settlement funding programs can be the only wise go-to option to obtain financial assistance from these victims. They can secure a cash advance against their pending injury lawsuit, which means the borrowed amount needs only be repaid back when the case is finally concluded. The victims can put in a quick application and qualify for pre-settlement funding instantly by contacting us at (888) 711-3599.

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