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Pre-settlement funding for slip and fall claims helps victims recover financially while their claim is still pending settlement. Get low rates lawsuit loans for your case, and start to fix your finances today.

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slip and fall lawsuit funding

Financial assistance is available for slip and fall accident victims.

It’s almost impossible to talk about accidents and not mention slip and fall. In addition to their high frequency of occurrence, they also come with large amounts of medical bills. So, while pursuing legal redress for a slip and fall accident, you still bear the brunt of medical bills as well. And that’s why you should remain in control of your lawsuit with slip and fall lawsuit loans. Unless you are just reading this for the first time, you would be familiar with the process of applying for low rates slip and fall funding while you await judgment and payment of the award. Suppose you are new and not familiar with pre-settlement funding, don’t fret. We have got you covered.

Why Baker Street Funding slip and fall lawsuit loans?

Baker Street Funding offers the best legal funding services across the U.S. Our pre-settlement slip and fall funding or slip and fall lawsuit loans, as it’s popularly called, are easy to access, and we offer flexible and low rates. See the reasons why we remain on top of the leaderboard.

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Get your loan approved within 24 hours

By taking an injury slip and fall accident lawsuit loan from Baker Street Funding, we will provide you with 24-hour funding from the moment your attorney sends your medical file. Once you apply for our slip and fall lawsuit loans, our underwriters will immediately process your case. If your case qualifies for our lawsuit loans, you will get approval that same day.


Competitive and low rates lawsuit loans

Our rates are lower than other funding companies, and if you get a better deal, show us the contract and we will match or beat it. We provide non-compounding rates from 1.5% to 3.4% monthly.

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Industry leader

Our exclusive approach has made us a leader in the settlement funding and litigation finance industries as we strive to provide, for both attorney and client, an exceptional experience.

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Easy application

Above all, our application process is easy to follow. We have our team of lawsuit loan specialists on standby to provide you with all the support you need for your slip and fall accident lawsuit.

Slip and fall funding—100% risk-free.

What we offer at Baker Street Funding is best described as non-recourse loans or cash advance. Funding for slip and fall cases, in fact, are not loans. A settlement advance, also known as a non-recourse financing agreement (just like we do with other types of personal injury pre-settlement funding), means you only repay us if you win the case. You get to walk away without repaying a cent. Our slip and fall lawsuit loans are 100% risk-free. Pre-settlement funding is an investment in the outcome of your lawsuit. We are advancing you money because we think your case is strong enough to win and pay us back. 

Slip and fall lawsuit funding advantage.

Injuries from a slip and fall accident can be devastating. If you have experienced a slip-and-fall injury and are awaiting settlement, and you are in high debt, slip and fall pre-settlement funding may be right for you. Other thoughtful slip and fall pre-settlement funding benefits that make Baker Street Funding standout include:

Get a better settlement

The process is quick and noninvasive to help you meet your financial obligations so that you don’t have to take a lower settlement than what you deserve.

No credit check

You can apply for our slip and fall lawsuit loans with a bad credit score, and it won’t hinder your chances of getting funded.

No employment check

Your employment status is not a requisite for you to get your accident case approved for a loan. Apply for an instant slip and fall lawsuit advance today.

Learn more on slip and fall accidents and pre-settlement funding.

In the United States, one of the most common types of accidents is slip and fall. Winter weather, from snow to ice, brings many accidents. There are as many as 25,000 slip and fall injuries in the USA each day, according to OSHA. The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) reported that over one million Americans seek emergency medical treatment due to slip and fall accident injuries each year. Unfortunately, because of the large number of slips each year, insurance companies thoroughly investigate these claims, which leads to a long and delayed settlement wait. Falls are one of the most common causes of injuries, resulting in lost work, medical complications, and financial chaos due to the lack of resources. Since only around four percent of personal injury claims are taken to court, insurance companies take their time when it comes to paying claims. The longer they make you wait, the greater the chance they can give you a low offer that you are forced to take. With pre-settlement funding, you can have access to a lump sum of cash, or ongoing monthly payments while you wait for the insurance company to settle your claim, helping you pay your financial obligations in the meantime. Lawsuit funding can help victims of slip and fall accidents recover financially while their case is still pending in court.


It may interest you to know that you may be entitled to financial compensation if you can prove that the injury you sustained resulted from negligence on the part of the business, company, or owner of the premises. Sadly, even when your attorney has successfully built a strong case against the defendant, it still takes time to get a slip and fall accident settlement. While you push through protracted slip and fall litigations, what happens to your financial commitments? Of course, they will keep piling up. But what do you do? During such difficult times, to avoid financial embarrassments such as repossessions, it would be best to apply for Baker Street Funding slip and fall lawsuit loans. Unlike other legal funding companies, with us you can get flexible funding, we work with you and your attorney. You are always welcome to contact us to learn more about your eligibility and how to proceed with your application if you qualify.



  • Fell at a car wash or car dealership
  • Tripped at a hotel or casino 
  • Fell at a store
  • Slipped at a hospital
  • Slipped at a restaurant
  • Tripped at a restaurant
  • Fell in an apartment building or their amenities 
  • Fell on a slippery sidewalk
  • Tripped on uneven pavement or the street where there was a damage
  • Slipped in a parking lot or gas station

First, don’t be fooled into thinking that filling frivolous lawsuits is an easy way of making easy bucks. No, it isn’t! Having stated that, you should have it at the back of your mind that plaintiffs and victims of slip and fall accidents can seek up to 100% of the medical expenses they incurred. This expense includes:

1. Doctor visits

2. Prescriptions 

3. Emergency transportation 

4. Nights in hospital 

5. Rehabilitation 

6.Equipment for recovery or treatment.

With the right slip and fall lawyer on your side, you may also recover additional damages for:


  • Disfigurement 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Emotional distress 


Also, note that the amount of compensation for slip and fall accidents varies with the severity of the injury. Think about it. Someone who suffered traumatic brain injuries won’t get the same compensation as someone with sprained ankles. Also, victims who would require lifelong medical care often get more compensation for future medical expenses. To get the right estimates for future medical treatment costs for your injuries, it’s always best to consult with an experienced slip and fall lawyer for estimates. While you are at it, remember to keep every evidence of payments for medical treatments, including receipts, prescription notes, and test results.


Emerging victorious in a slip and fall lawsuit and winning the best compensation is no easy task. As such, we always advise that slip and fall accidents get attorney representation on contingency. Having attorney representation will help you steer clear of traps and hurdles in establishing your case and making your claims. To win your slip and fall case, you must prove the following beyond reasonable doubts:

1. Prove that the owner, occupier, or the other party in charge of the property has a duty to ensure your safety on the premises.

2. Prove that the other party breached his duty of care or responsibility to ensure you are safe 

3. Prove that the breach of the other party’s duty causes the accident and your injuries.

4. Prove that you suffered losses following the injuries on the premises. 

While litigations are ongoing, it’s not unusual for property owners to attempt to shift the blame to you. Other times, they will try to get you to settle for less after stalling in hopes that you will take peanuts as settlement and drop the case. You can resist such ridiculous offers and buy your attorney enough time to build a strong case and win the best settlement by applying for Baker Street Funding slip and fall lawsuit cash advances today.

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