Bicycle Accident Lawsuit Funding

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Bicycle accident lawsuit settlement loans

Bicycle accidents are not only life-altering but are also on the rise. According to the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, the number of preventable deaths from bicycle incidents surged by 16% in 2020. While the warmer months from May to October see a peak in bicycle-related fatalities, the repercussions—both financial and emotional—are a year-round concern that affects victims and their families regardless of when the accident occurred.

At Baker Street Funding, we specialize in providing pre-settlement funding for victims of bicycle accidents (also known as pre-settlement loans for bicycle accident injuries or bicycle accident lawsuit loans). Our legal financing services are designed to offer you the financial relief you need while your lawsuit is pending.

Understanding Bicycle Accident Pre-Settlement Funding.

Let’s set the record straight: Pre-settlement funding is not a loan. It’s non-recourse financing, meaning you’re not required to pay the money back if your case doesn’t settle or win.

Unlike traditional lenders, settlement funding focuses on the potential success of your bicycle accident case, not your ability to repay. After a thorough assessment, if the lender is confident that your case has a strong chance of a successful outcome, you obtain a bicycle accident lawsuit advance. Consider it a vote of confidence in you and the strength of your legal claim.

For example, if you’ve been in a bicycle accident and are awaiting a settlement, you can apply for pre-settlement funding and receive a cash advance to cover mortgage payments, utility bills, daily expenses, and other costs. Now, here’s where the non-recourse aspect kicks in. If you win your case, the advance (plus interest) is repaid out of the bicycle accident settlement. But what if things go against you in court? What if, despite your best efforts and a strong legal team, you lose? You do not have to repay the funding company. It’s more like an advance on your potential settlement, and the amount you receive is determined by the estimated value of your lawsuit.

So, why should you consider this option? Simply put. It alleviates the financial strain that can otherwise force you into accepting a lowball settlement offer just to make ends meet. With a non-recourse lawsuit loan, you have the financial stability to hold out for maximum settlement during settlement negotiations.

The Bicycle Accident Pre-Settlement Loan Process— Simplified.

Our application process for bicycle accidents is simple and hassle-free, allowing you to quickly access the financial support you need without prolonged delays. Our approval is based on the merits of your bicycle accident lawsuit. If it’s likely to result in a favorable settlement, you can generally expect to receive your pre-settlement funding within a day, excluding weekends. And, if you’re worried about pre-settlement advance affecting the attorney-client privilege, it does not.

The Four-Step Process

  1. First, fill out our simple settlement funding application online. Provide us with the specifics about your bicycle accident and your attorney’s contact information.
  2. We’ll reach out to you to complete the case evaluation qualification process.
  3. If your case is accepted, our team will contact your attorney to gather details about your claim. Here, our underwriters will review the case and its expected settlement potential and value to determine your funding eligibility.
  4. Once approved, you and your attorney will sign a non-recourse funding agreement, and your funds will be dispatched promptly after the agreement is complete.

Ready To Get a Bicycle Accident Pre-Settlement Loan?

Let’s face it. The aftermath of a bicycle accident can turn your world upside down, both physically and emotionally. It’s a tough spot to be in, and we get that. Baker Street Legal Funding is here to lift some of that burden off your shoulders. We’re not just another lawsuit loan company; we’re your partner in the legal process. Our pre-settlement funding gives you immediate access to cash to ease the burden of medical bills, prescription medications, rehabilitation expenses, and any other financial demands that arise following the bicycle accident.

And let’s talk rates—ours are simple, capped, and come with no hidden fees. Our strong dedication to transparency, coupled with exceptional customer service, set us apart in the lawsuit funding industry.

If you’re seeking a financial cushion to make life a bit easier, you’re in the right place. Apply for a lawsuit loan today, and let us help you take the first step toward financial stability.

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