Pre-Settlement Legal Funding In New York

Pre-settlement loans for New York plaintiffs—fast cash advances and low rates.

Are you a plaintiff looking for pre-settlement funding in New York? Seek no more. Baker Street Legal Funding is the type of lawsuit loan company that gets you the money you need without the hassles you don’t. Get quick lawsuit funding in the state of New York with simple interest rates no other lender can match. You can receive a cash advance against your future lawsuit settlement proceeds in less than 24 hours. Borrow from $1,500 up to $2,000,000+ upon approval. 


Get back in control with a New York lawsuit loan.

Pre-settlement funding (or a lawsuit loan) is a non-recourse cash advance that helps New York lawsuit claimants get cash relief instantly. Cover urgent costs and daily expenses at no risk. You only pay back the funds if you win your case.

You no longer have to wait months or years for your settlement check to arrive. You can get money before your settlement with pre-settlement funding from Baker Street Legal Funding. Apply for a cash advance, and we will potentially finance your NY case, no matter the type. Some of the lawsuits we typically fund are medical malpractices, auto accidents, slip and falls, and wrongful death. We also invest in civil rights claims such as wrongful imprisonment and employment discrimination.

So if you are a New Yorker with have an active lawsuit, live in any of the New York boroughs, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, or reside in Westchester, Rockland, Saratoga, or any of the cities within the state of NY, you can qualify for a cash advance against your pending lawsuit and have money in your pocket in as little as 24 hours.

We can help you cope today while your attorney settles your New York case for maximum value tomorrow. 


How the New York pre-settlement funding process works.

The pre-settlement legal funding process with Baker Street Funding is fast, easy, and most importantly, there are no shady hidden fees or markups! Our agreements are purely based on the merits of your case and don’t take into account traditional loan requirements like credit history and job checks. It takes 2 minutes to apply.  

NYC lawsuit loan step 1

Apply​ for legal funds

Get qualified by applying for a pre-settlement or post-settlement loan online or over the phone.

NYC lawsuit loan step 2

Get a funding decision

With one call with your attorney, they will send us your case file and we will evaluate your claim. Then, we will present you with a final loan decision 24 hours after.

NYC lawsuit loan step 3

Receive your cash advance

Ufter approval, you and your lawyer can electronically sign. Upon its dual execution, you will receive the cash advance in as little as 2 hours. (The average New York borrower receives their cash in less than 4 hours).

Important: Your attorney must speak to us and consent on the loan all the way through the process in order to proceed with a funding decision and a loan if approved.

Pre-settlement funding

New York lawsuit funding benefits from Baker Street Funding.

Baker Street Funding provides plaintiffs the financial assistance they need when they need it. Get a customized lawsuit loan against your pending claim in New York — with much lower rates, either in lump sums or monthly installments. Pay your bills and daily living expenses as needed. 

Fast funds

Baker Street Funding specializes in all types of litigation financing bringing plaintiffs the quickest approval times nationwide. We can put the money you need directly into your bank account faster and cheaper than any other lawsuit funding company serving New York plaintiffs.

Low interest rates

Receive lawsuit loans with low interest rates, non-compounding ranging between 2% and 3.4% monthly and save money from your settlement with our 2-3 year interest rate cap protection plan.

No solicitation

Don't settle for lawsuit money lenders that constantly harass you to fund with them. Baker Street Funding does not engage in soliciting or harassing calls for you to sign our contracts. Respect for the customer's choice is our #1 priority.

New York settlement loan advantages.

Whether you are a plaintiff in the Big Apple, in the Hamptons, or in Upstate NY, worry not—lawsuit loans have no risk. Only pay if you succeed in your litigation, settlement or trial. Period. In fact, litigation loans across America are a type of non-recourse financing product and an alternative to traditional loans. Even better? There is no credit score check or job verification.

100% risk-free

Lawsuit cash advances in New York have no risks to borrowing plaintiffs. You will only repay the funds after you get your settlement check. If you lose your legal battle, you pay nothing back. Your assets won't be touched either.

No credit check

We understand that many plaintiffs are worried about how their current score can affect their eligibility to get a loan. Baker Street Funding lending products are designed to help people like you as we do not check your credit at all.

No employment check

Working while unemployed and injured is almost impossible. This is why we make it easy for you to borrow money from your lawsuit while you recover. Your job status is never taken into account.

Apply for a lawsuit loan in New York.

Speed matters. That’s why you can apply for low-rate, non-recourse funds in just minutes. Start your journey towards financial freedom with financing experts who are here to help. Get the money you need right away to pay for medical bills or daily expenses with our fast settlement loans. You could be minutes away from a great lawsuit funding offer in The Empire State.

Our legal funding products.

New York pre-settlement funding FAQ.

Our legal funding team is ready to answer any questions you may have about our lawsuit advances in New York. Call us at (888) 711-3599 to learn more.

You can apply to refinance your previous lawsuit advance loan using our Online Application. Oftentimes we’re able to lower your interest rate, shrink your payment for when your case settles, or shorten your term to a 2-3-year rate cap.

Check out our lawsuit loan calculator to see how much you can possibly save.

Our advances in New York are decided within a business day from when your attorney provides all the required information. We will confirm certain aspects of your case with our underwriting team and have a decision within 24 hours.​​

Then, if approved, you will get a loan agreement before 6 pm, which you and your lawyer will sign. You will obtain the money 2-24 hours later (during business hours) after we receive your signed contract.

Financing with Baker Street Funding is extremely fast, but the key is for you to ensure your attorney works with us when we contact them and acknowledges the lien if approved. 

Some of the criteria for a lawsuit loan in New York are:

  • You have to have an attorney representing you.
  • You have to be a victim of a “no-fault” accident.
  • Your case must be worth at least $50,000.
  • You are 18 years of age or more.
  • Your attorney must fully cooperate.

Even if your case has not been filed, as long as you have hired an attorney under contingency, upon approval, you can get a pre-settlement advance as fast as the same day.

As the legal funding industry grows, so does the number of victims seeking financial assistance after accidents.

Lawsuits, especially those from personal injuries, can bring a huge amount of financial stress to victims.

Insurance companies drag out the settlement process to force victims into settling as soon as possible and agree to accept an undervalued offer. This is one of the main reasons why plaintiffs involved in personal lawsuits and commercial claims in the state of New York find legal funding to be extremely useful.

You can use pre-settlement funds for all your financial needs.

They can help you pay for a range of things, such as medical costs, utility bills, or unexpected expenses.

Funding your case also help you fight for your rightful settlement, pay your bills and decline a low-valued settlement offer instead of being financially pressured to settle for less.

In other words, pre-settlement legal funding can  help you get a higher settlement offer from the defendant so you can help yourself in the here and now while your lawyer works hard to get a fair settlement.

Personal injury laws, accident rates and legal funding in New York.

There is no argument that the experience of living in the Big Apple is extraordinary and fun. NYC is the land of opportunity, as of April 2019, at least, when the employment rate reached 4.55 million jobs, the highest ever recorded, since before 2008, according to NY State government.

New York has historic landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, or Central Park. These were places where people used to enjoy and craved to visit from all over the world.

The state of New York also offers other sights such as:

  • Niagara Falls
  • Finger Lakes
  • Lake Placid
  • Lake George
  • Cooperstown
  • Empire State Building. …
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum

As N.Y. state offers such marvelous and sentimental landmarks, it also contains a large accident rate on slip and falls, including on the mentioned places above. According to the government, about 52,000 people went to the emergency room because they slipped and fell and about 25% of them are from labor workers with the largest settlement of $16.5 million.

A large number of fatalities every year occur as a result of car accidents. Many factors, including weather, alcohol, and distracted driving, can cause a life-changing event, and drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are liabilities in New York. Texting and driving (and distracted driving in general) are almost just as lethal. Commonly, motor vehicle accidents happen in NY during the weekdays at lunch hour.

We are looking at approximately 35,092 fatalities happening in New York alone per year. The police have reported around 6.2 million crashes, yes, you read right, “6.2 million crashes” in 1 year with approximately 2.4 million injured and an average of 90 fatal deaths per day.

  • Drinking and driving: Driving while under the influence of alcohol plays a significant role in motor vehicle accident occurrences in NY, bringing approximately 30 fatalities in the state per year.
  • Speeding: Speeding brings about 27% of fatalities in New York, causing around 300 + fatalities yearly in the state.
  • Driving while distracted: Distractions usually cause approximately 48,000 + crashes in New York. That means that 1 out of 5 impacts in New York state are due to distraction or inattention; this does not include cell phones, which bring about 600 crashes more yearly.
  • Truck accidents: 4,067 large semi-truck accident-related fatalities occurred and 116,000 injuries, according to the NHTSA. Most of the deaths reported in truck accidents – 74 percent – were deaths of other vehicles’ occupants.
  • Bicycle accidents: Approximately 3700 visits to the ER are due to bicycle accidents in New York, with over 600 hospitalizations per year bringing over 30 deaths in New York alone due to bicycle accidents.
  • Car accidents can be devastating, leaving you with sometimes life-long injuries and loss of income. Until your case settles for what you want, it can be a long and exhausting wait that can lead you to accept a much lower settlement award.

The most dangerous roads in the Empire State are:

  • Neptune Avenue in Brooklyn.
  • Taconic State Parkway
  • Queens Boulevard in Queens
  • Sunrise Highway in Suffolk County, Long Island
  • Hempstead Turnpike in Nassau County
  • Upper Broadway in Manhattan
  • Nassau Jericho Turnpike in Nassau County, Long Island
  • Niagara Falls Boulevard

If you have suffered an accident and have an active legal case, you can apply for a personal injury lawsuit loan (or any other type of case you may have), and obtain the financial help you need as soon as possible.

NY is a no-fault state that has minimum insurance coverage of insurance including the liability to protect the person or anyone they may harm.

In no-fault states, the person’s insurance pays for economic losses and injuries, no matter of who was negligent in the accident.

The min limit of third-party bodily injury liability is $25,000/$50,000/$10,000 or 25/50/10:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury
  • $50,000 for bodily injury 

The minimum limit of coverage for property damage liability is $10,000 per accident. 

Every state has a deadline to file a claim, and this includes New York.

The statute of limitation lets you recover from your damages at a set period of time. If you don’t file your lawsuit within that time, you won’t be able to recover from your damages and bring to justice those who did you harm.

  1. Wrongful death: 2 years from the death
  2. Assault/Battery: 1 year from the act (Civil); 2 or 5 years depending on the facts (Criminal)
  3. Car accidents: 3 years from the date of the accident
  4. False imprisonment: 1 year (Civil) 1 year (Civil)
  5. Product liability: 3 years from the date of the accident
  6. Medical malpractice: 2 years and 6 months from the date of malpractice or from the end of continuous treatment rendered by the party or entity you sue.
  7. Slip and fall: 3 years from the date of the accident

Lawsuit loans are generally unregulated in most states, including New York.

While some bad actors take advantage of these policies to charge high interest and ultra high fees, Baker Street Funding operates with the same best practices and disclosures. We make great efforts to provide fair rates with no hidden fees or markups. Our contracts are transparent so all our clients can understand.

We provide funding in all 5 boroughs of New York: City:

  1. Manhattan
  2. Queens
  3. Brooklyn
  4. Bronx
  5. Staten Island

See the counties we typically fund in New York:

  • Kings County
  • Queens County
  • New York County
  • Suffolk County
  • Bronx County
  • Nassau County
  • Westchester County
  • Erie County
  • Monroe County
  • Richmond County
  • Onondaga County
  • Orange County
  • Rockland County
  • Albany County
  • Saratoga County
  • Oneida County
  • Niagara County
  • Dutchess County.


  • Yonkers
  • White Plains
  • Poughkeepsie
  • New Rochelle
  • Albany
  • Binghamton
  • Buffalo
  • Mount Vernon
  • Huntington
  • New Rochelle
  • New City
  • Nanuet
  • Siracuse
  • Newburg
  • Utica
  • Rochester
  • Schenectady
  • Oswego
  • Montauk
  • Cooperstown
  • Niagara Falls
  • River Head
  • Great Neck
  • Peekskill
  • Brocksport.
RateNon-compounding starting at 2.95% monthly
Terms2-3 year rate cap
Funding time24-48 hours
Amounts$1,500 up to $2mm+

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